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  1. Still listening to Mucc since yesterdays stream. Found Out the stream from 3 weeks ago is still online. That time they showed the footage from their 15th anniversary concert marathon day in June 2012. 3 Sets in one day for 3 five year periods in their band history up til that time. Begins with the middle period goes back to the beginning to end in their then present of 2012.
  2. Mucc live Stream right now damn good Concert ETA: still online! 3 hours of live music. Begins with the situationally quite apropos the End of the world.
  3. The composer chose the instrument for a reason. (Yeah orchestrating sth not composed with Orchestra in mind without the composers Input is a very hard thing to do)
  4. Over again next week Same time but the Tour no0 final
  5. Even if his voice doesn't click with me I do respect very much, that he was able to overcome that sort of systematic brainwashing cults do and do what he loves. Reuniting with X and continuing solo stuff. Seeing him fall deep into fanyudom last year at FaOI was kinda cute to witness (and he's still gushing over Yuzu like the rest of us). Somehow I'm imagining him dragging the rest of the band to see Yuzu live at some point.
  6. Very nice live...even if I'll never understand why they chose to wear those ugly glitter jackets from the pv at the First track. I get it that track is füll of social criticism but those jackets do you no favour. 🎶Sie hat gehurt sie hat geklaut, streut Blumen für des Henkers Braut 🎵
  7. Awww he's waxing poetic... (Still wondering if any of the other members of X have gotten in the band wagon yet...)
  8. I wish they would release the whole recording to purchase for charity. I mean it's Andy Serkis Reading the Hobbit and doing a damn fine Job at it imo. https://youtu.be/YSeVHqp2eQA
  9. Livestream Mucc. Don't know what they will show today but it will be good ...sry for the Double Post....
  10. Apocalyptica awesome musicians playing Metal on Cello and Drums. This is from their last Livestream.
  11. Hard Same couldn't watch anything ekse of the competition except gor yuzus fs the day after
  12. Glorious just glorious esp. The lay of thrym and alvur kongun
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