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  1. I am so sorry this came off that way! I am super angry at the ISU, not you or any of the fans. I didn't mean that you were doing anything wrong. I am just beyond giving the ISU and its judges the benefit of the doubt. They are the ones that utilize no logic or math unless they are trying to prop up someone. You're probably right. But something about this statement still sits so wrong with me. It sounds like it's putting some of the blame for losing on Yuzu. When he once again gave it his all under the circumstances, did his best (and more)... He deserved better from the ISU! I still have some doubts about who would have won because the judging has been that shady, but I guess that's okay--to disagree, I mean. I am really sorry I made you feel bad, though! Thank you for doing the math and going with logic in this highly emotional situation! Especially now that Nathan is a two-time world champion and has amazing reputation of consistency under pressure... I just had a very unpleasant thought that they will have to switch the PCS advantage in Nathan's favor, so that Nate would have a chance to win against higher-BV Yuzu... Nathan will suddenly become more "understandably" artistic than Yuzu with his "flat" music probably... About the 4t-3a, I love it so much! It's huuuuge, gorgeous, and looks effortless. I wish he could keep it because it's so impressive. But I'll understand if he has to give it up to get more points. It's still my favorite jumping pass!
  2. His quad flip was underrotated AND he had an obviously weak landing on it. Yet, he got no UR call and +2 GOE on it. Which gave him an overall 13 points on this element vs. 7 points on Yuzu's quad sal with the same magnitude of mistakes. Both had scratchy landings here and there, indeed. No obvious Nate advantage even jumping-wise. And yes, the BV is not exactly the same but it's sooo close. Yet, Nathan won. BY. 10. POINTS. My whole point is that it is a nice consolation prize for Yuzu's fans to be able to do the math and calculate that a perfect Yuzu should have won in theory. The same theory (and logic) that would inevitably conclude that given what they did on the ice, Yuzu should have won the free skate in Saitama. Yet, he didn't. My whole point is that with the actual judging so unfair and biased the judges might have found a way to give the gold to Nate even if Yuzu had not made the mistakes on the Sal's... And I continue to think it's perfectly concievable for clean Yuzu vs. clean Nate to end in Nate's favor now, unless Yuzu has a significant BV advantage... It's not really about math. It's about how many shortcomings of one you can ignore while punishing the other for every minor misstep.
  3. Matched BV + Almost identical technical mistakes = Nathan wins by 10 points in the free skate. I don't think Yuzu is exactly delusional to think he could not have won against Nathan no matter what he did. For if the above is true, then: Perfect Yuzu vs. Perfect Nathan would most likely have resulted in Nathan winning, too... Maybe perfect Yuzu might have beaten a slightly imperfect Nathan, but those are not the odds Yuzu strives for. Besides, it seems that his best when somewhat injured is not good enough any more. Anyway, I don't think it's strictly math that drives Yuzu's team to make the choices they make. I've loved and adored the resulting programs so far. And I really don't want Yuzu to feel that he has to compromise his artistic vision to win... He spoke at length about how he had always been forced to make the choices that would allow him to win up until PC and how he wanted to be freer in his music selection, and skating choices, and aesthetics from then on. I know he's realized that he wants to win it all now. But I hope he'll keep some of that higher-art, extra-Yuzu attitude going forward still--even if it results in programs that are not 100% optimized points-wise.
