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Yuzu (Post-Saitama) Cheer Project


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As @makebelieveup suggested, I am opening a thread for Yuzu's Cheer Project



Can we start a cheer up project for Yuzu? I know he must get a lot of these encouraging messages but I do want to somehow make it impactful this time to get a message accross that he already is the greatest skater of all time. or like come up with a gold medal for Saitama for him. A pair of earphones or something? or like a third olympic gold medal. I'm not good at organizing a project but I would love to help out with as much as I can. Anyone interested in this idea? Not sure what exactly we can do but if anyone has suggestions please jump in!


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As I said, I am just now thinking about our global forum, and if he would be uplifted to see from where we all are with our heartfelt wishes, from over the world. 

I dont know..to compile snapshots of our place where we live and the location? 


I think I am thinking this way because I am sitting on my balcony with a nice view and because I have the need to show him how far his support goes...really all over the world..

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3 hours ago, VyVy99 said:

I have seen some fandoms come together and made a trophy out of real gold to make it up for their artist in a similar situation to Yuzu. I’d love if we can also do something collective and symbolic like that too.


3 hours ago, 4Nessie said:


I would love for Yuzu to once get a gold medal with little sakura flowers pattern made of red gold... (just saying...) 


2 hours ago, makebelieveup said:

Thats the kind of project I want to do. We should do a real gold medal with the wors Greatest figure skater of all time. put beijing olympic 2022 on it and have Yuzuru Hanyu from Japan. 



1 hour ago, VyVy99 said:


I would be so happy if we, the fans are able to give him a gold medal of our own, heavier than any gold medal there is... :13877886:


1 hour ago, raebia said:

I would support a project, but lets not get a reference to next olys in it..nothing that might be misunderstood as expectation for Beijing. With all the pressure he is already under....something more generally supportive or simply grateful for the things he has done or wishes for health I would like better.


1 hour ago, makebelieveup said:

Do you think it means more if we put meaning into his silver medals or give him a gold medal to compensate for him? Either way I really want to make this a reality. I need him to feel we are all behind him and not just us from people who mean something to the sport but that might be a bit hard. and I dont think everyone thinks the same as we do


1 hour ago, Sabrina said:

I think it’s a good idea to give him something, but what do you think about a frame with a medal inside , and a paper with the explanation what the medal is for and with speeches why we love him and encouraging phrases in the back 


58 minutes ago, makebelieveup said:


Thats fine if we dont have the olympic ref. Maybe a medal and a plaque?


Then some messages along the lines of:


"Every medal is beautiful and meaningful to us.

Every medal displays your strength to be above the sport.

Every medal is a step toward your next happiness."




55 minutes ago, Vulnavia said:

We should give him his own version of the Plushy-style "platinum medal" :giggle:


Seriously though, I feel like he's not the type to be into the idea of 'compensation medals', so my opinion is that the best thing would be something that could just symbolically represent the love and respect and gratitude of the fans. 


53 minutes ago, VyVy99 said:

Silver is a big no the boy is close to allergic to silver :laughing: He just said it’s like “you struck a knife in my heart and twist it”. Ouch.

And I agree with @raebia it shouldn’t involve Olympics 2022 or any other commitments there. It should be our special gift dedicated only to him alone. 


53 minutes ago, 4Nessie said:

Wouldn't it imply, that if he is to display strength and be meaningful to us,  there has to be a medal? (I am sorry, but with his interviews lately, I am being very very careful...)


43 minutes ago, Veveco said:

I'm 100% for a cheering project, but a medal could maybe backfire given recent events. It could be interpreted as either "we love you for your wins" or be a reminder of what he did not get at worlds, which is obviously not what we'd want to convey. I don't know how to express it better, but I feel it's a bit of a delicate topic right now.


43 minutes ago, utsukushii3A said:

As for a project, he already told us what he needs: just to support and believe in him.


43 minutes ago, makebelieveup said:


all of this is so hard...yuzu please what do you needdd :cri:


42 minutes ago, 4Nessie said:


Maybe a colden bee, cat or Pooh?


42 minutes ago, VyVy99 said:

It’s not a compensation medal, it’s a medal all on it’s own that shows how he is the champion of our hearts. It’s true we should select something to represent our love and support, but atm I can only think of a specialized gold medal as the most suited symbol. Would love to hear other ideas :)))


27 minutes ago, Vulnavia said:

Reading the comments about gold vs silver and medal or no medal, what randomly came to my mind was Japanese pearls. They do come in gold...and Yuzu loves bracelets...and the symbolism...


Pearls symbolize wisdom acquired through experience. They are believed to attract wealth and luck as well as offer protection. Known for their calming effect, pearls can balance one's karma, strengthen relationships, and keep children safe. The pearl is also said to symbolize the purity, generosity, integrity, and loyalty of its wearer.



27 minutes ago, Hydroblade said:

Let's just gift him a gold coated goat:goat:



Here is what was discussed so far

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Just now, VyVy99 said:

Do you think we should graph our own design??? Of course some model reference would help, but should we just.. buy one from the store??

We could always 3d print something :o

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1 minute ago, Hydroblade said:

We could always 3d print something :o

Oooh oooh how cool would it be if the handle underneath has names of the countries of his fans from all over the world. And maybe find space to add a wish too.

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LOl. A gold covered GOAT. That's appropriate/hilarious and fun in one. And we know he knows what it means..Ghislain said he told him, right?


Maybe without the trophy part... just the shiny, sequined goat....or smooth gold coloured goat....


No need to write the  countries that support him... doens't  he have fans from the entire world? It could just say, from * the Planet*  and that way it's everyone

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3 minutes ago, Hydroblade said:

We could always 3d print something :o




If it is possible? I know of 3d printing, but I would not know where to get this in my small town or so...as I said, satellites are amazing!

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LOL I like the idea of greatest figure skater of all time but i dont like the look of the goat trophy. it looks like a mistaken idea of the golden cow. I also think it has more funny western innuendo to it. Maybe we should really graph it out instead. 

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