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  1. Ok I wasn't gonna complain what Johnny's comment on Yuzu right after Nathan's FS, because I simply thought he might just get too excited to make a rational comment. Because, afterall, witnessing a skater of your own country doing a great job in programs is a matter. But seeing this... this cover-up or whatever, makes him not that ingenuous...
  2. Thank you so much for sharing this! I am not shame to say: I feel a little bit shaking (a lot actually) when just think about Worlds will happen in 50 days.
  3. I got quite speechless about US nats scoring. Pray for skating gods, please bring Yuzu's quads back!!!! Never send kuyashii to him ever!!!
  4. Please yeet this boy to Laureus ceremony and give him the title! Thanks!
  5. Omg!!! I am too excited to fully catch his words! But nevermind, I will put it into loop!!!! And the last words edited on the video: we are always together My heart melted!!!!!
  6. Yes! And this is not just about his popularity. It also matters in terms of setting a perfect example of being humble and diligent for every young and elder athletes. It's about how a great personality of an athelet can bring so much hope and postive engergy to societies. It's also about the representation of Asian as well as the representation of FS in a U.S/Euro-dominant sport field.
  7. OK, now I desperately hope Yuzu can gain the Laurerus Sports Award, because he f***** deserves the title for Comeback of the Year. And I think the every member of the committee should do extensive researches on how splendid and magnificent he is.
  8. We can lead to a small discussion on which 3A jumps in Yuzu's skating history you think are most closet to 4A.
  9. The mystery of Mona Yuzuru's smile...
  10. Queen mashup for sure! And the second-half of Under Pressure with Bowie!!!
  11. Speaking of bringing back LGC, I think it's a BRILLIANT idea though seems unlikely. But seriously, can anyone imagine he do a short by using the similar Rock-ish music?!!! Like 70s Bohemia Rhapsody by Queen or 80s Oasis?!!! If he is lurking in this forum, please just listen to British rock!!!
  12. Send a great vibe for my new semester!!!! Going for next season and 4A is ensured!!! I feel so happy now!
  13. Why am i late?!!! The video was removed from Ins!!!! Can somebody tell me what happened?
  14. Dear Satellites, I found a Fan Mad video including Yuzu's most classic slow motions. Every frame strikes my heart.
  15. The 4K fancam is here. Guys, please prepare a sunglasses in case of the glittering reflection of those thousands rhinestone hurts your eyes.
  16. I just found a 4K fancam Otonal in Ros Cup on YouTube IT IS SO CLEAR!!!! And his sparking costume just like a shining star
  17. Voted!but I found they didn't update his SP world record and didn't mention his FS record either?!! and they got KD instead of Lebron lol I want to see fanyus win over those dudebro!!!
  18. I just realized that less than 3 months later, we will see Mr. Hanyu not in TCC training, and not even the pre-compe practice but directly at Saitama Arena, the day of men's SP competition. I get trembling by just imaging that scene. My nerve begins now...
  19. Off-topic observation: what happened to Jason's face lol
  20. That 33 might come from the too-many-pleats-jumping face I guess lol.
  21. I am wondering how old would it be if the app scans Yuzu's most terrifying murderous face. Can someone do this experiment?
  22. I AM SOBBING!!!!! LOok at his manner hand on Javi!!!!
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