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  1. ahem...feeling stupid tonight. I can't crop my photo correctly because the handles only go all together as a square and my photo is rectangular. Also, the photo appears blurry while it didn't not seem blurry to me when I took it. Can someone help me?
  2. Ok, thank you very much. I did not know that.
  3. 10am is in the Kazhak time zone, I suppose?
  4. Just read the news when I went back home from work. Still can't believe he passed away for car mirrors. My sincerest condolences to his family and friends.
  5. Yuzu and Javi are brothers by heart, if not by blood. Also, all Spaniards are very affectionate, boys and girls, old and young, they always embrace you
  6. A very big thank you to the ones who explain the celestial maiden nickname.
  7. If you knew, the sponsor ran away 2 weeks before the event.
  8. I cannot go to Helsinki but I can go to the CoR.... We have a topic for each GP, I suppose?
  9. Yes, and checking my computer again; I miss one hour, so if it's 5am in Japan, it's 4pm in Toronto, which would make more sense. Oh dear...finishing work in 20 min or so. Should have time to go home before the announcement.
  10. Put Toronto time on my computer all day for nothing... now thinking the announcement will be 5am Japan time on Friday morning. It's 12 hours less in Toronto if I'm right so that would be 5pm for Toronto on Thursday and 9pm GMT. Pffeew....I'm getting a headache....
  11. If they announce in Toronto on am, that will be pm for Europe and evening for Asia. So relax, people..... ahem .. saying that while I'm stressing out, lol.
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