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Our rematch with the tea leaves – GP Prediction Game 2.0!

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Ahh, 4th! Just behind the podium. That does warrant me some kuyashii too, doesn't it? :xD:

Kidding though, very happy with the score :D and first in pairs, too... it might have been the most predictable discipline :laughing:

It was fun, thank you very much @Joey:2thumbsup:

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On 12/16/2018 at 8:44 PM, Joey said:

Hey guys! I'm sorry for the long delay, but I had a busy week at work and wanted to post the whole results of GPF, Warm-Up round and overall together - so it took a while. Results are under spoiler tags because of length ^^


GPF results:

  Reveal hidden contents

Winners of the single disciplines:

- MajaHled in Men, with 11 points

- lily in Ladies with 10 points

- Pairs has a 4-way tie between golden, kaeryth, lajoitko and Rainna with 5 points

- Dance has a 4 way tie too, between Fay, MagicFS, Ren and Sammie with 4 points

- and the bonus questions had a lot of satelites leadign with 4 points too: cirelle, Legacy and Hope, MagicFS, MajaHled, Misaela, Murieleirum, novana, Rainna, Smultron and TeaFrida


Right answers to the bonus questions:

1.) Highest LP TES in the signle disciplines: Senior Men with 101.79 (followed by Junior Men with 82.62 before Senior ladies with 82.51, anf Junior ladies coming last with 79.41)

2.) In which senior disciplines will the winner have both highest combined TES & PCS? In Pairs and Dance. Men and ladies had the winners had the highest PCS and the runner ups the highest PCS.

3.) Will the Russian or Japanese ladies place better overall? Russian girls placed higher, 10 to 11 when they're placements are combined.

4.) In which disciplines were the winning scores higher then last year? Ladies (by nearly 10 points) and Ice Dance.


Overall winners:

1.) MajaHled - 28 points

2.) lily - 27

3.) MagicFS, Murieleirum, Rainna - 25

4.) Kelly - 23

5.) Legacy and Hope, TeaFrida, Anna, moni - 22


PS: One note regarding the scoring - I scored Senior and Junior categories together when counting points for ladies and men. It was simply easier that way instead of creating additional coloumns in the scoring spreadsheet only for that, sorry "xD


Warm-Up Round results:


  Reveal hidden contents

Winners in the single disciplines:

- a lot of people in Men with 4 points "xD

- same for ladies....

- ....and kinda Pairs, only that it's a dozen satelites getting 5 points

- but Ice Dance has 10+ people with 4 points again =D

- highest numbers achieved for the bonus questions was 8, by moni & novana.


Right answers to the bonus questions;

1.) Which jumping elements will we see from Yuzu? 4T3A, flip combo & half loop sequence

2.) In which disciplines will the top qualifier win the GPF? In Pairs and Dance (J/C and H/D respectively). In Men Shoma was the highest qualifier (after Yuzu), but Nathan won; Alina was highest qualifier but came 2nd to Rika.

3.) Which discipline will most often get the highest PCS score, factoring not taken into account? It was Ice Dance.

In more detail: Hubbell/Donohue had the highest PCS in SA, SC and the GPF; Yuzu the highest in Helsinki; Shoma the highest in NHK, Papadakis/Cizeron the highest in IDF and Stepanova/Bukin the highest in CoR.

4.) How many podiums will we get with 0 falls from any discipline? It's 9.

There were 0 clean podiums in Men and 1 in Pairs (Skate Canada), but ladies and dance had 4 clean podiums each (Ladies at SA, Dance in NHK, both in CoR, IDF and GPF). Just to point out how freaking awesome the ladies are!


Overall winners:

1.) golden, Joey, MagicFS, moni, lady16angie - 22 points

2.) cirelle - 21 points

3.) dodobirdo, Fay, Neenah, novana, Paskud, Xeyra - 20

4.) Anna, LadyLou, OldCatLady, river, Sombreuil, Taco - 19

5.) Kizuna, ralucutzagy, Sukigirl - 18



  Hide contents

Let's start with the single disciplines again:


MagicFS wins the Men with 34 points, barely ahead of airi with 33 points in 2nd. Ren, Tee and me get the Mens bronze medal with 32 points.

With 35 points Sammie takes the ladies crown. In 2nd place we have lily with 33 points, and another 3-way tie for bronze between kaeryth, Kelly and Tee.

In Pairs, the highest overall score is 38 points, achieved by Rainna. She's followed on the leader board by airi, Anna and Kizuna with only one point less. LadyLou and sallycinnamon share 3rd with 36.

Ice Dance saw by far the highest numbers overall. Crazykuroneko wins with 47 points, followed by cirelle, LadyLou and sallycinnamon in 2nd with 45 and ralucutzagy in 3rd with 42 points.

Novana was the best tea leaf reader when it comes to bonus questions, scoring 37 points overall. All of MagicFS, moni, OldCatLady, river and me came second with 36 points.


And the overall winners....


1.) airi - 169 :1497158260_5GOE:

2.) Anna & crazykuroneko - 165 :dancingpooh:

3.) lily - 164 :tumblr_inline_mto5i9TIpx1qid2nw:

4.) MagicFS & Rainna - 163

5.) cirelle - 161

6.) OldCatLady & sallycinnamon - 159

7.) LadyLou - 158

8.) moni - 155

9.) ralucutzagy - 153

10.) Joey - 152

11.) Neenah, Ren & Sammie - 151

12.) novana - 150

13.) Murieleirum - 148

14.) golden - 147

15.) river & Sukigirl - 145

16.) Kizuna & lajoitko - 143

17.) Smultron - 142

18.) Kelly & Tee - 141

19.) Paskud - 140

20.) Fay - 139

21.) kaeryth - 138

22.) Taco - 137

23.) TeaFrida - 133

24.) lilsailor & Sombreuil - 125

25.) Legacy and Hope - 118

26.) Giudita - 114

27.) MajaHled - 106

28.) Xen - 92

29.) Sayu93 - 85

30.) axelnojutsu & robin - 80

31.) beki - 73

32.) Misaela - 49

33.) salty - 46

34.) Xeyra - 42

35.) dodobirdo - 41

36.) Yatagarasu - 40

37.) yuzupon - 29

38.) Hopleg - 27

39.) Jinxxoo & Yaminoqueen - 26

40.) yuzuangel - 25

41.) lady16angie - 22

42.) Kamote Jojo - 15

43.) symphony40 - 14

44.) FrenchKiss70 - 13

45.) yuzuonice - 8

46.) Coquelicot - 5


As always, congrats to all the winners, thank you all for playing and I hope you had fun! :thanks:


If you want to check all the results in more detailed, the sheet is here. If you find any miscalculations then please let me know and I'll check as soon as possible :)


Only one point short from a top 10 finish :sigh: .. Though my points are quite good considering the disasters I had in the game this season.


Thank you @Joey, that was really fun and it must have been a lot of work for you :thanks:

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On 12/16/2018 at 7:44 PM, Joey said:

MagicFS wins the Men with 34 points

Wait what?! How is this even possible? :knc_yuzu1: (Picking Jun for all possible predictions probably helped. :67638860:)

And fourth overall is not too bad at all. :acceptable: But I'm going for that podium next season! :darklordyuzu:

Thank you so much, @Joey for organizing the game! It was tons of fun and actually helped me enjoy the GP season even more. :tumblr_inline_n18qr7hmfk1qid2nw:

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