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  1. keiji got a public instagram account!!! you can follow him @ 2211keiji
  2. i like using generic usernames, i chose golden because its the colour i associate the most w/ yuzuru
  3. kinayu yokoi is replacing nana araki at this weeks jgp : / hope she's doing ok...
  4. i've been refraining from commenting because ultimately, it's boyang's life, boyang's career and boyang's decision to make. but like... i still think its stupid. he'd be better off with more specialised training to smoothen out his weaknesses, and with more powerful backing from having a well known, more reputable coach etc. basically echoing the general sentiments. it just looks like there are just so many pluses that would have definitely outweighed any negatives. but y'know i get it, and i still support him nonetheless, and i honestly do hope he can make even more progress with his current coaches, he's still come a long way and made so much progress from who he was as a junior, even from who he was in his first senior season, under their tutelage. it seems like it might be a little bit rough for him in the public eye for now... i hope he'll be equipped to deal with the potential backlash if he / his scores / his placements begin to stagnate or drop.
  5. i kinda want him to skate to something like plug in baby by muse 🤔 idk why, i was just thinking about it earlier... something with those kind of guitars would be interesting, and its certainly a change from the classical sound of chopin
  6. i mean, fabio SAID with his own mouth, "dont worry, it is exactly like before" in that hilarious video they posted not so long ago, so idk what was to be expected really, but c'monnnn they could have at least /tried/ also, petty observation, but i already dont like 1Eu 😔 bring back 1Lo
  7. this is crazy beautiful !! its so typical, but i love watching the sunrise and the sunset. my camera roll is like 75% pictures of the sky
  8. i am SO looking forward to seeing a riverdance program from kazuki
  9. i barely recognised him!!! that must be so hard to readjust to... excited to see him in competitions again
  10. yeah, that's him. you'd think after losing huge sponsors because of that, and after having his most unsuccessful olympics yet (no individual medals) in 2016, he might just clean his act up and finally stop acting like a complete tool. but no, that's too much to ask of ryan lochte
  11. heartbreakingly, i think im in it for the long haul with figure skating. there have been plenty of times where i could have / i felt like just completely cutting off from it and not watching anymore over the past couple of years i've been a fan and so far... haven't succeeded in going through with it whenever i tried. the problem is, is that it just never ends. there's a new season, new programs, new skaters, over and over. the cycle never stops, and for the foreseeable future, i don't see myself really being able to disconnect from it all. i follow a lot of skaters closely, incl. juniors, and i'd be too curious too, to see where their careers are going. i'll miss yuzuru immensely, when he does retire though. no other skater can bring the emotions out of me like he can, and i think it'll be a while before i find another skater that does to the same amount. it's crazy! i never used to cry this much, i swear. as for the impact on skating, i think it'll be quite a hard hit. he obviously sells out arena's like no one else right now, and a lot of the men like having him there to chase, evident by how things played out at all of the top competitions he didn't attend this season, and how different the atmosphere was when he did at the olympics.
  12. all other words escape me... rest in peace, denis
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