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  1. I saw k+c for competitions but I got kicked off because I wanted only one ticket but the default was two...figured out when there was no ticket left...
  2. did you ask Skate Canada or TicketMaster...I want to email them to ask if there are more tickets in other sections......
  3. Then I found out the default is two tickets, so I could never get it process... crying FYI, I am selling my E-BL row 2 for Wed practice
  4. Single session tickets are all in same section? also I didn’t expect day pass...
  5. SSS

    General Skating Chat

    So there is no layout talk this season love and peace after olympics
  6. SSS

    Media Day 2018

    It is actually pretty scary if the superstition continues to happen.. what it will lead to... but we have to admit he is a superstitious boy... wait... I should say he is superstition...
  7. SSS

    Media Day 2018

    Because we want Canadian silver to happen in ACI not GPF if it will ever happen...
  8. SSS

    Media Day 2018

    Imagine both Yuzu and Plu skating Nijinsky/ Origin at the same time during FaOI...
  9. SSS

    Media Day 2018

    How about compare to the purple one?
  10. SSS

    Media Day 2018

    I think nobody guessed his programs correctly this time... plus a sudden media day... improved troll level...
  11. SSS

    Media Day 2018

    I am looking forward to hearing how western media talk about those amazing balletic moves
  12. SSS

    Media Day 2018

    He is really planning to replace that with 4A? Short entry 4A???
  13. SSS

    Media Day 2018

    Yeah he will not end with tribute problems. He is just doing whatever he wants because he has the ogg lol but i am not ready for no record desire Yuzu. and I am also seriously worried about his foot.
  14. SSS

    Media Day 2018

    I see no difference between these and the ones he used in completions. Am I blind