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  1. MagicFS

    [2018/19] 4CC (04.02-10.02) - Men SP & FS

    I am so happy for Shoma! Finally, a win. He looked so determined. And that collapse at the end... Poor Shoma! It sounds like his injury needs time to heal. Please, Shoma, do not aggravate it! Risk of twisting it the wrong way will be greatly reduced if you give yourself time to rest. I absolutely adore Yuzu, but this is the one area where you shouldn't try to be more like him. I am very happy for myself, too, because this was the first time this season I didn't hate Moonlight Sonata. Well, I still strongly disliked the second half when the tempo builds up, and it seemed that Shoma (his choreographers) decided to not keep up with it... Stop taking Shoma's interpretation of the music away from us! It's the most glorious part of his skating, even better than the smoothness and the deep edges, and the dramatic projection. So can you fix the second half of MS, or change the music before worlds??? Please! Boyang is back! On an international stage. I agree there are parts of his program that are more glaringly empty than others. The stretch before his last jump combo, for example... But his jumps... Wow, I think I had forgotten what rotated jumps were supposed to look like before he showed up to remind us at the end. I didn't know the rink was smaller than usual. That's a relief--as I thought Boyang had solved that problem, and he did seem too close to the boards on that ginormous quad lutz. He'll be fine in a normal-size rink. Whew! Anyway, well done, Boyang! Not my favorite showing of Jason's program, but he's so incredible! I feel like we've seen cleaner landings from him this season. But anyway, he'll be amazing by the time worlds roll around. Do you think he'll include the 4sal in his program at worlds? I'm glad Keegan skated well. This is usually not my type of program, but I really enjoyed it today. Jun, my poor baby! I'm glad his underrotations got called because it really bothered me that people were starting to see him as someone who didn't deserve his scores, when during a lot of earlier competitions he was underscored, especially in terms of PCS. I hope the problems were fatigue-related and that the underrotations will be mostly cleaned up by Worlds. Then, they can fix his persistent jump problems, like the quad sal... Go, bb Jun! He's growing up into one of my favorite skaters. I believe in him and Brian. Speaking of favorites, Kazuki Tomono... I love his performances. I can watch him do step sequences only and be satisfied. His artistry has grown so much over this season! And I actually love his choreography. I wish his jumps behaved better. I don't want to see him fight off tears in the K&C again--you hear me, jumps? Also, I am very impressed by Tomoki. Second clean FS in a roll. Good for him!
  2. I am so glad I was watching the pandaguy's stream instead of that NBC mess. But the quality wasn't great of course (same as the NBC stream)--to the point that I actually liked Nathan's costume... Especially compared to the monstrosities we saw him wear this week. Still don't understand how VW gets any money for this type of costuming. Or are the costumes a charitable donation? Are they even new or are they last year's leftovers? I am afraid to watch a better-quality video on YouTube. Because of Johnny, not the costumes. Oh Johnny. I adored him as a skater. I didn't care much about him as a wannabe reality star. But his commentary--well, I was glad to see him actively engaged in figure skating again. But the fact is his commentary had always been about him, and not whoever is on the ice. It's been this way ever since that first guest commentary he gave for Worlds 2010. It's an unfortunate profession for him, I think... I hope Yuzu doesn't pay much attention to what's been said on US TV. I am glad Nathan demonstrated what he was capable of well ahead of Worlds. Now Yuzu can plan his content accordingly. A four-quad + two-triple-axel Yuzu should beat a four-quad + one-triple-axel Nate. Even with the base-value difference. I choose to trust him and to believe in him and his team. I am really happy for Nate being able to deliver like that. I definitely like this year's program more than his last year's program. I admire his musicality whenever he's not busy setting up for those quads. My two problems with Nathan performing like that are: 1. The serious one--there's no possibility of judging that would reflect all the aspects Yuzu's skating is superior in a mathematically adequate manner. That's a problem with both the judging system and how it is applied; especially the latter... 2. The selfish one--I wanted a period of utter Yuzu dominance, at least until and including Worlds 2020. But I guess this situation may make it more interesting for Yuzu--I hope. I hope Jason will land a quad soon and get that out of the way. I am so glad we'll see him at worlds! That's all I wanted from this competition. Tomoki Hiwatashi was great. I can't wait to see how his skating develops.
  3. Team Cricket continues to make the impossible real. I am so happy for Javi! Such a brilliant win to end a brilliant career on. I loved Matteo and Kevin so much, too! Matteo looked so emotional on that podium. Very, very happy for him, too! I love the new program. Samarin... So many wobbly, scratchy landings and mistakes on jumps given positive GOE. When no steps precede the jumps... What is the judges' excuse?! And his PCS ... The scores in figure skating make watching the performances (and K&C) such a heartbreaking experience. Please, ISU, send your judges back to school. This whole thing is ridiculous! Although the placements were probably correct... Misha Kolyada... kid, please take care of yourself. Heal your hand, work with a sports psychologist... Is the sinusitis resolved now? Can we get perfect skates for Worlds, please?
  4. Vanessa and Morgan were glorious! They create those rare moments where you know you would have fallen in love with figure skating watching them if you weren't in love with figure skating already. I loved it! I like this T/M program--it suits them. But although it's good, it's not as moving as J/C's program. Russia absolutely deserves more than 3 pairs quotas for worlds...
  5. I had to run out after the ladies' free skate today, but a few hours later, I'm still so happy for Kaori. I hope the national title will protect her from underscoring in international competitions from now on. Give her all the GOEs and PCS she deserves, international judges! Rika was so brilliant in that free skate as well. I love her as the beautiful storm so, so much! This program is just perfect for her. I hope Wakaba will heal and rest well and be her incredible self next season. I'm not the biggest fan of this free program, but I love her SP. I can't wait to find out what amazing creations she and her choreographers will come up with in the future. Satoko has some of the best programs this season, and I hope she'll be able to skate them without many underrotations in her next competitions. Her hard work, perseverance, and artistry are so inspirational! Mai was amazing in this competition. I even bought into the emotions of her free skate, which I haven't been able to do all season so far. I agree that adding better transitions will probably help her stand out a bit more when it comes of PCS assessments. But her program looked great today! I hope she'll get to go to 4CC. I can't wait to see more of Yuhana. Hope that Marin will have a beautiful comeback next season, too. What an amazing competition overall!
  6. MagicFS

