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I've been trying very hard to avoid spoilers on Twt so can we start putting any kind of spoilers in spoiler? Thank you 😊


Omg Face-off choreo!!!! He is magnificent!!! The way his body moves is just ethereal, magnetic!! I held my breath!!!


Yoongi's pictorial for GQ. Check the quited twt for more pics. The guys' ads are also in the mag hehe


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46 минут назад, rockstaryuzu сказал:

Sharp eyed ARMY saw this: (definite spoiler for 3D)


  Скрыть контент




How did they even come up with this idea😑my Twitter is full of people screaming about it right now. I see ARMY like to be clowns 

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13 hours ago, ralucutzagy said:



I prefer his hair on the right side. He looks older and less sweet/boyish with it.



7 hours ago, ralucutzagy said:

He's amazing. I miss him ... :loveeyes:




Wow🤩😍...makes me wonder what else he is doing.


1 hour ago, Luminous said:

JK will be the last to perform. The whole show will be for 6 hours:gaah:


Dang.....yeah, not going to see him live in that case.

It's currently raining cats and dogs there (have the live stream on) and the audience isn't that large, yet🫤. It will probably change, but still....hope it stops raining.


15 hours ago, ralucutzagy said:





wow :loveeyes:


Here we go. I think these pics are way 🔥/better then the CK pics. His hairstyle really is a game changer.

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15 hours ago, ralucutzagy said:





I don't think she'll join him as she wasn't there for the rehearsals.  But I guess she still might.  Looking at the weather, I just want JK to finish well and go back to his room and take a long hot bath.  No getting sick.   

I like this-


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