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  1. so just in case, I bought all three days.. then I was thinking I could not choose seats for ACI, why didn't I buy all event tickets...
  2. omg, the ticket sale is the day after tmr, still don't know which two days are men's events (Hello, trashbag pants... surprise...)
  3. Is schedule out? (One more post to say goodbye to boobskirt...
  4. This sounds like... no emergency combos?! When everyone here seems to concern about +3 or +5 Yuzu will get on his jumps..I am super concerned about how fall will affect the judging in new system... -5 GOE (% of BV) plus lower jump BV and -1 for fall...if you fall a jump, it is a huge disadvantage...someone said a 4S fall is less than a perfect 2A? Does that mean next season, we will see more popstars?strategy is so important. how much to challenge is a big question.
  5. SSS

    General Yuzuru Chat

    Worried about my hair if Zu is not happy about the 4A bv change and bring us Q...
  6. I was saying gpf17 and wc17 had a lot of serious errors/falls for the quad guys. I am so curious if the new rule would bring other triple guys to the podium. It seems that a fall can cost almost 10 points with the new rule
  7. maybe we should do the comparison on gpf17.really curious now.
  8. SSS

    General Yuzuru Chat

    No comment on what JSF has done. but Sendai is definitely a special place...what happened a month ago is still like a dream to me...
  9. SSS

    General Yuzuru Chat

    I think what they mean is JSF's influence still cannot compare to the three other big feds. and Yuzu is from Sendai not from Nagoya. So, JSF does not hype him Not really a lot of benefit on scoring
  10. SSS

    General Yuzuru Chat

    Thanks to that, his life is so dramatic. We sometimes question if he is real
  11. SSS

    General Skating Chat

    It is actually great to go to 4CC next year He will definitely get his silvera big relief...jk
  12. SSS

    General Skating Chat

    Yuzuru will break it. We should say it again and again.
  13. SSS

    2018/19 GP Assignments

    IdF is too close to gpf anyway wish Zu heal his foot soon.
  14. SSS

    2018/19 GP Assignments

    This sounds really bad... it is like jsf is using Zu to trade something... how dare you jsf...
  15. SSS

    General Skating Chat

    He just need one landed 4A in competition Then he writes the history and can publish n articles about beating someone on 4A attempt. With his high bv, he is able to have one fall all the time... Yuzu, slow down, Heath is most important...