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  1. So we just need to wait his back!
  2. So Origin is a kami whose original figure is Dark Phoenix (I am a X-men fan too). Born from the primordial chaos, descending to the earth and represents the mystery force of nature.
  3. Ok, our King's FS record is secured also! Congrats to Nathan!
  4. Just watched a group of Chinese fanyus made video. They wrote a song, recorded their collective singing and made it as the background music. The video caculates Yuzu's total competition time from 2008 to 2018. The total time of he competing on the ice rink, from music stars to music ends, is 7 hours 19min 7 and sec. I will remember this time number. Ten years for these 7 hours 19min and 7 sec. I am not crying. I just feel empowered. Here is the link: https://www.bilibili.com/video/av37590828
  5. The English line lol!!! The way he speaks English is soooooooo cute
  6. This is so astonishing! I am so touched!!!
  7. Hi guys, Just checked the Men's SP in GPF. Our King's SP record is safe!
  8. Lol! This is my favorite! Look at this master piece!
  9. This just... strikes my heart so deeply! My tears burst out at this moment. I am glad you can step out from the darkness and I wish you have that happiness for the rest of your life.
  10. Omg omg omg..... please Zuzu take care of yourself!!!! Although I am glad he can reunite with Boser and other TCC members after his Bday! Wish him a healthy body and strong ankles!!!!
  11. Happy Birthday!!!! I am so happy to be here in Planet to celebrate Yuzu's birthday with you guys!
  12. Hi folks, I do not mean to disturb you guys, but it seems JSF published a really insulting article against Yuzu...basically said what he did in CoR is to avoid JNats. And also some fanyus are speculating JSF is forcing Yuzu to go for JNats... I didn't read article because I don't want it ruins my mood. I am not sure whether fans' conjecture is fair, but JSF did really indecent thing.
  13. Hug you~ I check Planet, ins and tweet every morning and realize I miss him so much!
  14. I heard that giant golden fish was returned to the fan who threw it. I hope that golden fish can fly on to the ice rink as his king is back! I am glad that fish doesn't go to any kid's house cuz no kid know how to deal with that lol.
  15. Dear Hanyu Senshu, I hope my best wish for you and the rest of your life will transcend the demensions of time and space. The profondity of my lover for you means something and will remain as the everlasting in this world. We are here with you forever. Happy Birthday! --Anzi, from China Please add my message on!! Thank you so much!!!
  16. I just rewatched Yuzu's 2014 NHK Trophy Special Exhibition 花は咲く (don't know what English translation should be, "blossom"?) And I cried hard for his performance... you can't image how strong he was back then when CoC just happened a few weeks ago... and he just presented such a beautiful and absolutely fascinating performance. We miss you Zuzu
  17. 157. He is such a stubbron person who will dedicate his all to make his goal achieved. His determination and perseverance are something the entire universe should pay admiration to. From this point of view, he is pretty much like me :-)
  18. Actually in mainland China, we also experience very often censorship and corecive elimination of online resource, majorly are unruled western TV shows....that are not in accordance with goverment's values and ideologies...Ugh....so I guess I am getting used to such incidents. But I could never dare to imagine if the deleting Yuzu's video happens on China's internet, like bilibli....I will be mentally destoryed....
  19. I haven't watched this channel yet (maybe I have and I just don't remember ) and now I have no chance to watch them... I checked YT for several times to make sure figure skating 2014's Yuzu H&L 17WC with British Uncles' comment is still there. This one got almost 3mils views... many of them are not fanyu but simply people who have no idea what FS is. They are recommended to watch this majestic performance. I really hope the same thing won't happen on this video in particular. Non-FS fan people can know Yuzu majorly from the these high-rate program videos posted on YT. Don't take these treasures away from them! Please!
  20. Shared it to my parents immediately. I am very dedicated to sell Yuzu to my dada and mama.
  21. YES!!!! That's why we admire him~And we are so proud of what he have achieved
  22. I really enjoy your sharing. I am thinking a question, it seems Yuzu got more frequently injured than other skaters...I wanna know why...is that because he push himself too much? Or because his injuries are accumulated... I think might be both
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