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18 hours ago, Anni said:

I just read this 🇯🇵:O0:)



Source (updates will follow)

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Yeah, it's official! I'm waiting to see if there are special requirements depending on the country, but at least there will be no more restrictions.

Now waiting for Yuzu's ice show announcement too :dancingpooh:


12 hours ago, Ulrinis said:

Once again Yuzu is a pionieer. TBH, on 19 July I took a black pen and painted the day black in my calendar. I had feared the r*t day ever since I discovered Yuzu in 2018. First I didn't know what to make of all that pro-skater / pro-athlete talk. I couldn't imagine how this would NOT mean retirement. However, meanwhile I have a completely different understanding of what's going on: To me it seems that Yuzu continues his "normal" skating in parallel with the I$U competitions. He still competes without competing because for those who still watch those competitions it's still possible to compare him to the other skaters. And, what's even more important, to compare his - now free - development to their development which is restricted even more by the new rules now. I don't spend my money on attending competitions any more. So although I miss the atmosphere of competitions with Yuzu attending, I still feel some excitement: What will be Yuzu's new program? What will his costume be like? Which music will he chose? Which elements will he concentrate on? Maybe it all started when somebody asked Max Ambesi which score he would give Yuzu for his 24h TV Rondo. I had thought I would be bitter when IM landed some kind of ugly 4A but I'm not because Yuzu plays in a different league now, a higher league.

I think that Yuzu has not only freed himself from the mistreatment of the ISU, but also from the cage that the rules suppose for someone so creative and dedicated. I really can't wait to see his pro shows. Again, a new era begins with Yuzu.


9 hours ago, mmmrazorz said:



This. Tbh it would be unfair to everyone if Yuzu still compete now because it's like you have these level 20ish skaters and then bam Yuzuru Hanyu lvl 99 entering comps lol (final boss bgm playing). That would be an overkill (eventhough he'll be underscored A LOT but everyone with eyes can see the huge gap). The more i think about it the more i feel indifferent about some skaters/jsf/isu using his name for clout because Yuzuru right now is playing a different league, he is aiming higher than any of these people could ever dream of.  Others can have their crumbs because in the end Yuzu have the entire feast.

That's what I've felt every time I've seen an entire competition (or at least the interesting groups) and not just Yuzu. I was seeing other skaters and thinking  with some skaters "oh, interesting, I'll remember this name" but then Yuzu's turn and in a few seconds "Ah, that's it, this is what figure skating is" I didn't get to experience the beginnings of Yuzu and his rivalry with Patrick, so for me it's basically always been Yuzu at an absurdly unattainable level.


50 minutes ago, LiaRy said:


He's consistent - Kenji's Room (2015)


Q: What do you see yourself doing in 10 years?


This was so hilarious :rofl3:

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40 minutes ago, LiaRy said:

I wonder why he never tried it out in a competitive program. Maybe the flow was not good enough, maybe the combo did not fit the program?...

There is an established training technique for jumps, that in order to practise and perfect jumps, the axis and landing of any given jump, should be so stable that it is possible for a skater to immediately take off for a triple or double toe loop. This was mentioned in a skating feature, but the source eludes me this second. Yuzu mentioned this when talking about jump training.

As you say practising the jump followed by a triple toe is not necessarily to feature in a programme. Practising the combination may be purely for training purposes, it is instantaneous feedback on whether the preceding jump was stable or not.

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Missing "Yuzuru Hanyu skating" a lot these days. Never having enough of watching him skating.



May he revolutionize professional skating soon, where real talents and true skating get appreciated. Such a hard mission, to build a new skating world from scratch to be filled with integrity and real "figure" skating, away from ugly politicking and bizarre officials/retired skaters.


Btw, a suggestion for @ Yuzu, why not drawing some beautiful figures on ice for his next video in his YouTube channel?

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This may already have been posted, someone mentioned about the Yuzucam. I remembered that the female presenter pointed out that there was a Yuzu focussed camera - here it is at the beginning of the clip. The camera is adorned with photos of Yuzu, just in case the cameraman's job was not well defined enough. Anyway, it was very considerate of Oh Bandesu to give Yuzu fans exactly what they want - Yuzu, Yuzu and more Yuzu. :clapclap4:


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