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  1. rehearsal for One Piece on Ice:
  2. Andy Rourke, bassist with The Smiths has just died of pancreatic cancer aged just 59. RIP
  3. Kaibutsu/Monster, a movie with Yuzu's "co-star" Eita Nagayama (from Tono, risoku de gozaru!), was now shown at the film festival in Cannes: https://www.instagram.com/kaibutsumovie/
  4. Now the female world champion and the junior world champion have almost exactly the same number of points.
  5. I wonder, if Yuzuru likes the J-Rock music of Nemophila:
  6. https://www.livescience.com/bronze-age-ice-skates-with-bone-blades-discovered-in-china
  7. "For my own memories, I made a digital report about Hanyu-kun into a book"
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