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    music(rock, metal, classical, jazz, etc), literature(fantasy, scify, historical), manga, movies, various japan related stuff, table tennis and of course Yuzuru and figure skating or I wouldn't be here
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  1. Sayu93

    Random Thought Theater

    me at least when my hours are regular ..but then again as uni student they rarely are
  2. ETA: sry thought it was strh else
  3. Sayu93

    General Yuzuru Chat

    To continue : On the planet hanyu where the ice rinks lie.
  4. Sayu93

    General Yuzuru Chat

    hopefully in a good way (not holding my breath there)...the scoring last WC made me quite angry...esp.coming off the olympics..Order of medals was okay but their scores...
  5. Sayu93

    [2019] Challenge Cup (21-24.02)

    Would have gone but time and money are a bit short... writing 2 term papers for uni at th moment eta: the money part is getting to den haag and hotel not the tickets
  6. Sayu93

    Hey, remember us?

    don't know if it's already been shared but since I just found this on YT I thought I'd share
  7. Sayu93

    Planet Streaming Parties

    can't watch on mobile phone but notebook seems to work
  8. gorgeous dress
  9. Sayu93

    [2018/19] Other International Events

    for those interested senior pairs from bavarian open will start in ten minutes. there are eg. Hocke/Blommaert, Barquero/Maestu and Jones/Boyadji https://eislauf-union.de/events/bavarian-open (ETA: you can find the stream under the like but the one above still works)
  10. Not like there aren't any other high Level skaters going to elite Universities...