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  1. General Yuzuru chat

    im so glad to hear yuzuru's knee is in better condition
  2. Team China

    i think the judges weren't too bad with scoring it to be honest, as soon as he delivered it well at worlds with no falls or major stepouts like he did at other competitions all throughout last season, his pcs was as high as 86 and thats a great score for him, spiderman was judged harsher (should have broken 100 at worlds imo) i think he could score more than that in pcs this season IF he goes back to la strada, because he's worked hard on improving his components score since then. maybe improving the transitional quality and quantity in la strada would be a good move, rather than making his new fs work because its just miles more difficult - although id like to see him come back to star wars w/ better music cuts and choreography after this season.
  3. Team China

    to be honest, i think boyang made la strada work. i watched some of the mens free with my parents who aren't figure skating fans and they loved it, they found him so exciting and where he plays up to the audience in that program works, instead of looking a little disjointed (imo, of course). in an olympic year, i think that has value because he's going to be reaching millions more people than he would have last season, leaving that impression and making people remember who he is, is good for him. keeping crouching tiger, hidden dragon, but going back to la strada seems to me the best move he could take at the moment. this star wars program is just too messy for an olympic year and i dont think there is real time to refine it before the gp series starts... hopefully next season he can get a different choreographer that fits him better.
  4. kaori but all of the team japan ladies are very close for me
  5. [2017] CS Finlandia Trophy (6-8.10)

    i thought his salchow looked kinda suspect too... hmm. but i guess those are the scores, and boyang is still wearing gold tonight
  6. [2017] CS Finlandia Trophy (6-8.10)

    pretty sure mikhail did a solo 3loop, it was shown in the replay? i think anyway lol
  7. [2017] CS Finlandia Trophy (6-8.10)

    mikhailllll 4lz fall demon was defeated at ondrej nepela can we pls not go back to this again
  8. [2017] CS Finlandia Trophy (6-8.10)

    i rlly dont understand why he isnt doing two 4lz at this point
  9. [2017] CS Finlandia Trophy (6-8.10)

    that 4lz was insane
  10. [2017] CS Finlandia Trophy (6-8.10)

    i am SO glad he kept this fs, stunning
  11. [2017] CS Finlandia Trophy (6-8.10)

    he skated to another brick in the wall last season. his shirt AND jeans had bricks printed on them. solidified as a costuming icon with this armour tbh
  12. [2017] CS Finlandia Trophy (6-8.10)

    a great performance pops aside!! very enjoyable
  13. [2017] CS Finlandia Trophy (6-8.10)

    pretty good skate for andrei
  14. [2017] CS Finlandia Trophy (6-8.10)

    def thought it was ur, surprised as he hasnt tried that jump in a loooong time, since 2012 i believe?
  15. [2017] CS Finlandia Trophy (6-8.10)

    kevin tried the 4loop??