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    music(rock, metal, classical, jazz, etc), literature(fantasy, scify, historical), manga, movies, various japan related stuff, table tennis and of course Yuzuru and figure skating or I wouldn't be here
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  1. I had no real system, so I did a bit of who I want to be on the podium vs who has been getting good results. But I mostly went with gut so...I have no idea how I did this
  2. Thank you 🤗 First in mens overall!!! Well this was an interesting gp season...
  3. General Skating Chat

    You are absolutely right. I'd love to see this Post or sth like It on the isu forum or on their Facebook Account and the responses to it.
  4. [2017] GPF - Men SP & FS

    daniel weiss (german commentator), thinks nathans PCS are much too high (he would have given him just a bit above 8.0 for the PCs exceot ss there 8.9)..he was lamenting a bit that nathan has the skill but the programme doesn't reflect that... and he also asked for peoples opinion what they wish for the future of figure skating
  5. [2017] GPF - Men SP & FS

    http://one.ard.de/tv/live --> they're showing the mens fs today and all fs tomorrow. I think it's just in germany.
  6. [2017] GPF - Ladies SP & FS

    I relatively like Judge 7
  7. #WeLoveYouYuzu

    Seems like it....that's cool
  8. Team China

    I hope Han Yan and Boyang can stil go to PC
  9. [2017] GPF - Men SP & FS

    no he wasn't but the others weren't either...that's why the big point difference to Mikhail, Shoma and Nathan has got me so on another note the judges basically have Shomas winter today on the same level as Sochi PW... ETA: Sry if this gets drastic but no one should have gotten over 100p today
  10. [2017] GPF - Ice Dance SD & FD

    basically PC won the technical on the 1RH4+kpYYY whatever that is. as for PCS well that are very small margins...
  11. [2017] GPF - Ice Dance SD & FD

    I know PC are very good I see that but I just can't connect to them T_T
  12. [2017] GPF - Men SP & FS

    at least sth... EAT: ..just if others didn't get called
  13. [2017] GPF - Men SP & FS

    I'm sorry if the following is a bit insensitiv but: In my subjectiv opinion the first 3 (Nathan, Shoma, Mikhail) have been really overscored at least on PCS. While I think that they could or should still be the first three thanks to TES the margin is way to high. As much as 5-7 points less would have done just as well.
  14. [2017] GPF - Men SP & FS

    well it's shoom and he has some aura...and everyone makes mistakes
  15. [2017] GPF - Men SP & FS

    I like this german commentator...(he made a nice comment about junior vs. senior right now) ETA: he doesn't like the judges^^