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  1. Would knocking down the 4A, bring Quint scores. Honestly, how would they score the 5T? Maybe that's why he's telling Shun he can do it because Shun may compete in an era where the quint is scored after Yuzuru lands the 4A.
  2. Hope so. He might repeat Origin for the 4A though.
  3. Maybe this culture is why they haven't produced Olympic Champions. If Nobu were to come in, change the culture, and produce better results right in their rink, it would a disaster for this "culture".
  4. Same , Origin 1.0 made him look like a dark Phoenix emperor. I wish there was a priority on the costume looking good on the individual, not fashion or design.
  5. Does Yuzu read this forum hahaha
  6. I wonder if it could be said that yuzu has the rotational speed of 17 year old yuzu back
  7. Realistically he needs to land the 4A, so the isu is motivated to create BV for quints. Honestly they should do it now that even ladies are doing quads. What are they waiting for? A lady to do a 4A?
  8. https://twitter.com/ESPNStatsInfo/status/1118035927845298176
  9. Cause there's no time for it? Perhaps he tried correcting technique with Elizabet.
  10. Yuzuru's not going to be around forever. They are darn right to be worried, but realistically how many 2-time Olympics Champions can a country be lucky enough to have?
  11. Was my wish at the start of the season.
  12. [Admin edit: speculation] Of course most people do show their best selves to the public. I'm a bit sensitive due to Seungri. He looks like the disrespectful person he's been discovered to be in his 1, 2, 3 MV. Just compare his face and eyes with the rest of Big Bang's in the Fantastic Baby MV. Perhaps if there was any intent it was that Mariah wanted to get close and intimidate Eunsoo instead of skating a safe distance away.
  13. Perhaps Daisuke is sending a message to the JSF to stop lowballing Shun. Lol that looks out of place
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