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11 hours ago, ralucutzagy said:



They are so cute! :mushroom7:

It's so funny to me that JK has a bunch of younger fanboys at work, after seeing him be the baby fanboy for all his hyungs for so long. It's cuter than cute

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1 hour ago, ralucutzagy said:



Ye Jimin-ah! Had Japchae, Butter chicken & beef curry with Naan, and a Kinder Bueno bar :party0021:  I keep meaning to make Kimbap but I wish you could make it ahead of time without getting soggy seaweed and dry rice.



CK hit the jackpot with JK. I hope they paid him well for this campaign. ETA: I keep forgetting to buy some stock in whatever the Tannies represent - by the time I'd hear of it, it would still be too late to get the full impact but as long as you're able to buy some before it peaks, you should make a good profit. Imagine if we bought CK stock when it was in the red - would have paid for those concert tickets and more



And a Rolling Stone article about RM's musical impact


Just thought this was funny. I love how Joon goes from cutting this noble presence to being a giant dork


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Is anyone participating in the 100 most handsome faces thing?  You just need to follow @top100kpop  to be eligible and can vote multiple times.  Jimin has been # 1 for days and suddenly isn't.  I didn't realize zerobasepone had such a bi\usy fanbase (especially for a new and very young group.)  The website says they drop people every day but I have only seen a few drop off so I haven't a clue when the silly contest ends but I'm trying to vote for Jimin (etc.) many times a day.  40 have been eliminated so I think there must be at lkeast a week left - but aside from the surprise that Jimin was on top of all the BTS guys, nowe I am surpirsed he's running second.  So, not that it matters in any substantial way, but let's all vote, a lot -


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