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  1. [TV Broadcast] LG ThinQ Ice Fantasia

    According to insta post it should be Misha, Jun, Boyang, Vincent and Alexandr Gamelin (I think ^^)
  2. Hey, remember us?

    My phone internet does not let me upload more photos - I actually had no idea who would be in this show and stumblen on it by chance as I had to use a gift certificate for the ticket provider but watching them - I am happy I bought the ticket^^ Also the srena is like 15 minutes from where I live xP
  3. [2018] World Championships - Gala

    Who were the 3 guys who went into the confetti head first? ^^
  4. [2018] World Championships - Gala

    I like it! ^^ I don't care I love it~~
  5. [2018] World Championships - Gala

    Shomito - take care of yourself ><
  6. In the top no - but surely one of the Bělohradský brothers would love to go to worlds^^ And Matyáš's skate at JGP was nice^^
  7. The only things I am willing to remember is Kazuki's free, Michal Brezina's givin Czech 2 spots, Deniss' free, Misha's beautiful way to close doors after his competitive career.
  8. Now AmaJin BoyangMan! ^^ I believe in you!^^
  9. Just Boyang not being seen so that he can surprise all - do it Boyangman!^^ Tian Tain Jiayou!^/
  10. Wow - just wow, just simply wow. Kazuki - you did it - you stole my heart! ^^
  11. Matteo - you did well enough - now please, please rest well! ^^