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  1. that name sounds familiar. might be the name of that professor. I remember their project was about 2010og? What data project are you working on? btw, I remember long time ago, our planet has a great judge scoring project. I didn't have time to go back to the original post, are you the original author of that project?
  2. Are you saying "emotional about him and cry" is not so good? I think this is the proof of how good our Yuzu is I admit that there are some bad things happening in Yuzu's fandom, but I don't like media (any media) to twist good things to make them sound/look like bad/weird.
  3. The issue of the scene featuring the crying fan was inappropriate that time. This was because it looked like cbc was trying to twist the plot by showing fanyu crying due to someone else's win... (if I remember correctly...) This seemed to be on purpose because the fan was wearing a Seimei costume... I am okay to trust cbc once that they were not on purpose, but this kind of things happen multiple times, so now I don't know... I don't always watch cbc's version of Yuzu's programs but some of them are really good. so I have a complicated feeling towards cbc.
  4. The news provides no new info at all. (I can't find the emoji I wanted to use??!!? Too many) Since I started superstition topic, let me end it...or if a new thread is necessary, please move?...Please do not read this if you don't care.
  5. that was really amazing...I still could not believe he pretty much changed everything with no run through at all...maybe that counts as a creative way...yeah... Nope this is post NHK one...
  6. It says there is the obstacle which may not be visible to them and it needs to be dealt with creatively. There are more ways than the only way they know which can solve the problem. They have the tendency to take risk and miss the creative way... I have a feeling that the obstacle is the injury or the current situation before GPF... To answer your question, "they have to" but the tarot result seems to be they cannot find it. ..remind you the result of OG was they would find creative/fresh way to solve the issue and the result would be beautiful...However, the result is a suggestion... so what are the creative ways...that is what I am currently thinking about. hope hope hope...
  7. Well, I don't know if i should mention this. but remember there was a tarot reading before NHK last year which was proved almost 100% correct (?) in 4 months after 18OG... The author had another reading in Sep this year and December is coming...as far as I know, everything else except the final outcome is ... correct...final outcome is waiting to be proved... the final outcome is talking about something Yuzu and his team cannot overcome with current approach but if they find a creative way (which is hard to be discovered)...
  8. That is so fast... not ready... just stop by to say how awesome our new banner is!!!
  9. He does not have to jump 4T3A all the time. He only needs one successful one then he can always go back to the one which gives him more points.
  10. since you mentioned GOEs...with the new system, I am seriously worried about Yuzu's GOEs and BVs now, considering Nathan's BV (6 quads) and potential GOEs everyone else get but not Yuzu... i am still waiting for layout talk this season lol
  11. Apparently, this looks like a 6 quads layout... Should I be worried about TES...
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