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  1. I hope Yuzu has chance to see Kikuchi san during his treatment. The boy need emotional support!
  2. Has anyone posted this fan-cam Otonal before? If someone did, sorry for repeat post... I just want to highlight the end of the video, Ghislain pulled out a GIANT pooh-san. It is so funny to see that HUGE pooh-san popped out from nowhere.
  3. Just check the man's sp in GP France.......emmmmmmm.......(except Jason, he did a really good job ) Let me just rewatch the Otonal again
  4. This is literally my exclaimation in my daily rewatch of rostelecom's Otonal. It's just breathtakingly beautiful. And every time when I finish the stepseq, I get goose bumps.
  5. And Pooh goes back to his forest.
  6. Happy Thanksgiving! I will send my greatest gratitude to my family, to my friends, to Yuzu and to all satellites! I am so happy to meet you on the Planet! Wish zuzu has his good rest, healthy body and wonderful birthday in Japan!
  7. I actually really appreaciate Plushenko said that, because receiving the idol's sincere wisdom word is different from receiving a mere compliment. For Yuzu, I believe he expects to know what his weakness is from his idol/mentor. Plush's words is really encouraging.
  8. Keep faith and be anxious at the same time...
  9. Same confuse...what does that news means... But at least, he is in home and probably with his family! Take your time for resting!
  10. Yes I totally understand. And I know I didn't do right. Thank you for the forgiving hope zuzu's meme brings you happiness!
  11. Sorry about my previous comment and my judgement is merely subjective. Already got rid off them. I don't mean to offend you. I am so sorry!
  12. This happened like thounsand years ago...
  13. He is the greatest gift god give us, the best of the world. He deserves everyone's respect and cherishing
  14. That big hahahaha laugh made my day zuzu we miss you so much and we all wish you happy mood everyday!
  15. Folks, I just began my rewatch of Hope and Legacy, and I found the one in his 2016 NHK trophy is as amazing as what he did in 2017WC. I mean although the technique was not that perfect, he lost two jump elements. But in terms of performance, it was even better than WC. The body movement is really relax and contains a lot details which makes the aesthetics of the program so much impressive. I recommend it as one in "the programs you definitely need rewatch" list
  16. Wait what.....Is that a sort of joke? Did he really have no idea what's the Origin for????? My eyes roll to the heaven
  17. You just raise the most "violent" group healing project. I hope I can give you a physical hug and tell you everything would finally turn to good result. We are here with you.
  18. That's totally misleading while may causing more unnecessary antagonist toward Yuzu. Hope Jake can change his tone in this article and stop talking shit.
  19. Anyone can translate this video? It seems Japanese media made some research or the further infor?
  20. It is totally OK to be emotional, grief and even pessimistic, cuz we are human beings and we invest too much emotion on this people whose condition will definitely influence our own personal life. But after the initial heartbreaking, depression, and cracking down, we need to LEARN how to pull ourself together not by you own but we as a community. So we are here with you and what we can do, in addition to keeping faith to Zu, is to make you feel better.
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