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  1. Kadova

    Fantasy on Ice 2018 in NIIGATA

    Kiss, I loved that band when I was young.
  2. Kadova

    Fantasy on Ice 2018 in NIIGATA

    Aljona Twitter maybe ? She will be there ?
  3. Kadova

    2018/19 Coaching changes

    The perfect example of what a coach can do for you, boosting your confidence.
  4. Kadova

    Sweet Dreams are made of Yuzu!

    Once I dreamed Yuzu and Javi were eating in a restaurant and I was also there and we chatted all the 3 of us for a while and then I left. Guess it will remain a dream...
  5. Kadova

    Your Username

    My username is made of 3 names ka = Karine do = Dora va = Vania Karine is my first name, Dora and Vania are the names of my family first 2 dogs. Nothing Yuzu related...
  6. Kadova


    Well, just discovering this topic while I'm here for some times. I got the URL for this forum from a comment under a YouTube video, a Yuzu video, of course. Did some skating as a child, liked it but did not love, then did again as a student then stopped. I'm still at the beginner level, lol. Watching skating for decades, discovered Yuzu at Sotchi, then stopped watching because my father died when the new season started, came back to skating last year. Happy to find a forum where everyone can understand me. Dreaming of seeing skating live. Maybe one day...
  7. Kadova

    Uploading Avatars and Credits

    Thanks a lot. Will do that when I have a moment this week. Will let you know if any problem arises.
  8. Kadova

    Uploading Avatars and Credits

    Being here for some times and finally deciding on an avatar. It will be a snapshot from a YouTube video. Do I put the YouTube link and the uploader name as a credit?
  9. Kadova

    2018/19 Coaching changes

    I read somewhere Yuzu trains 3 days per week and Javi 5 days per week?
  10. Kadova

    2018/19 Coaching changes

    That's exactly what I think.
  11. Kadova

    2018/19 Coaching changes

    I agree with you. Better read the Japanese medias.
  12. Kadova

    2018/19 Coaching changes

    I believe Yuzuru is sometimes a kind of enigma for Brian Orser. But also, being with him for 6 years, Brian knows how to manage Yuzuru. So he decided to surprise him to get a spontaneous reaction. Yuzuru may have just been stunned so unable to react at first. Or he may just not bother. We may reading too much in this, lol.
  13. Kadova

    2018/19 Coaching changes

    From what I read here and there, Boyang is aiming for the OG 2022, Yuzuru is unsure how long he will keep skating competitions so he's setting short-term goals. I was stunned by Evgenia move, I'm surprised by Jason move too. Brian Orser said they have worked out the schedules, so I believe this will work one way or another. I'm sure Yuzuru was already informed beforehand, as Brian did with Javi for Yuzu move. Finally, it was acknowledged Yuzu and Javi were getting tense with each other with competitions approaching, so the coaches have first-hand experience about how to manage that. To put it simply, I am not really concerned because I believe they will handle everything.