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  1. Oh how are you, Geo1? Have you been ok? Please stay safe. I am glad that the big communities in Yuzu fandom have decided to boycott this event. Hopefully majority of us will have something to do by that time.
  2. Well to be fair when Mao really got a change to go at the Olympic in 2010, there was a strong attack on her technique and the rule changes did not benefit her jump issues. In 2014, she did have a great momentum but that time they did not inflate PCS significantly yet and she had a very bad SP. After Olympics 2014, the PCS inflation started by the big feds so JSF was slow on that... the rest is history.
  3. Hi, long time no see. IMO this "awards" have always been aimed for the North Americans who have not many idea about figure skating. IMO they intended to make you-know-who 3 time WC like Patrick and throw tons of PR for the awards etc all for that Olympic momentum. But the pandemic blew up everything and now the bio and the awards look so out of place. Let's not forget if WC 2020 happened, there would be a huge change for them to justify giving the MVP award to their chosen one given the way they have been scoring. But hey now everything starts from zero and we might not have a GP season at all if you look at how US is dealing with the virus. They had everything in plan to create a momentum for their favorite but the world stays still.
  4. To be fair, the majority of single skaters' step sequences have been judged easily. If they were judged by the ice dance standard, they would just get level 2 or 3 at most. But that is ok, single skaters have taxing elements like quads and triples. So their "less than ideal edge quality" in the step sequence could be overlooked. The biggest issue is that "some skaters" are overlooked more than some others. For example, you can see that Javi tended to get level 4 a lot... Or at WC 2019, Vincent step sequence was HORRIBLE and should just get base level or level 2 yet they gave him the level 4. The issue with step sequence is that the more you look into it, the more errors you find to deduct. So for many cases, it is mostly about the "first impression". Some skaters tend to execute their step sequence slowly and clearly before the judging table. But sometimes it backfires. Either the tech panel could not see your turn as you execute the turn too far from their camera, or that you turn your back at them so they ding that turn as blurry. Fact is, if they review seriously, the single skaters would tend to drop down one or two levels. My point is that, if they want, they could easily give him level 4, just like they have done it to many of their favorites. Because it is easy for the tech panel to justify their level calls by saying "that turn was not clear enough" because the majority of turns are flat if you compared them to ice dancer qualities.
  5. At times like this, we feel so useless. I do understand that judging itself is not easy and I do not ask them to give Yuzuru like 95 PCS or so. But giving out wrong calls affecting his scoring potential, and not even a sorry or a review (because he won anyway, right). This is just ridiculous. They should have a reviewing team regarding the technical calls even though the placements might not change.
  6. Edit (found it) Yuzuru's FS at WC 2019 BBC: https://streamable.com/9o9vz
  7. I think their reason is more reasonable is that Yuzu will retire (like Shizuka and Mao did) and they need new faces for Japan Skating. But the truth is we all know, megastars do not rain down every season. Even a huge sport like tennis only has ONE Federer, ONE Nadal, One Novak and they consider it a HUGE blessing. FS is a much smaller sport we cannot expect many megastars appear like mushrooms. I think the method JSF is approaching is not smart. The only way for them to develop a strong skating nation is to push all disciplines like the US, Russia, and Canada have been doing. They want to be considered a true powerhouse in the skating world, they need ice dance and pairs. Their unbalance support make them less powerful and less influential compared to the top 3 nations.
  8. First of all, if this were the usual tabloid post they would have done this - Do not post full name and said something like "a source from JSF said". - Add another controversial line saying "another reliable official from JSF said". So, while I do agree that there is a possibility the words were not 100% correct, I would say, the possibility of the reporter quoting everything the chairman said is higher. Another note, the words were even put in a dialect, which means the writer did not even bother to "edit" the words or standardize the statement. Please notice that there is a name and a position in there. If the reporter lied outrageously, the chairman could always make a clarification, which he did not. Second, the translation did not use the word "politics" for the skaters. And last but not least, as many comments have stated, there is nothing morally wrong in the article to the point it needed to be twisted from the original meaning. The whole thing is not something too controversial to the point the reporter had to "make up lies" to grab attention. It does not worth it. Does the Federation want to support many skaters all at once? Nothing wrong with that. Do they want to brag that they have done a lot for the sport? Fine. But the way they talked about it and the way they executed their ideas at WC make people angry.
