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  1. I don't know if Shoma skated clean, he would get a WR or not. But I felt that the judges were trying so hard to save him after his fall on 4T... Look at those 4s and 5s in the second half. and the sudden rise of TES after the program (guess a call disappeared)
  2. SSS

    General Yuzuru Chat

    That is so fast... not ready... just stop by to say how awesome our new banner is!!!
  3. it drops little bit then it grows... it is actually really "funny". because when he is clean, the judges modify their goe scores, which is (just like H&L in 17wc)
  4. so confirmed Otonal stsq can be watched from both east and west sides
  5. I think he does not have any purpose to use his teeth... he is just (sometimes) lazy lol
  6. i should say at least !... from some angle...whatever... i am worried..
  7. are you talking about the hop there? my second favorite Origin part is gone... after that IB into 3A