  4. My favorite figure skating program of all time is Notte Stellata. Closely followed by Hope and Legacy. H&L is obviously my favorite competitive program of all time. I loved it even before Worlds 2017--it's lyrical and beautiful and just my type of program. But of course, the perfection of H&L at Worlds was extra special. My favorite Notte Stellata is the Olympic version. These two are my go-to's when I want to believe in the beauty of this world and cry over how beautiful it really can be. I think I would rank Otonal third. It's such a wonderful program. I got totally addicted to watching it after Rostelecom Cup. I think I've seen every single fancam of it youtube found for me. It's perfect, as well. And I love the music. Johnny Weir's Otonal was once my favorite competitive program in figure skating. Yuzu surpassed that! Then comes Olympic Seimei. It's such an emotional rendition of such a meaningful program. I appreciate the technical perfection of GPF (and NHK) Seimei, but the program was just not lyrical enough for me to truly appreciated it back then. Add the Olympic emotions to it, however, and it becomes a moving masterpiece. Also, the Japanese culture aspect on the biggest stage... Yuzu is the best ambassador! Fifth is Origin. I'm so happy we have the Worlds version to watch over and over again. It's not perfect, but it's sooo good. I love the music. I agree the Media Day version probably had some unexplored potential (and addictive power), but I am satisfied with this version we got in Saitama. I would rank Haru Yo Koi sixth, especially the Worlds version (although I have a soft spot for that Japanese-TV version of the GP Helsinki skate, too). And I'll stop there because I cannot pick and choose among LGC, PW, Requiem, Ballade, R&J 1.0, POTO... How lucky are we to have all of these programs to watch and love and be inspired and touched by forever and ever!
  5. Wait a second! Here is the comparison of what Yuzu and Nate did in the free skate: Yuzu did 4 quads and 2 triple axels. He had 1 UR and 1 obviously weak landing (on the same jump). Yuzu did the insanely difficult and IMPRESSIVE 4t-3a+SEQ--that should count at least towards his PCS if the base value awarded for it is so absurdly low. Nate did 4 quads, 1 triple axel. He also had 1 UR (not called). He has higher-base-value quads than Yuzu--so I'd say the 4t-3a+SEQ advantage is matched. Cool. Yuzu has far superior skating skills, transitions, composition, and interpretation of the music. His spins and stsq are better. Yuzu lost in that particular event by 10 points. How are people saying that a clean Yuzu would have won? A squeaky clean Yuzu would not have won the free skate with that scoring. And that's completely ridiculous! Losing in this competition was NOT Yuzuru's fault! Stop making it sound as if he somehow failed. Btw, I could have lived happily with Yuzu's loss in the overall competition if he had won the free skate. But the fact that he didn't win the free skate with what he showed in the free skate is completely unfair and wrong, and very, very worrying when it comes to his future ability to beat Nate (without the technical content upgrades he is planning).
  6. Thank you @makebelieveup and @KatjaThera for putting my whole emotional journey and thoughts of the last few days into words! I am really scared of what the future may hold for our champion, especially with injuries. I have no doubt he will reign supreme and unchallenged once more. I don't expect him to give up on any performance qualities, either--despite the very logical suggestions that he should drop some of his gorgeous in-between elements work... He will reach heights unimaginable for anyone else. And that's utterly terrifying. But worry and fear could never make me give up on him. (And neither can competition results he would consider unsatisfying. I am here for his beautiful skating, and I will forever be, regardless of technical content.) There is this little facet I'd like to add to this sad but hopeful but also terrifying story. Like @makebelieveup I could only feel crushed and dead inside after Nathan's results were announced and after the talk of "catching up" and tech content upgrades (and injuries ) began. I will never stop rioting inside whenever the results of this competition are mentioned. I'll never forgive ISU for what they did to Yuzu! But reading his last interviews, I feel much better about the future, even though if it were my choice, I'd rather he did not risk injuries even if it means immediate retirement, even if it means we would never see him skate in a competition again. However, when he said he had been directionless after the Olympics, but is very motivated now that he has a clearly defined goal--this I understand all too well. I used to have a goal, a lofty hard-to-reach thing I worked on for years and years. It was supposed to be my future, to give me everything I ever wanted. Then, I achieved that goal. And life went on. The "future" is too broad and multicolored, and apparently achieving your biggest goal of over ten years does not magically simplify it and become your source of eternal happiness, even when that big goal had been the ideal university education that gives me knowledge and skills and other advantages (prestige?) that I'll be able to avail by for the rest of my life, or cements Yuzu's place in history and gives him everything he needs to build a successful post-competitive career in the long run. I had to spend many years directionless and depressed until I found other lofty pursuits that bring me happiness and satisfaction far superior to anything I've felt before. That's why if Yuzu has found a happy thing that motivates him and gives him purpose, I'll support him no matter how painful his new pursuit will be. I will never forgive ISU for every cut and bruise and injury he'll have to endure on the way. Every drop of blood and every moment of pain is on them now! But as long as Yuzuru Hanyu is happy and makes well-thought out and mature choices about his career, his future, and about what is worth all this pain and sacrifice to him, I'll support him and be forever grateful for his skating. Yuzu makes the world a more beautiful place for all of us. Which is good because he deserves to live in the most beautiful world we could help build for him!
