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  1. VyVy99

    [2018] CS Finlandia Trophy (04.10-07.10)

    Ah, so I subtract instead of add. Basic, basic mistake Thanks a lot!
  2. VyVy99

    [2018] CS Finlandia Trophy (04.10-07.10)

    I’m still so confused about the time difference... How long until Men’s short?? According to my calculation it should have started. Confused potato pls help
  3. VyVy99

    [2018] CS Finlandia Trophy (04.10-07.10)

    Oh thanks! Now it's 5:30 in the morning, which I guess is better since I can go to bed early *fools self*.
  4. VyVy99

    [2018] CS Finlandia Trophy (04.10-07.10)

    So the Men's SP will be tomorrow at 9AM in Finland time??? I want to watch the Practice too but it's happening at 3:30 AM here and I have first lecture tomorrow
  5. Ah, I see my 3 love here which is Design (specifically Graphic Design), which leads to Engineering, and Psychology but didn't get to choose them. Apparantly faith didn't support me with these fields (and neither do my parents lol) so I ended up in a more mainstream course which is B.Com. Not that I hate it, but it's a looooong way from what I like and my passion. But well, that's life.
  6. VyVy99

    Costumes talk

    Naniiiiii~ To me H&L is the amplified version of Etude. Of course Etude is already pretty on its own. Then some green and yellow happened and color transitions with a dash of srpinkles and H&L was born I also like the cloth piece on his shoulders in H&L more, it's softer, more subttle and light, all in the perfect degree to highlight everything. I don't know H&L seems like the simpliest costume of his, but it's so smooth that it just slipped right into my heart. Though the competition is tough, especially with Origin and Otonal joining the field now, but H&L still has a good deffense!
  7. VyVy99

    K-drama & co

    Ahh, so no one swoons for Kim Soo Hyun and his acting?? He always like to challenge himself with different roles. IMO his part in Secretly Greatly was super difficult, playing half the time as a retarded person. Though his most recent work seemed like a disappointment due to over-compliated plot, but everyone did say that his acting skills alone is the one light that saves the movie. I'm waiting for him to return from military and wow the audience again. Speaking of Yang Yang, I noticed him since 2013, he looks very cute indeed. He took part in the series Just one smile is very alluring (O2O), which was my all time favourite love novel. He did try his best and improved quite a lot in this series, but as a die hard fan of the story I have to say he hasn't reached it yet. Nonetheless, he was still tolerable to watch. The female lead on the other hand.... so bad that it's disturbing to see her forever gawking eyes and stoned expression. She destroyed the image of my fav female character Wei Wei (Look at my name!). Couldn't finish the series even for Yang Yang.
  8. Động có tv mới hử mấy cô?? Hôm stream tui gào thét bên thread quốc tế, kb mn ở đây luôn XD XD XD
  9. VyVy99

    Costumes talk

    Me too, H&L is just something so special to me. I really like the Chopin V2 costume, because it has the golden crest line on the sides that looks sooo majestic! I don't know why but I have this illusion that those sharp crest adds some power and imprint on him (maybe because it was 2016 ss haha). But each vers of Chopin had something I like more than the others, I loved the neck decor of V3. After the hd pictures with vivid lighting came out I absolutely love the Origin costume, and surprisingly both my sis and mom liked it too! My mom even said he should only wear black and white haha (consider her previous fav was Seimei). There's only a small detail that I wish were different on the costume is the shape of the skin line in front. It could be more graceful just a wee bit. But the black/gold patterns in the pic showed so beautifully Unlike the Space Worm in The Avengers 1 I had thought to look like... *dodges tomatoes*
  10. VyVy99

    Random Thought Theater

    I'm back~ I couldn't follow the Planet for past 2 months. Partly because it was so hectic since I started college, and also because my computer slows down riddiculously each time I visit and I don't know why. I still keep up with the news though, and I was so happy his destined collab with Disney happened right on my birthday 25/8 (though I'm a bit disappointed it wasn't live >O<). The other day I found myself sketching this without even knowing, so the posture didn't look like anything lol. I think my head was going for post 3T combination but it looked so wrong, I'm terrible in anatomy, especially complicated in-action figures like this Maybe it's that post entrance to his 3A?? Gahhhh
  11. VyVy99

    [2018] CS ACI Men - Free Skating

    The first fall rips my heart out to the ground.
  12. VyVy99

    [2018] CS ACI Men - Free Skating

    LOL poor sweet Roman. Shookt once, shookt again
  13. VyVy99

    [2018] CS ACI Men - Free Skating

    Tbh I think what ruined the costume for me was the lighting of the arena. Everything looks yellowish and less colorful there. I do think the costume looks attractive, it might be a lot prettier under other arenas. *is still in an existencial crisis*
  14. VyVy99

    [2018] CS ACI Men - Free Skating

    But, but, it reminded me of a gloomy colored Christmas tree *dodges eggs* But still am attracted tho, hmmm
  15. VyVy99

    [2018] CS ACI Men - Free Skating

    So, feeling like an alien but I still don’t know how to feel abt the costume... The legendary LGC hair is ofc gorgeous, but the top, I’m not falling in love with it. Something abt it makes me click my tongue, wondering “what am I seeing rn??”. But my eyes are weirdly attracted to it for some reason. maybe it’s something that’ll grow on me with time *dodges tomatoes*