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  1. He is an angel!!! Btw I rewatched his Etude in both 2012 WC and Continues with Wings. I finally know the profound meaning of this program and even that of the costume design. And I was crying when seeing him skating this in his 17 year-old
  2. He seems really careful and I hope he can get it STEP by STEP This made my day!
  3. Just found another way for Self-healing, rewatching Contines with Wings. Also I want to see his HUGE spiral in Origin...
  4. By reading your beautiful writing, I resonate with you from the bottom of my heart. Since I know Yuzu after my birthday during April, I sometimes sigh that I am deeply grateful to born in this age in which we have Yuzu who has one of the greatest humanity in the universe. When I struggling for getting ride of those negative depressing mentalities 3 weeks ago, I alway told myself repetitively what Yuzu said after OG, weakness consists in mightiness and only the one who digest and accept his weakness can find the path to the happiness. We now are going through a hard time and I certainly cannot imagine what it would be for him. But he gets strong faith and he acknowledges his weakness. I think that's enough for us to believe he will come back with his full passion and love for skating.
  5. I am going to do: 1. Chat with you guys. The Planet and satellites complete my life; 2. Work work work to divert my attention; 3. Rewatch rewatch rewatch Ps: I hope I can meet you guys in future. And give each of you a big hug!
  6. We need shrine 4loop, 4lutz and 4Axel up and make daily worship to these jump kamis. Begging them to behave well if Yuzu want to practice them.
  7. Remember what Brain said: 4A for Yuzu is moon, is star, is everything. If Yuzu want to achieve this long-term goal, he must be more cautious about the current injury. I know some of you really concern about his direct announcement of his painful bodily feeling. Me too. This indeed never happened before. But we also need keep in mind that now he learns how to speak of his situation rather than concealing it. Also claiming his pain makes his WD reasonable for those Japanese media, who tend to focus exclusively on his WD rather than the reason behind that. Although my heart is...sigh... So till the time he goes back, I will just keep my active posting on this thread. Because interacting with you guys makes me feel better. love you guys!!!
  8. He also said after months of rehab, his right ankle back then only reduced 20-30% pain so he is able to hold up during the Olympic competition. So I guess right now he is trying to get on ice rink that's why he went back to Toronto as soon as possible even just a day after his Bday. Yuzu must feel frustrated, I could directly feel that from in his announcement. But the good thing is that he know how to manage and process the aftermath rehab and there are teams, coaches and friends be there with him.
  9. Get well soon my dear Zuzu, we will wait for you!
  10. His expression is somewhere in between Zanface and murderface
  11. OMG!!!!! Can someone post the Olympic Channel latest released Brian's interview clip!!!! Brian talked about Yuzu and Javi!!!! He said: Yuzu standing in front of Spanish country flag in TCC ice rink and said I miss Javi
  12. https://www.instagram.com/p/BrIk5PyhePd/ OMG, can someone help me to post this ins?!!!! I don't know how to do but this is so hilarious!!!
  13. I made some response to those salty tweet on why a figure skater can dominate Lebron: I said, there might be several "Lebron" in the basketball field, and you certainly cannot say, Kobe and him who is greater. But there is only one Hanyu Yuzuru who have continually improved figure skating this sport in the past 8 years.
  14. That program sounds fantastic!!! I'd like to work in if I was a trained staff~
  15. You know what... all balls seem dangerous to me
  16. Lol, we'd better keep this only in this thread. tbh, the basketball players also pay amounts of effots to achieve their goals. Like Lebron, Curry and Kobe these are the very athletes we should pay homage to. But certainly there is no such a sport can combine strength and aesthetic together as figure skate does and what makes FS so attractive maybe still attributed to Yuzu's achievements. What I am surprised by this rank is in launched by an AMERICAN sport TV program. In this context, a non-western athlete can win over a insanely popular American sport star is unexpected. (Lebron is really what A people called legend) Also, given the sport culture in US....the popular sports tend to be aggressive and masculine, like football and basketball. Yuzu in this rank is the only existence of the integration of softness and strength. Gymnastic can be taken into account but no so much as FS. Yuzu is just so prominent, and I'd like to see him in a higher place.
  17. Think about his rank is higher than Lebron
  18. Hi guys, I know drought is real. So I wanna share with you a Chinese fan-made video about Yuzu in FAOI shows during this summer. I don't remember whether it was posted on this thread before, but YOU MUST SEE IT, IT'S SOOOOOOOO CUTE!!!! Here is the link, turn off danmu if you wanna: https://www.bilibili.com/video/av29401129?from=search&seid=10956187367905757322 I might just make you more drought...
  19. I hope after his retirement, Kikuchi-Ojisan has plenty of time to enjoy his life with his family, traveling to places he want to go. And most importantly, Yuzu probably with Brain can visit him during the off season time!
  20. I just reviewd the series of Swanyu. You guys need to rewatch his EX in 2016 NHK Trophy... omg it's just breathtakingly beautiful...
  21. murmuring wishful thinking too... Anyway, I hope his rehab is going well!
  22. When you got a little protective sibling
  23. 1/2 time about how great he is yeahhhhh Good job CCTV (though I don't like you too much) ....I hope my parents would watch this lol
  24. SO... I have been rewatching Rika's FS program since yesterday. And it is absolutely astonishing! I really enjoy her performance. The music piece is so impressive and her musicality is also good enough to interpret the music. Then, somehow, I begin to imagine what it would look like if Yuzu was skating this music... I can't undo my imagination and I get so excited even just think how superpowerful he would be if he took control the music and integrated himself into it. He would be the God of Storm! Join in me if you wanna!
  25. You just speak on behalf my heart. When I look at the calander...the February (if he will go for 4CC) is just so far away from now. And I don't know how to cope with the period of emptiness....I guess I would just rewatch Otonal and his previous programs a thousand times
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