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  1. Fanyu wake up! Your lord successfully landed a 4lz with a GOE+5
  2. As Yuzu bringing back 4Lz, we probably need to be mentally prepared and so don't be freaked out too much next season.
  3. I am here for the comment of that opening costume LMAO
  4. Quick question: is the new POTO program for ice show or for next season competition???
  5. So after one month since I began using Sekkisei, my skin has some significant improvements. I haven't had any breakout and it shines even I stay at night. This is just my experience, the outcome is positive. Thanks to Yuzu, otherwise I will never try this brand.
  6. Can someone compare yuzu and Nathan's score panel please? we need analyze how many score Yuzu was robbed off
  7. I have many questions about this issue, but first, why there is no record, report or witness whatsoever on Bell stop her skating or after her run through to LOOK AFTER the people she might unintentionally hurt? So she just kept it going or ignore it? I am waiting for her own accounts. This issue is bizzard in many levels. I was really surprised when first heard about it. I am not a fan of either skater, so these just my thoughts as an outsider.
  8. Every small fall is the start to rise up. Yuzu is still a growing athlete. Just thinking about he will continually elevate himself to a higher standard would make me feel so grateful and content.
  9. Don't cry bae, reminds yourself Yuzu is so happy to come back, which is the sheer fact you can sense from his pre-comp practice. I believe what he is going through now is that which makes him stronger in future.
  10. Wrapping up some thoughts about Yuzu's SP: I had weird feeling about his first 4S jump before his program began. It turns out my "sixth sense" is accurate. Review his sp: except the first jump popped out which makes a regrettable mistake, the rest of the program is majestic and superb. Now, I am Zen to his sp result, which does not totally disadvantage him. From previous practice videos, we see he is truly happy to come back. His kuyashi energy will invigorate his FS. We need keep our faith in Origin. Ps: I almost bite my fingers to bleed cuz goddam I'm too nervous.
  11. THANKS A LOT!!!! but I just realized that any photo or video record is not allowed in practices....so I will wait for people's feedback.
  12. Also, CAN SOMEONE TELL ME THE EXACT TIME OF MALE PRACTICES in U.S. east coast time?!!!! Pleaseeeee
  13. OMG the arena is breathtakingly beautiful! I wish I could be there!!!
  14. Ok so according to twitter information, he chose to do so because Sekksei arranged a funding program for the forest protection in Tohoku area. That makes a lot sense.
  15. So when I first saw Yuzu's ads for Sekksei, I was hell lot surprised because I never thought he would choose to advertise for a famous skincare brand. The two barely connect in my logic. Yuzu is the least person i could image to use a skincare product that is predominantly for ladies (like me who suffer from sun, age?, pressure and blablabla). And tbh, I personally felt weird when an athelete becomes an ambassador of skincare product. Half day later, I accepted this fact and brought two Sekkei products from Kose web. THANKS TO YUZU HE COLONIZED MY HEAD. I will give my personal feedback after using them.
  16. Ten days count down inhale and exhale* inhale and exhale*
  17. Happy international women's day! Hope my dearest satellite fellows enjoy the weekend! My school's spring break begins next week, this is probably the first time I feel the holiday is too long.
  18. Thank you so much! So people think the one appears at the beginning of the video touching the ice might be the ninja Zu Or his clone brother lol
  19. Hi guys, Misha posted an ig story yesterday records Zhenya's chore. And it seems our ninja boy appears on the backgroud. Anyone can post that video so we can detect wheather it is true?
  20. BOOMSHAKALAKA If I were you, I would have a waltz dance with her
  21. Both lady's and man's comp begin at the time when I shall go to sleep. Being a fanyu is such a compromise of my body. But who cares!!!!! I am ready for staying up late for four nights! Good luck to myself lmao
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