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  1. In the video, “Always With You” that was posted an hour ago, I saw Daisuke cheering for Yuzu. It’s at the 2:41 mark. I don’t think I’ve seen this before. Was it at the Olympics? SP or LP? Or at a different competition? And, is there more footage of this elsewhere? Thanks.
  2. Hello Planet! I’ve felt so blessed with our wonderful haven since I had the good fortune to join at the beginning. I rarely post, but wanted to share a little something. I am absolutely obsessed with the YT video that was posted a month ago: 2018 Olympics Men SP Group 5 Full Version (NBCSN). Someone here mentioned it right after I discovered it. I watch it often because I hadn’t seen it until now. Johnny & Tara have such complimentary things to say although Johnny hedges on whether or not Yuzu’s SP was “the best SP of all time”. That struck me odd, but Tara made up for it with her praise. Then, Nathan prepares to skate and and Johnny says his SP is the best choreographed (really?) this season and Tara explains that technically it’s more difficult than Yuzu’s. When Nathan finishes, Johnny says “Yuzuru Hanyu sucked the wind out of this building and Nathan Chen doesn’t have the experience to build in this situation...” I showed it to my wonderful husband who is a big fan and downloads/saves all things Yuzu for me. He had not seen this video either. My husband doesn’t use words like beautiful or graceful to describe Yuzu. He just talks about how talented Yuzu is, how easy he makes skating look and how good he feels after watching one of Yuzu’s great performances. When he watched Nathan’s performance, he asked me afterward if Nathan was really a senior skater. I told him he didn’t see Nathan at his best. But, that’s not why he asked. He thought Nathan looked awkward and gangly and that he was throwing himself around. Plus he didn’t like the music at all. (Neither do I). But, I was trying not to give my opinion because I wanted his thoughts. He said Nathan’s skating wasn’t smooth and he had a long way to go to be on Yuzu’s level. I haven’t had the heart to go into great detail with him about the judging system and all the changes. instead, we’ve thoroughly enjoyed FaOI this summer, and have watched every Masquerade video that’s been posted. We both love it. I know that when Yuzu retires, I’ll probably stop watching figure skating. But, I won’t stop following Yuzu. And, we’ll have a vast library of Yuzu’s videos to watch and enjoy for a long time. (Sorry this was so long.)
  3. So, please correct me if I’m wrong bc that translation was a little confusing to me. From what I previously understood, he was impressed by Nathans’s current National Championship results, but it wasn’t until actually competing with him at Worlds that he came to the realization that he had to raise his base value in order to win. Is this correct? And, if he hadn’t had an injury that sidelined him and would have allowed him to compete at Grand Prix Finals, he might have understood this sooner? (my interpretation). All, I know is that he is a breathtaking skater with grace and majesty. I broke down and watched Nathan’s Worlds FS today for the first time and was so disappointed. It was so awkward especially his hands at the end, the music reminded me of Patrick’s blah choices and the costume looked like a two piece Under Armor Training outfit. Then, I made the mistake of reading the comments from his fans. Yet, this interview has given me hope that even though I thought Yuzu understood the impact of the new judging system, he really understands it now. Im excited to see what he does with this new understanding. I guess I just thought he had someone to bounce his ideas off of that would have pointed out the new GOE/PCS issues. Anyway, he’s the GOAT, and I’m excited he’s taking on the challenge to once again raise the bar. I’m praying for his ankle, knees and back and hope he finds the way to make himself happy again with his performances. Any other insights would be appreciated especially if I misunderstood the translation.
  4. Thank you for reminding me about Nationals. That’s a relief and has instantly relieved my concern. I either missed it or forgot it. I was so proud of both of his performances especially still skating injured. And, in the interview where he mentioned needing to add the quad lux, flip and axel I made the wrong assumption. Thank you for the Protocols too.
