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  1. It’s ok dear. I mean who can resist?
  2. I’m pretty sure that’s a designed card for children It may look handmade but the coloring is actually very even and smooth, a child’s coloring will at least always have mixed directions. He couldn’t write 結弦 aww XD
  3. My mom during the Plushenko interaction in CiONTU “He looks like you when you look at him.” Mom! It’s not the same!
  4. This looks mesmerizing! It kinda reminds me of Prison Break theme, very stoic and mysterious. You’re very talented! I never thought the blabering I wrote here can motivate anyone, but many folks in the planet sure are talented and inspiring. Pls join us more often in the daily struggle of missing and loving him
  5. He doesn’t look b a d but he looks like those stalkers you bump into on Tinder My non fs friend looked at it and said “Well but he’s still very attractive I’ll give him that.” And she’s gay. I don’t know what to feel
  6. If my eyeballs have to see it then so do yours.
  7. I can’t believe Kose blog is already coming to an end I’m gonna miss reading and hearing from him everyday so much, even if it’s non-informative stuff. What song did u guys send him?? I’m not the type to listen to pumped up songs to charge into battle, I usually listen to sad songs to take in all my feelings and face them. After much consideration for a positive song, I sent him “Smile” from Avril. Hope he likes it (or reads it..) I just miss him
  8. I’m sorry but for the xylitol costume and the montrosity of The Ice 2012 is something that even Yuzu’s good looks can’t help cleanse my eyes. *shudder* I feel like before Saitama he still had some patience to be uwu and come up with decent enough contents (though nothing we haven’t already known). After that, his Kuyashii is so big that it burned that lil effort to dust and now he’s like “F*ck everything I need to PRACTICE.”
  9. Yuzu barely hiding that he’s utterly uniterested is a whole mood And still, Kose beauty blog is still the first thing I check when I open my eyes in the morning. Well played Kose 👌
  10. I’m quite chill on this aspect since he’s talked about it before that he doesn’t have to worry about gaining weight. He’s the type who doesn’t gain weight easily (that and he doesn’t seem to be crazy abt food like us mortals ) But he has to monitor his weight in terms of his muscles so that explains it. It’s a pretty normal thing for athletes, specially top ones. Re: Color. I think it’s adorable how he likes red and it shows in his favourite food XD The boi seems to have a thing for red food like tomato, strawberry shortcake (except Paprika ) Well I don’t blame him, red food looks sexy 🍒
  11. I’ve sent him some comments during the time he wasn’t blogging and I did include one song there already. So this time I advise him my method of sleeping which is White noise! Specifically rain sound with thunders, I like putting a video with soft bgm along with those natural sounds. 🌧️ Re: Kose morning blog. Now he’s just winging it lol. One free time post, one night post, one morning post, next is evening routine? Or fav food?
  12. My country has just officially joined as a member of the ISU!!! Skating Federation of Vietnam Though it doesn’t mean we get to host anything soon but now it is easier to follow and access the sport in our country and I love it! I hope competitors in Vietnam can learn more and develop in the international field
  13. Am I the only one chill when the site is under upgrade?? I didn’t think much further when I read that hahaha Maybe bcuz I used to play games and the term “updates” rarely means harm. Re: other paths. I’ve always thought what an amazing Sound Professional he’d be (if that’s even a word XD). He can work with music and he’d be happy abt it I think. His keen sense of hearing would help in the mastering. Or he can even make sound effects for anime and movies
  14. I know right. What are the odds of him delivering the biggest free skate on April Fools day, not very high. Classic troll lord Yuzuru
  15. I honestly thought it was an April Fools joke XD And was thinking Ehhhh, but it's Hope & Legacy day. And while we're at the topic HAPPY HOPE & LEGACY DAY To the greatest free skate in the history of figure skating, Happy 2 years Anniversary!
  16. No. Please don't hope for this. If we don't want to go, we can just leave the burden of filling up those seats to the other fans. This is a very bad move and it reminds me of other fandoms of the senior skaters who did it to Yuzu, don't be like those fans. It's purposefully sabotaging other skaters. Let the power of our cheers speaks for itself about who is the king of the ice. We could riot but best be in a civilized manner, we do represent his image in some way and we must never forget that.
  17. They will suddenly remember Waseda and feel all the love? If Jason already had that horrid costume, maybe we should try a more simple and to the point one like so
  18. I can never watch H&L only once, always replay this replay that and replay everything. It truly is something I can watch everyday and still be 100% touched like I’ve only seen it the first time. H&L is perfection. H&L is Yuzuru fight me.
  19. Who else is frantically saving photos even though they overlap other photos to deal with early off season dilemma
  20. This is my last attempt at a gift instead and if we still go with photobooks I’ll be all in it. It’s not that I think photobooks are repetitive and not meaningful, I do and I participated in 2-3 of those projects for him every year. It’s just that Yuzu don’t always have the time and energy to go through all of it. During some very hard days, when he doesn’t want to lift his eyes, if there is an object symbolizes our presence beside him on his night stand, it’ll give him strength in a very different way. I’ve always thought we should give him such gift at least once. About it being costly, a lot of fanyus have given him expensive gifts on their own, but a collective effort will make it lighter, it really doesn’t necessarily means wasteful or anything. And I don’t believe he won’t see any worth or significant in a medal that fans come together and give to him. Can you imagine him opening the box, seeing the medal and instantly think “What? What the hell? Why do they give me this?”. Perhaps it’s just my feelings that words are not the only ways to communicate our emotions. But I agree that this type of gift will take a lot of thoughts and if we’re not ready to do it, we don’t have to. Thanks for hearing my opinion! Oh and the donation is a definite Yes!
  21. Also agree with this. Yuzu might seem like he can’t speak much, but when was the last time we saw him unable to understand an English question? I think his listening and reading skills is much better than his speaking. Plus our wishes are within a simple and common set, wishing him happiness, hope and health, about love and about his skating. This much he can understand well. Of course we can include the translation just for sure, but the original text should be there.
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