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    music(rock, metal, classical, jazz, etc), literature(fantasy, scify, historical), manga, movies, various japan related stuff, table tennis and of course Yuzuru and figure skating or I wouldn't be here
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  1. I'm so happy I have Floor Jansens episode on best singers to watch to calm me down after this judging. Though Yuzu I'm happy to watch you and happy you won!!
  2. Sry in advance: I have a bit of a problem with all the accusations of cultural appropriation getting thrown around nowadays. It gets tossed aroud so much, that I feel like we're somehow collectively overreacting. If you're gonna scream cultural appropriation at zhenya skating to moag or Rika for that chant snippet then at least also scream cultural appropriation at everyone not middle eastern skating to Aladdin for example or every non-christian skating to Mozarts requiem (it is a death mass ergo a religious piece of music). I'm also so over the overreaction to any skater that skates to Schindlers list. Also Moag is in the end a fictional story. I happen to love the film and it's score. Yes I know that it is not 100% historically accurate but that is why it is Fiction! And frankly exactly how accurate are historical fiction dramas/films anyways...
  3. the beginning piano line had som heavy Für Elise vibes
  4. Yeah it's what the English-speaking world decided to spell it. As a German I 'm just a bit like: why the p? 🤔
  5. how the heck did the p get in there (sry sth I've been wondering for a while, I'm assuming it's taken from verklemmt). theres no bilabial plosive there!!!
  6. Ui this is tough... I'll just try and throw some names out!: David Tennant: my favourite doctor and one of the few actors where I watched stuff that I normally wouldn't watch just because he's in it. He is that good. Christian Bale: best batman there is was or will be in the foreseeable future. Sadly he does a lot of movies etc where I have no interest in the story Shah rukh khan: king of Bollywood need I say more... He can bring me to tears so easily Ian McKellen.... Legend... Patrick Stuart: the reason I watched any Episodes of ST:TNG and even some if it's films. Sato takeru: the perfekt kenshin! He makes me consider watching the live action of inuyashiki and I have successfully avoided that Manga for a while Benedict Cumberbatch: yep BBC Sherlock fan here... Johnny Depp: the man may or may not be a disaster but his acting is damn brilliant Viggo Mortensen: Aragon! Sadly another one where quite a bit of his work is not my cup of tea. Hugh Jackman:Logan! Plus he can do musicals! And he seems a nice bloke. Mark Harmon: the biggest reason to watch NCIS. Christopher Lee gets a honorable mention since I haven't seen him in much other than LOTR but the man put out 2 metal albums in his 90s! And they are quite good. ETA: how could I forget Hugo Weaving!! Elrond, Agent Smith, V damn the man is good!
  7. Well I'll take a look at the protokoll later what they gave him at the end so...
  8. Still ruminating about Joseph's combo... Pretty sure it was marked 3lz2T but I and apparently Ted as well thought it was 3lz3t. I'm not the best at counting rotations so I just thought that I made a mistake but than Ted also talked about a 3t so now I'm very confused...
  9. Just came from watching a performance of Mozarts Kyrie and Requiem !!! ..It was so good...the Requiem is seriously one of my favourite pieces of classical music (esp.Dies Irae and Lacrimosa)...so emotional...came to tears a few times...
  10. arte is streaming hellfest, Hurricane and Southside festivals if anyone is interested (times in CEST dunno about evtl geoblocks ) https://www.arte.tv/de/arte-concert/demnachst/ ETA: the whole weekend
  11. I'll try for nhk tickets... I don't think I'll have any luck but I'll try.
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