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    music(rock, metal, classical, jazz, etc), literature(fantasy, scify, historical), manga, movies, various japan related stuff, table tennis and of course Yuzuru and figure skating or I wouldn't be here
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  1. Yeah meet up would be great, even though I will only be in Helsinki from early Saturday on (..when you've got a mandatory class on Friday afternoon). though I will stay till monday...
  2. WAAAAH I completely forgot to to do skate america!!!Can I still enter? EDIT: huh! managed to enter
  3. Sayu93

    General Yuzuru Chat

    because the music and the Tshirt
  4. Sayu93

    General Yuzuru Chat

  5. Sayu93

    General Yuzuru Chat

    you can see where my avatar came from XP
  6. Sayu93

    General Yuzuru Chat

    Have you found the 2014 FOI version yet?
  7. Sayu93

    Music Corner

    SRY FOR THE DOUBLE POST, but it was so long ago: was watching the beginning of the series today and thought the song could fit quite well as music for a SP generally speaking ETA: with the right music cuts. I thinks it would be difficult to pull off as a FS. but maybe the somg gives me more SP feels I don't know
  8. Sayu93

    [2018] CS Nebelhorn Trophy (26.09-29.09)

    it's an alp region thing... they are made from felt (and the early 2000s girl group pop in the background lol EDIT: Rivers of Joy by No Angels if anyone wants to know (I was really into them when I was 8)) EDIT: and now uptown girl XD
  9. Sayu93

    [2018] CS Nebelhorn Trophy (26.09-29.09)

    that was quite a nice exhibition ....ugh Bavarians..Those hats °_°;..
  10. Sayu93

    Random Thought Theater

    There are really far to many natural desasters this year.... Now it's an earthquake with a tsunami in Indonesia... 😥
  11. Sayu93

    [2018] CS Nebelhorn Trophy (26.09-29.09)

    well well well the protocols are going to make me mad aren't they
  12. Sayu93

    [2018] CS Nebelhorn Trophy (26.09-29.09)

    would be curious about your take on alinas performance here compared to Roman Sadovskys from ACI (or even Kevin Aymoz ).