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  1. Where I can get the book? Amazon? I want to keep it and read it eveytime when I think I couldn't go through tough things. He is such a fighter!
  2. Mr.quad-Zu, Brain is watching you. So you'd better behave yourself not doing anything jeopardize your feet!!!
  3. OK then I click into this page and found all characters from visual production list are registered as "Himself", lol
  4. Remeber Brain's wisdom words, something like: we should never underestimate what Yuzu could do in future
  5. Ok before the further information come out from Yuzu, I will read Brian's words everyday for keeping positive mood!!!!
  6. Feel sorry for Zuzu's future students for seconds And what you said just led me to picture the future coach Yuzu's face when he watching his students competing on the rink. Then, it must be the mix of.... + +
  7. Pray for Zuzu's right ankle, pray for his health last forever. Jiojio pain away!
  8. I just wanna appreciate the meet between Yuzu and Brian, the two are the most adorable people in the world. When you are able to develop a profound friendship with your mentor/student, then you have one more family member you could rely on.
  9. OK then the change of your outerwear would be dramatic... Xiamen in Dec would still be warm, maybe a hoodie is enoug. But when you go to Shanghai and Hangzhou, that could be a total different world... cold+ humid... Keep warm and good luck to your trip!
  10. Though my poor math doesn't help me to full understand this graph, my intrinsic tells me this means Yuzu made a huge accomplishment. But I guess if he personally saw this graph, his expression would still be like this...
  11. It depends on which part of China you are going to land. But during Dec, most part of China is freezing
  12. Ok... if the author just likes the red phantom custom, then the pic of Yuzu during and after CoC FS competition is ok. BUT WHY THE PHOTO WITH HE BLEEDING?!!!!! This is too graphically frightening and stimulating...
  13. Same, if the competition in this year are going to be withdrew than the Nessis thing should also be postponed for prioritizing his health.
  14. I have to confess since this Thanksgiving I began to check my phone per hour and don't know why I do this... maybe bcuz the anxiety hidden in my subconsciousness.
  15. Thank you for saying this. You just articulately express our feelings!
  16. Hahahahaha!!!! "Let it go" ballet jump, "let it go" high kick, hitting on the music accent again
  17. Ugh when you get too borning and without Yuzu's update... You just want to play Yuzu meme after this I will stop, I promise.
  18. Yeah I understand what you said and what they hope for, but this is just..... emmmmmmmm.....not the right way.....
  19. I remember Zuzu said something in between "scared me" and "surprised me" after he signing his name to Rafa. He apparently unexpected Rafa's fan-ish behavior, which contrast so much to what he looks as normally calm. Rafa appeared to be really calm in that scene but I guess his inner must be: asdfghjklzxv!!!!!!
  20. Ok I got it. That makes much more sense. If the ddl is Dec 3 then before this data, any name sheet is not determined.
  21. Yes, that's what I also get troubled with. Later add: Keegan did not make it to the final, he is the first substitute. Why they put on the first alternate only in Man's but didn't do the same thing in other groups?! Could this be more subtle?
  22. Sorry I got so confused... this is only the qualifier cheat sheet but whether Yuzu would come is still uncertain right?! I see a lot fan on Instagram get so excited for this, but they seem don't know it's not yet decided...
  23. Omg!! I would feel so bad because Yuzu can't go, but also relieve because he can get enough rest. What happens to me
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