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  1. I saw on tweet that he eats a lot meat per meal 😂 Also in my personal impression, it seems Yuzu doesn't like eat. I mean he might eat primarily for getting energy and practice but not for appetite.
  2. Haha no, this is his three-day diet which include the meals for both breakfast and dinner. Don't you think his diet is really health uwu... Comparing with Shoma's diet, Yuzu eats like a vegetarian lol.
  3. I have been really grateful to the friendship between Nobu and Yuzu. I mean, imagine there is a close friend who cry and laugh so hard when you are in competition. Nobu is another angel with great humanity the god send to be there with Yuzu
  4. The name list for World Champion 2019 will come out at the last day of Japanese Nats.... I begin to be anxious....for no reason
  5. Q: what if you can wear a high-tech speeding skating suit to facilitate your rotation and.... Yuzu: DO NOT TOUCH MY SHINING SPARKLING CUSTOM
  6. You guys should give a close look of Otonal custom. We all know the King Origin has countless details...but when I zoomed out the Otonal custom picture, the only thing I can do is gasp.....
  7. I see...when it come to legal issue my brain just automatically stops working....
  8. Wait does that mean bcuz SBS thinks their TV right is violated as some videos (e.g. FS video) are on YouTube, so they have complex issues with ISU. And the result of negotiation is to delete those videos instead of geo-blocking them from Korea? Enlighten me please…I have no idea about how complicate the issue would be...
  9. 2019 WC!!!! And Plushi finally got the point of Origin lol!
  10. @SparkleSalad still use this, copy the bilibili video link and the video can be download as flv format.
  11. Thank you so much! This is really helpful! Also I can download tons of his video for my long-term flight
  12. Ffff!!! Sorry about my language but this really drives me crazy. I have certain personal feelings for this video cuz I watched it over 20 times....now it just gone
  13. Awwwwwww your mama is so cute! I wish my mom can be less rational when comes to watch Yuzu's program. Compared to my mom, my dad is more sensitive to aesthetic things. The reason that I had no hesitation to show my dad Swanyu is because he is even more open-mind than my mom. And appreantly he likes H&L too.
  14. Self divert to a new topic: So here is the thing: in the past 2 weeks, I officially introduce Yuzu to my parents and send them the videos of Yuzu's programs, both competition and EX from bilibili. The reason is that I saw some fanyu on tweet describe their dads' reaction when watching Swanyu. Driving by curiousity, I did the similar experiment to my parents. And yes, they think the program is beautiful but no dramatic sense. Then, one day I send them H&L 2017 WC... my mom was really into that. And just now, I let her to watch Let's Go Crazy in 2016 GPF the most sexy. My mom said she watched it twice and really like his technique and artistic. My dad also like these programs. And I am still looking for a particular one that can strike my dad's heart Next one shall be Sochi Parisian.
  15. Yeah I know... I am not angry actually So sorry if it's inapporiate, already made it hidden.
  16. Got it! Thank you so much! And yes, I totally agree with you.
  17. Question: is there any possibility that Yuzu would go to 4CC? I found after his WD from JNats, few people mentioned 4CC. I am just curious why. Thank you so much if any satellite would like to enlighten me!
  18. Wait.. is the Yuzu's latest announcement? Or is the same as his WD message? I hope he can just block himself from anything that would impact his rehab. And just enjoy the Christmas without budren or Kuyashi
  19. Hahahahahahaha I thought "One thousand time of death " is a song from Naruto, but the name sounds so weird to be a song. Now I can't undo that gif from my head... gosh our naughty boy is just lol! anyway I hope he has some fun during his skating rehab just like this!
  20. So...I am just curious what did he/she mean perform...lips lyric song? Or skating it?
  21. Hi guys! Just saw this on tweet. Cuz I don't know how to post tweet so I just quote: "Ghishlain is with Cha , Brian in Saransk... they know who they need to leave with Yuzu when he is under rehab" ----Hope and Hope @ tikudzi It seems mama Tracy is with Yuzu now and hahaha here is one of response " BOrser and Ghislain can be sweet talked/puppy eyed, Mama Tracy cannot."
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