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  1. they're showing yuzuru again on bbc in the resurface
  2. yep - penny had smashed knee cap they weren't sure she'd walk properly again, let alone skate. these athletes are hardcore. (i couldn't be bothered to find a stream, but they're showing it on tv now so i'm watching along )
  3. ashley is embarrassing. actively and publicly rooting against him (again, i haven't forgotten skate america 2016 ashley xoxo) is just low. boyang is 100x the skater she ever was, and ever will be. i'm so proud of him and i'm really excited to see where he goes next. his competitive mindset is wonderful, his work ethic, his self awareness. 2022 is his.
  5. if i were the tech panel every single jump would be reviewed for rotation in this skate. eeeeevery single one
  6. wonder if ashley will tweet about the great technical program but lack of transitions for nathan like she did for boyang yesterday? great redemption skate for him, glad he has something to leave olympics feeling happy about
  7. im so overwhelmed. my two favourite boys DELIVERED. the real quad prodigies showed us why this entire era started. boyang's competitive nerve is a huge advantage. you can have it all, but if you can't deliver at the right time, whats the point? i remain in awe of yuzuru every single time. he's better than ever before. he looks straight into the face of adversity, punches it and breaks its nose before skating off and producing something gorgeous. i'm so happy.
  8. Random Thought Theater

    slept in until 6:30pm... oops guess im going to be wide awake for mens sp/my breakdown
  9. it doesn't really matter that he's done them this season, anything could have knocked his confidence when it comes to them after such severe injury. i'm willing to bet watching samohin crash and dislocate his shoulder at skate america and then skating right after him might have weighed pretty heavily on him psychologically. he might have been injured again in practice. who knows? he'll get there, hopefully. i really could gush all day over how talented i think han yan is and how great i think he has the potential to be, but that would be embarrassing
  10. han's spoken before about how he's still scared to jump anything of high difficulty, at risk of fracturing his shoulder again, as his shoulder is still not necessarily healed. remember that his surgery was only ten months ago, and that kind of fear doesn't seem like an easy one to overcome. he's only a year and a half older than boyang, he still has time. i think he's one of the most naturally talented figure skaters in the field, his basic skating skills definitely demonstrate that, his jump technique is lovely, he's just had a rough time and its taking a lot longer than expected to reach his true potential. he'll get there eventually, i hope
  11. General Yuzuru chat

  12. [2018] OG TE Ladies - SP & FS

    it was 4cc with that harsh tech panel that the guy (mark webster from australia i think? the guy who skated to the iphone ringtone that one time) got his flip invalidated despite not actually picking in iirc. it doesn't make any sense, i cringed as she went for the combo because i thought it'd be invalidated, just combo your lutz afterwards!!! but i guess she got the benefit of the doubt the questionable calls are in full effect for olympics, its like they WANT controversy lol