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  1. Hapy Birthday, dear Yuzu! May your 29th year be filled with strong health, good fortune, success and trusting people by your side. May all the happiness, joy, hope and light you have given to everybody come back to you and lead you forward. May you never lose a reason to smile. May your professional career continue to unfold as you envision. May there by a light at the end of every dark tunel you encounter. May all your dreams come true. Moni (Slovakia)
  2. Yuzu, happy birthday! Wishing you good health and all the happiness in the world. May all your dreams come true. Have an amazing day!
  3. I just tried yours and ČT1, ČT2 and ČT Sport were all geoblocked ("We are sorry, this content is not available at your territory due to limited copyright."). And I'm getting the same message even when I'm trying to watch figure skating in their archive As soon as I change my VPN to Czech, it works. So I guess I'll just wait to see whether the YT stream is geoblocked this week and if it is, then I'll buy some good fast VPN...
  4. Yes, we can watch all your channels, too, but only on TV. On the internet ČTV is always geoblocked for us And unfortunately, I don't have any TV, I've never really needed it.
  5. Well, Slovakia (RTVS) has got the TV rights but in the TV program there is nothing FS related for this weekend, not even a delayed broadcast or any recap I really hope the YT stream won't be geoblocked for us, otherwise it's much worse compared to having eurosport.
  6. Dear Yuzu, happy birthday! I wish you a speedy recovery and all the happiness in the world. We love you and we will wait for you no matter how long it takes. Please, don't forget: health comes first.
  7. Hi, row 10 in Warm up round is my prediction (timestamp 11/10/2018 18:32:13). Sorry I forgot to put my name there
  8. Sorry but I disagree about this part. There no sense under current rules to attempt a 4-4 combo. No extra reward for that and extremely high risk of UR or pop. Yuzu tried 4T4T at gala in Helsinki and Shoma tried it in some practice, too (or was that 3A4T?)... both clearly underrotated their second jump. It IS hard and it makes zero sense to try it if they can do it cleanly as two separate passes. Definitely not worth under current rules. And more importantly, it's a nonsense to debut a new jump (4-4 combos, 4A or whatever) at the Olympics, even more if he just healed from his injury. He needs to return to his top form, work on his stamina and most importantly - to stay healthy from now on. I'm not sure what is Yuzu's mindset about his 4Lz right now but I will respect and support whatever he decides to do.
  9. Dear Yuzu, have a wonderful birthday! I wish your every day to be filled with lots of health, love, laughter and happiness!
  10. @Shayuzu, @Sammie maybe you meant this one?
  11. So sorry to hear that I will also have to limit my lessons in the following months because I want to see Yuzu in Milano and can't afford both .
  12. Here we were talking only about delayed single axel which is allowed in choreo sequence. But you are correct that 3A can't be in choreo/step sequnces. I didn't mean 1A to be a difficult entry, just part of a transition into a spin... for example in Seimei he did 3Lz and then immediately death drop... there are million others ways, transition into spin was just my idea
  13. I'm probably not the best person to answer your questions because although I've been skating on my own since I was 10 I had absolutely no intention back then to try figure skating. I was just fooling around with friends. So I was only able to skate forwards and backwards (no crossovers), swizzles, very messy mohawks and that's all. And once I got interested in figure skating (2014), I started training with a coach right away. What exactly are you scared of when you're skating alone? Too many people there? Or the opposite? Or that others will be watching and judging you? Or falling down? Maybe you could bring an ipod and earphones with you next time?
  14. In long program it can be in choreo sequence or after all 8 jumping passes are done (e.g. as a transition into spin). In other cases it will be counted as a jump attempt. And in short program it can be in step sequence but skater will get reduced GOE for that (LOL) or after all 3 jumping passes are done.
  15. Aah, now I understand what you meant - we just interpreted the meaning of "1.5 euler" differently. This jump is called half loop or euler but it actually has one full rotation, not just half. So I took it literally and understood it as a jump with 1.5 rotations - therefore those points about landing forwards. But you meant a double euler, right (with landing backwards)? There's that rule about non-listed jumps but technically that could be possible (but very difficult) to do. But rules needs to be changed for that.
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