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    music(rock, metal, classical, jazz, etc), literature(fantasy, scify, historical), manga, movies, various japan related stuff, table tennis and of course Yuzuru and figure skating or I wouldn't be here
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  1. General Yuzuru chat

    OMG I love this one!!!! The Vampire/prince one is also nice
  2. Random Thought Theater

    This just wouldn't leave my head today
  3. General Yuzuru chat

    ...love how there's a lot of figure skating and a lot of yuzu in the nomination Tags for teenchoice.. (not that the award is that important but still) EDIT : I'm gonna laugh so hard if more than 60% of the nominees will be figure skaters
  4. [TV Broadcast] Continues~with Wings~

    Just on fuji?
  5. [TV Broadcast] Continues~with Wings~

    rabbit isn't working
  6. [TV Broadcast] Continues~with Wings~

    thx everyone^^
  7. [TV Broadcast] Continues~with Wings~

    I'm in Japan at the moment
  8. [TV Broadcast] Continues~with Wings~

    Does any one have a link that works on Smartphone? EDIT : I only get the Chat and Audio with rabbit
  9. [TV Broadcast] Sendai Parade 2018

  10. General Yuzuru chat

    Yes doesn't have to be orff. There are quite a few others that set parts of the carmina burana to music.
  11. Music talk

    Yes!! either the original or the cover/arrangement by Apocalyptica
  12. SEIMEI

    Just stumbled across this... Thought you guys might like it
  13. Harry Potter

    You Are 39% Ravenclaw, 28% Gryffindor, 24% Hufflepuff, and 9% Slytherin! You believe above all in the importance of wisdom, which is why you undoubtedly belong in Ravenclaw, but your sense of adventure means you may also have an affinity for Gryffindor house. You are a thrill-seeker – you love to travel and there’s nothing more exciting to you than new experiences – and believe that adventure is essential in the pursuit of knowledge. You are brave, but would never intentionally put yourself in danger, placing you firmly in Ravenclaw. Your slight compatibility with Hufflepuff house suggests a deep love and appreciation for those close to you, which you may keep hidden for fear of being hurt. I'll be taking the pottermore quiz in a bit... Yeah pottermore agrees with the ravenclaw.... Yay
  14. If that beats any of Yuzus scores I'm revolting...