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  1. Yes that would be great. Sorry for the delay in responding.
  2. Yuzuru Hanyu is a Global Muse. Yuzuru inspires artists from all over the world - visual artists, musicians, & dancers. This is Haru Yo Koi - A Ballet Inspired by Yuzuru Hanyu. I was moved by Yuzuru’s beautiful, soulful tribute to the victims of the Great East Japan Earthquake. I feel that Haru Yo Koi is also about a fresh start & new beginnings. I hope our ballet conveys those feelings as well. All dancers are from Crescendo Conservatory, Kansas City, USA I hope his fans like our tribute. http
  3. Wow, thank you. I did not know. Maybe he has seen it. That would be incredible. 🙏🏻
  4. Thank you. I am glad you liked it.❤️
  5. Thank you. I am so glad that people liked the tribute. My girls were very nervous but the performance went well on the16th.
  6. Thanks. I can’t imagine seeing them in person. I am very excited to go to ACI and meet other Fanyus.
  7. Thanks so much! I am glad you liked the performance! Thank you so much! I am glad you liked the tribute!
  8. That is a great idea! I will definitely will do that.
  9. I have made the decision to go to ACI. Although, I would love to see him skate in Japan, I don't think that is going to happen anytime soon. I would love to meet some Yuzu fans there. We are going to have a Pooh on the stage with us during the Ballet Tribute at the Kauffman performance. I plan to throw that same Pooh on the ice for him at ACI. I am VERY excited to see him skate.
  10. Absolutely, his hands while he spins- unbelievably beautiful. He has amazing attention to details.
  11. I am still wrapping my head around the fact that I had 1000 likes for the original tweet. Let alone 17500 views on YouTube, and now this article. I was just speaking the truth about Yuzuru’s artistry and inspiration. That’s all.
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