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  1. they're basically streaming what tsn doesn't broadcast. the ladies thing was open practise I believe. the thing with pairs and men was that tsn will broadcast not broadcast pairs live but at the time when the first 2 flights of mens are happening..so ted is streaming those fligths ETA: IIRC one positive thing about the TSN broadcast Tracy will commentate
  2. my favourite japanese band. love this song I think it was actually a B-Side ...
  3. Sayu93

    Random Thought Theater

    All that triggeredness over Bales acceptance speach is so hilarious. Especially since it's so obvious that a) he's just saying dick chaney is/was evil b) he's making a joke. Maybe He was just a bit too british for the american evangelicals.
  4. Sayu93

    General Yuzuru Chat

    Makes me want to see Yuzuru skate to the Cowboy bebop op
  5. well I did forget to predict nhk and gpf...^_^'
  6. Sayu93

    Hey, remember us?

    cosplay was pretty spot on https://fotolog.com/matuscamera/32390726
  7. Finally had the Chance to buy Mucc's Shintsuusetsu, which comes with a rerecording and a repressing of their Tsuusetsu Album. Tsuusetsu was their first real Album and it's the one Album of theirs that was still missing from my collection. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=OLAK5uy_kVBkL1iNZfrY-wHrKTJWI0s6kfOeWsFhA
  8. Yeah there were so many opportunities (Guam, the events surrounding saena) Actually I'm All for Moko-san getting fed up with All the fuss and demand All the truths from every Person involved.
  9. Sayu93

    Japanese cuisine

    favourites: food: -okonomiyaki -modanyaki -udon (particularly kitsune udon) -taiyaki/oobanyaki/imagawayaki whatever name you call it ( preferably anko or sweet potato filling) -japanese crepe (I know crêpe are french but the toppings etc) -chahan -yakisoba/yakiudon -gyudon drinks: -tea (matcha, genmaicha, gyokuro, kukicha, houjicha, sobacha) -lemon sour/ lemon chuhai -calpis things I'd like to try: -kaiseki ryori -kobe/matsuzaka/hida beef -I'd someday like to do a sake testing to find out which brand+ type I like most
  10. ..zapping through youtube watching live performances. Band of today: Buck-Tick just finished this one:
  11. In my post Helsinki haze I forgot to do any
  12. Sayu93

    [2018] GP NHK Trophy - Men SP & FS

    shoma got 9s without a combo and with a fall -_-;
  13. YELP Post competition depression made me forget to predict for nhk..^_^; there no way to do it now is there?
  14. Deepest condolences from me too. If we can give you even a little, i will be happy.
  15. Sayu93

    General Yuzuru Chat

    I don't think they can really fathom that there is a market outside of japan.
  16. weather forecast says sth around 10°C for next week end. So cold but doable with good shoes winter tights, good winter coat.
  17. ?mens short is the first competition of the day on saturday? oh you mean the free? well, in that case...i don't know