  7. When we went to GP Helsinki, my friend and I basically spent all of our time at the rink, watching practices and competitions... So we had the chance to see a lot of ice dance practices from a short distance (row 5), which was pretty spectacular because we noticed something very interesting. At first we had no idea at which exact moment dancers decided to stop doing the choreography and were taking a break. They looked like pair and single skaters actually skating between elements, but they were not skating their choreographies at all. Those breaks became very easy to recognize subsequently. That's what Yuzu's skating looks like compared to the others'. What would have been other skaters' connecting steps to the next element is basically Yuzu taking a break from the choreography. That's not even so much artistry as it is technique (it's dancers' TES after all). It's objective. It's glaringly obvious in @ICeleste's video. That's why a discussion of could a perfectly clean Yuzu have won this competition is irrelevant. It's impossible to miss the superiority of his skating--it's not some intangible magic touch, undefinable impact, or subjective aesthetic experience... It's simply a fact. (Just like Nathan's GOE inflation is also a fact and in contradiction with ISU's own rulebook.) And if scores do not reflect facts, then how can figure skating even claim to be a sport? And another thing, we know Yuzu doesn't go into competitions unless he believes he can win. From what he said in the press conference after the SPs, it sounded like he believed he could win even after the popped jump. He believed he had done enough to win (at least in the free skate) after finishing Origin, as well. And what he said in the post-FS press conference wasn't that he would work on his consistency and perfect delivery. He said he needed to upgrade his technical content to "catch up." Could he have won if he had skated *perfectly*? Possibly. But he knew that he should be able win with what he could deliver in his less-than-perfect condition--because he knows that he does some things a lot better than Nathan. Now he knows that this doesn't matter. And he is unwilling to try relying on the slimmest of margins that he could have won by if he had skated perfectly. There is only one way this situation would have been acceptable--and that's if Nathan was openly absolutely determined to get Yuzu's level of skating skills and transitions in spite of the results. Still currently unfair, but I could have lived with that in the long run, I guess. Nathan has no such intention. Which is the equivalent of one having to run 150 m and the other 100 m and comparing their times to determine the winner. This goes against any logic.
  8. Of course, he would have with *fair* scoring. They both had 4 quads in the free. Only Yuzu had two 3As compared to Nathan's only one. What if Nathan's quads have bigger base-value. The difference is small, if any. Would Yuzu have won with absolutely clean programs with this competition's scoring? Well, that's a good question. (I actually don't think so. )
  9. Thank you! This makes me want to cry again... Were the judges blind(ed by whatever lobbying/corruption/incompetence)?
  10. That's exactly the message that ISU are sending. From a competitive point of view, I totally agree. He should do less transitions and win on reputation alone, like so many other skaters... PCS and GOEs are not affected by crossovers leading into an element, as we know. He can just wave a bit in time with the music, for a part of the program, and he'll be fine. Maybe a couple spread eagles and his wonderful ina bauer, and there you have it. He'll still be at least as "artistic" as Nate--which is worth 96 points, right? He'll always have better skating skills anyway... He can definitely go down the Shoma's MS route when it comes to choreography... From a fan's perspective, however, all of this is the most terrifying scenario that these worlds could result in. I can live without some of Yuzu's quads, but not without the exquisite, moving performances that bring tears to my eyes and are just the peak of aesthetics as I see it. I am hating on ISU so hard today...