  5. Being a Yuzu fan and from the the US, Jason is the only US Skater I’ve followed. I’ve been mortified by the treatment of Yuzu and am having a hard time dealing with it. I’ve been a member of the Planet almost 2 years now since the beginning and don’t really comment because this wonderful site moves along so quickly. My husband is also a fan and enjoys watching Yuzu and saving all of his videos I send to him. I’ve really had a sick feeling knowing Yuzu is aware of his haters and yet somehow deals with that. My concern regarding Nathan is an interview posted on the Planet that Yuzu gave after Worlds. I don’t know if it’s a translation issue, but was Yuzu so isolated he didn’t really know how Nathan was doing this season? I’m also sick about the JSF and the judging, and I know that Yuzu’s main rival is himself, but I’m hoping he’s also aware of the status of other skaters he competes against. And because I’m a glutton for punishment, could someone please direct me on how to find the Protocols for Worlds so I can be more depressed? Thanks.
  6. There's a good article about Yuzu's World Record SP in The Japan Times. Maybe someone with more skills could link it?? Thanks!
  7. No lie, I got an instant headache over my left eye when I started reading this! This is super helpful because the sports guys in my family are all about the stats. I introduced them to Yuzu using the video of his performance of Change - Live. That has been the best video so far to use. My husband loved it. My son was confused. He loved the music but had a hard time understanding he was watching figure skating. Which was funny, of course. He was impressed that a young skater could/would do such a cool skate to cool music. I still have a long way to go with some of the guys, but this will help me prepare. Thanks!
  8. Any information I get from PH and Wikipedia I try to share with my family. I'm sure some of them may occasionally roll their eyes when my back is turned, but they're humoring me. My husband, sister-in-law, niece and nephew are now fans. So, all information helps me to 'spread the love' about Yuzu. For instance, I didn't know about the last stats regarding his quadruple toe loop and quadruple salchow-triple toe loop combination. And, I can't find it on his Wikipedia page now, so has it been moved elsewhere or deleted? If it has been deleted, where would I find these stats elsewhere to share?
  9. I like the shirt too. A LOT. It looks pretty cool with or without a jacket. Although I think his neck is just fine as it is. And, yes, I'm so glad that the TV programs are focusing on what he has overcome. Not only is that motivation for all of us to "keep on keeping on" in times of hardship, but to also do it with grace as he does.
  10. Having no idea what they were repeating so ominously, I certainly didn't expect it to be "it was all within my calculations". I assume he's referring to choosing to refine Semei for this season? I am really liking this confident Yuzu. He's not being boastful, just self assured. And, I'm so glad that he's talking about his injuries. First, the special regarding his asthma and now this. It's OK to talk about your injuries, Yuzu. You'll never make excuses for yourself, but at least people will understand what you're dealing with. People need to know "THE SHOCKING TRUTH/REALITY".
  11. Thank you all so much. His FIRST GPF Victory Ceremony! 1. He skated out to Parisian Walkways! That really threw me off. Then I hoped he'd skate to at least a little of it in his R&J costume. 2. Patrick handled the loss much better than I expected. 3. How delightful/happy Nobu was. 4. Yuzu didn't jump on to the podium! I wonder when he began doing that? 5. Absolutely gorgeous flower fan arrangements! 6. Singing his National Anthem. I'll have to show this to my husband tonight. He loves seeing Yuzu sing along and hasn't seen this ceremony. 7. Such joy (as always) when Yuzu skated around afterwards thanking everyone. I was on a GPF kick today and very frustrated that I had never seen this video. So, thank you all for making this possible!
  12. It's "not available" in my country. As much as I would love to see this, I guess I'm mainly glad it does exist. Thank you!
  13. The 2013 Men's Grand Prix Final Victory Ceremony - does it exist? I have looked for it on YT and can't find it. Surely Yuzu's first GPF Medal Ceremony exists somewhere? Thank you for your help.
  14. What an awkward and potentially dangerous set up for the ceremony. Poor Dai almost fell twice at the end. And, how funny is it that Patrick ends up holding the microphone only to have to give it to Dai and Yuzu?
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