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  1. Wallpapers, Lock Screens & Just Yuzu Themed Stuff

    i use these. he just looks super cute and soft creds
  2. General Yuzuru chat

    im already making up layouts in my head hehe, im so so excited rn personally this one is my fav, under the spoiler
  3. General Yuzuru chat

    maybe the excellently saved up olympic music choices that brian spoke about can be for 2022
  4. General Yuzuru chat

    yuzuru really is protecting the figure skating environment, hes so caring i seriously went through so many emotions in the last 20 min, disappointment, apprehension, acceptance, and now excitement go and win yuzu!!
  5. General Yuzuru chat

  6. The Meme Thread

  7. The Meme Thread

    i couldnt sleep last night, so i was stalking twitter for a while and came across this tweet?? its as if patricks leg saw yuzu's and was like, "you are a little baby. watch this." i know their legs being strong and having huge muscles is a given, but somehow im still shook
  8. Yuri! On Ice Discussion thread

    i was also in a similar situation, just learning about it properly as the show was airing, before that i was mostly just a once every four years kind of viewer of figure skating. i feel like unless its a truly unrealistic sports anime and its supposed implausible, like kuroko no basket for example, it isnt too hard to try and be accurate, even moreso when the sport being portrayed has such an easy to follow scoring system, for the tech side. with comments they can easily distinguish between a good pcs skater and a bad one (and they have, they accentuate yuuri's artistry, while speaking about seung-gil's lack of emotion for example) idk. i just find it hard to ignore. google search: how to turn off technical brain when watching yuri!!! on ice i feel so melodramatic calling it painful but it is. why must you save my life with the cute relationship and characters, but then ruin it again with the scoring, creators
  9. Yuri! On Ice Discussion thread

    there are so many ways they could have made it more accurate while having crazy layouts. scribbling on a napkin with the scale of values open in the far distance would have been better than this. one side of me is like, shut up its just a show, enjoy it for the cute characters, but the side of me that just wants accuracy is in pain while seeing things so nonsensical
  10. Yuri! On Ice Discussion thread

    "a calculator??? who is she, never met her before" - yoi team
  11. Yuri! On Ice Discussion thread

    sorry for ranting under the spoiler i've got far too much time on my hands
  12. Yuri! On Ice Discussion thread

    if yurio's sp record is 118.56, then victors must have been 118.55 or less. his tss was 335.76, meaning the least he would have gotten was 217.21 for his free and the most 221.57. (the first figure is if the absolute highest short program is used btw). its implied that he would have nailed the tech in the clip that it showed him skating in ep 1, so his pcs would have been somewhere around low to mid 80's??? i did some weird math and in my estimate that is true anyway. is this show feeling okay??? why do i feel compelled to use the hashtag #justice4victor??? and also why am i doing this for a fictional skater and why am i so bothered i think i need to go for a nap
  13. Yuri! On Ice Discussion thread

    im finding it a little hard to believe that victor's monster layout - even w the missing combo - like that never got above 221.58 ((yuuri's wr free skate)) lmao how badly did the judges hate victor like... damn thats a huge underscoring
  14. General Yuzuru chat

    yuzu could wear a bin bag and make it look good though. if he did, sales of bin bags would probably soar
  15. nathan's assignments are so good, sharing first gp with yuzu where he usually doesnt do the greatest, so gold potential there, and then skate america which is basically a lock for gold unless there is a major upset. its going to be so interesting to see