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    music(rock, metal, classical, jazz, etc), literature(fantasy, scify, historical), manga, movies, various japan related stuff, table tennis and of course Yuzuru and figure skating or I wouldn't be here
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  1. I did say the russians didn't I Oh you meant individual placing Kosto, truso, shcherba .I hope I read everything right
  2. I so hope that if the Deu ever decide to host a big international competition they are going to use the Lanxess Arena in Cologne. Very well connected by public transport.
  3. I could never really get into them. I can't get into ToshIs voices sound and tone. Though I did end up watching a bunch of Interviews and documentary type stuff.
  4. Cries in Rika, Waka, Yuzu, Zhenya, etc https://twitter.com/virtueoaks/status/1213980242609672193?s=20
  5. I want Buck-tick to do fantasy on ice.... I want so to skate to a Buck-tick song period.
  6. Saw Buck-tick live today (day in question 2019). Setlist was awesome and concert event better. They played this one for the encores. Eta: one of their old songs (90s) but stil awesome
  7. I don't like the choreo of wakas free but she did so well...
  8. That would be mine as well. If he can bring the weight of his fanbase together with Kana and put out decent skates than I amvery much in favour of this switch. I think both he and Kana are in it for the challenge as well.
  9. I would definitely be much more excited about shomas clean skate if it were 4-5 points lower
  10. They go into quite a bit of detail here
  11. I think another reason a lot of us are so upset is, because this is exactly what we feared would happen when they changed the scoring system after the olympics
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