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  1. For a better quality photo, I would recommend the following link. I took the first picture from my 7th-grade daughter’s social & citizenship education textbook and shared it with my friend. Then she shared with other fans but the details are poor to appreciate , so I scanned another clearer version. This chapter talks about family, and use the Hanyu family as an example. I would say that the editor or drawer is obviously a fanyu because the details are amazing. The first picture shows a happy family and the baby Yuzu with balloons is captured from a true old picture. Then there’s the scene after the earthquake, the family sits together with an onigiri before them. If you look close, there are green dots in it. That’s exactly what they had during that time! The green dots are some kind of seaweed. Finally there’s the last scene at 2018 Olympics with purple theme rink and the details of 3 medalists. I’m really glad there are more and more people inspired by Yuzu and am certainly curious about where that yellow top comes from?
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    Music talk

    OMG, I hope Yuzu won't do this, like, forever. PLEASE. His eyes are beautiful enough now. Especailly with the killer look. :hachimaki:
  3. The Tetsuya Kumakawa part is very interesting. It's a pity that Takahashi seems not quite followed up his description. I wonder if Yuzu can appreciate it more, because he certainly learned a lot from the talking with Nomura Mansai.
  4. 註冊GS一陣子了但是沒發過文,顯然也不用再去那邊看了。雖然傳奇的羽生FF樓被拆了,但是沒關係,她們拆不掉粉絲心中的愛!(比心 :love: )
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