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  1. Costume would you rather! Notte Stellata/LGC Origin/H&L HyK/Seimei(2) Chopin/Origin R&J/PW Etude/Notte Stellata Otonal/POTO(1) Masquerade/CM and: bad costume version! Dory/boobskirt Dory/bowling shirts Bowling shirts/fishnet black bibs/bowling shirt fishnet/dory 
  2. Ok question time would you rather Haru yo koi or semei otonal or origin  hope and legacy or requiem of heaven and earth crystal memories or Masquerade Phantom of the Opera/Otonal HyK/Origin Notte Stellata/Requiem Masquerade/LGC Chopin/R&J (either versions) CM/Change Seimei/H&l PW/Etude
  3. As far as looking like Clamp characters I personally think he resembles Subaru or Kamui far more than Lelouch. At in looks.
  4. Had a kyogen workshop at university this week it was great. When I get to Japan again I definetly have to go see some live performance.
  5. Exactly when you can identify LGC from a few seconds of Yuzu in UA without music.
  6. I think so. Genki 1 is a good introductory book. We used that in our courses at University and I quite liked it. But be sure to buy the Workbook too.
  7. Sry that was me. Did that questionnaire right after japanese language classes...
  8. Timo T_T this is no time to get ill
  9. Lot of upsets. But that's table tennis for you. A bit sad for Dima and Jun but still rooting for Tomokazu and Timo. Take the chance to go see it live! I went in 2012 and 2017 and it was great... The speed and skill and the sorrounding spectacle are well worth it. Eta: oh I forgot Niwa Koki kun
  10. Sayu93

    Music talk

    Yeah there so much more to the carmina burana than the snippets most used...^^ Or he could use other versions of parts of the carmina burana than orffs. Though I doubt he or anyone will (e.g. Saltatio Mortis: Ecce Gratum, In Taberna, tempus est iocundum (Totus Floreo); In Extremo: Omnia sol Temperat; Corvus Corax: Cantus Buranus )
  11. I would love some programmes for Wicked or Elisabeth (esp. Looking at you germans, Austrians)
  12. Actually He translates himself. What He said in japanese and englisch are about the same meaning wise.
  13. well seems like our fears about Jugding following US Nationals have come true
  14. I will say it if we have to have 2 Americans on the podium I want it to be Jason and Nathan
  15. hahaa german Kommentators dig at Eteri (too much focus only on the sport not enough on Art)
  16. ARD One will also be streaming from 9:30 cet. It's in german and probably also geoblocked but it's good quality. https://www.ardmediathek.de/one/live/Y3JpZDovL3dkci5kZS9CZWl0cmFnLTFlNjA0YWFlLTViODctNGMzNC04ZDhmLTg4OWI1ZjE2ZDU3Mw
  17. If you can get around the german and the likely geoblock this is a video of the broadcast from this morning. it starts from andrei lazukin and goes all the way up. They showed a few programmes from pairs fs in the zamboni breaks https://www.sportschau.de/wintersport/eisschnelllauf/video-kurzprogramm-der-herren-bei-der-eiskunstlauf-wm-102.html
  18. I'm getting so anxious. I don't think I will be able to watch the last group after Yuzu
  19. Yeah Our Commentator was saying they were too low
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