  11. Exactly! This is so painful! He will kill himself over the technical upgrades he feels he needs. It should never have come down to this. IJS is supposed to reward all the hard work he's put into becoming the most *complete* skaters that ever was (to borrow Javi Raya's words). Wasn't the point of revamping the system to actually reward quality over quantity?! ISU failed so, so bad! Why should Yuzu be the victim of their incompetence?! I knew it--about the painkillers. He said the only difference between now and the Olympics was that he had more time to prepare. He didn't say he was more healed now as opposed to then. Two months... He's hurting himself! He'll hurt himself even more. And I just want to cry until next figure skating season... Besides, Nathan is unlikely to get more TR in his programs for next season. Vincent will probably give up on improving his technique, empty emotive programs, and rotations... Boyang will realize that he just needs to switch nationalities if he wants to get the scores he works for... Everything is so screwed up. ISU is undoubtedly ruining the sport and, even more, its artistic aspect... And Yuzu is going to pay for all of this. I hate everything! A clean Yuzu should be unbeatable! I can't wait for the rescores, although don't we all know already that he won that free skate today?
  12. Тhis wasn't right! Something must be done about the judging system. Today cannot happen again, to anyone! I sent ISU a tweet demanding justification for the scores from next season on. How are fans rescoring doing such a better job than the official judges (and getting vastly different results)? I expected Nathan to win. What I didn't expect was for him to win in the free. I am so mad now! Yuzu deserves better!
  13. Finally caught up before the *burning* drama of tomorrow. Oh my skating gods, Gabi and Guillaume, how?! How are they so much better than everyone else? That sharpness! Every movement, every note... Really how?! What keeps them motivated to work so hard and constantly improve? They are already in a class of their own. And without V/M there is just no real competition... But they are still better and better every competition. This kind of dominance (also reflected in the scores!) is exactly what I wanted for Yuzuru after the Olympics. Sigh... Anyway, thank you P/C! The score jumble in the rest of the placements is exquisite. This will be one dramatic competition. I'm rooting for S/B for silver.
  14. The event was amazing! So many beautiful clean programs. In a fair world, the placements would have been different. But this has never been a fair world, and we knew that from the start. We should relentlessly push ISU to start pressuring their judges and tech panels to apply their own judging system. Those 6.0-era reputation-judging shenanigans are getting old! That being said, I am not too worried about the results from the competition and the impact they would have on the future of figure skating. Rika will continue improving on her components no matter what, while training triple axels and quads. Kaori knows she's doing everything right, and only needs to figure out a way to not make jump mistakes. Alina, Zhenya, and Lilbet are working very hard on improving their technique. Does Alina know she is not the best at skating skills and interpretation? Elizabet's scores should be enough to point her in the right direction when it comes to the components perhaps. What I am trying to get to is that overall no harmful messages were sent by this podium and the scoring of this competition. The ladies know they should work on both their technique and their components. Unless, we count Satoko's PCs, of course--because WHY? So correction: the ladies are encouraged to work on their technique and their reputation/federation support... Deep breath! What I find positive is that Kaori would have won a medal, had she not popped her flip, Rika would have won a medal had she not fallen on the second triple axel. That's in their hands. They know what to do and will do it in future competitions. If Satoko manages to fix her jumps, would her PCS go up? Is there anything she can do? It's not like it is in men, where Nathan gets Yuzu's scores without the transitions and Samarin gets Jun's scores without... well, skating? between his elements... At least the ladies will continue working on their flaws and will fix their mistakes. And if they do, they will win, I hope. Zhenya is already working on mistakes she wasn't even called for before--and I am really proud of her for that. She sets a good example. Now if only the judges also acknowledge faulty techniques they have been rewarding... Alas, the tech panel was pretty much asleep during this event.
  15. After watching men "live" on Eurosport Player and then watching pairs, and of course reading and commenting and talking to people, I finally came around to watching Otonal again. And wow! I couldn't stop at one rewatch. It's so gorgeous! Who cares about the popped jump (I mean, obviously, I did when I saw it first... smh). I should never just watch Yuzu's programs once while I worry about the results in a competition. The rest of the program is so perfect, and beautiful! The step sequence is done at light speed. Every tone of the music is beautifully captured and transformed into movement and story. It's elegant and emotional, and touching. Scattered ramblings of a tired fan of the art of figure skating:
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