  9. The link was shared in other posts in other threads. Twitter is messy like that. This was the main reason I used to hate twitter a while ago. It was difficult to keep track with posts and replies. Also, per my understanding, many sport newspapers in Japan are half-half. Sometimes they have ok news and sometimes not. There is almost no "absolutely trustworthy". As I have said, it's not just the wording, but "the thing you have said before WC" vs "the thing you have done for WC". Most people who replied said they understand JSF's need to continue the line, to push for many skaters etc. BUT... in the end what have they done? The whole thing actually focused more on ladies, and they ended up without any lady on the podium. Yes, unwanted issues happen, but they all combine. Also, the majority of that interview was posted in quotation mark, so it is not really correct to say all the words were twisted.
  10. Nah, I think they have their points about not focusing on one star and they have their reasons to be proud of their system etc but their wording is the most troublesome. Same meaning could be re-written differently and make it sound more reasonable. As a federation, they deserve to get some credit and it is fine but their words combine with all the things happen before, during, and after WC make the whole thing look worse. Like they want to have many megastars but what have they done for their skaters? They could easily take credits for themselves but with different wording, note that they have other ways to word it around and still make people see "Oh, JSF have worked so hard". Also, the JSF VP's posts which fueled fans' reaction, the organization issues. It's a whole mess when they combine everything together. Like "What you said before the WC" vs "What you have done at the WC". What sounds annoying the most is their attitude towards the whole thing. Also, the link to the source was posted on Twitter earlier in other several posts, you just did not follow it. Twitter has limited characters so they have to calculate every word they post on Twitter, hence the final post included the link in the screenshot.
  11. My friends brought more tickets than they needed. They were the lucky ones.
  12. I am going to WC. I drop here to ask if there will be a gathering for PH? Btw, long time no see, everyone. I hope you are doing well.
  13. A very great posts for new fans who want to study the basic turns and steps, this blog has all the examples for all the steps and the examples are very great http://illyria-and-her-pet.tumblr.com/post/182237416574/figure-skating-stepsturns
  14. Hello @katonice and @Yatagarasu do you mind telling me if you know anyone who saved technical handbooks of the last season (the season before this). Thank you.
  15. Hello, I have a friend asking for Kenji's room raw files. Anyone know how to get these? Thank you in advance.
  16. Hello this one says anything I wonder if anyone can summarize it? It is not his new interview right? Thank you. https://headlines.yahoo.co.jp/hl?a=20180920-00000123-dal-spo
  17. I remember someone said this when he changed his SP costume: “OH, finally Hanyu gets his body back.”
  18. And some folks on other forums dare say Yuzuru "skated on flat edge"... words of those who never skated. Also they even said Yuzuru "burrowed his blade on the ice". I am just saying, if any of you ever skates, surely you know those people are faking.
  19. Hello, I am asking if anyone know the video of this scene: Thanks in advance!
  20. I have found some perfect murder weapon, just saying:
  21. Yuzuru should dye his hair gray-blue. Blue suits him.
  22. Commentators have a huge impact on the general audience. Where do you think the current "artistry narrative" of many skating fans come from? DICK BUTTON's commentary for many many decades. New skating fans lament that the old NA skating fans have this kind of certain biased view on skating.You know where to look at. Dick Button, who else. He did contribute much to the sport, but his comments came across as not so nice many many many times. The guys at British Eurosport have not been professional, and this is what I want to point out. When I was small on tivi they show Russian broadcast of figure skating, so there was not much to understand. When I got the internet and started listening to British Eurosport, I relied on them a lot. Then you know... just years after years I realize they repeat the same mistake and same phrase for some certain circumstances, making the same mistakes over and over again. So now I am GLAD just to get No commentary or commentary of a language I do not understand. I do not need the commentators to gush over the skaters. I only need them to give correct information and not some biased statement.
  23. No, I do not expect a perfect call from them. But they are not professional. First and foremost, they are at the position to connect the audience to a "not so easy to understand" sport. So their wrong calls might give the audience the wrong feeling and make them misunderstand the sport and the judging. They said Yuzuru's 4T3T was UR which was not a true statement. And I have seen numerous new fans (and even antis) hung up onto that to go around asking people or to attack Yuzuru. Because of a combo he rotated ok, that is kind @[email protected] I do not expect the commentators to give a correct call. But they should refrain from giving calls or making statements if they do not have a clear view of the situation. I remember Robin Cousin of all people said something like "Hanyu only gets level 1 for choreographic sequence"... while even fans know choreographic sequence has no level. And I am not talking about they mispronounce the skaters' name.
  24. I understand that if in case they have no clear view should they voice out their possibly wrong statement?
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