    General Skating Chat

    I am posting this here because I don't want to rain on people's parade celebrating Kovtun's return. But it's also applicable to many other skaters in many other competitions, so I guess it properly belongs here... Yuzu said that artistry is the result of great technique. But what we are seeing is people getting high components scores without even trying to learn/practice/demonstrate the technique that is supposed to constitute artistry. Eteri's team did sort of teach the judges what transitions are, in the ladies' competitions. Brian tries to talk about the importance of skating skills. A number of skaters are very good at musical interpretation. And we even have some amazing performers. However, it seems that only a few exceptions, especially few in men, are even trying to be good at all of the components. Yet, everyone who can successfully land their jumps gets high PCS across the board. This makes me so sad because I know what Yuzu is doing is superhumanly hard, but even he is oftentimes not properly rewarded for his efforts, and the scores do not encourage the others to follow in his footsteps. How is he not the example to be emulated? What are we going to do without him? The judges are ruining his legacy. He achieved that perfect technique that translates into "artistry" only for them to discourage everyone from ever trying to attain it (in men singles at least). I know this is overly dramatic and pessimistic. But how many would go after Yuzuru components-artistry, when empty programs with quads get over 90 PCS?
  7. Wait, did Kovtun get a higher component score than Kolyada?
  8. I've been trying to find a working stream for the past 25 minutes, and nothing yet.
  9. Wait what?! How is this even possible? (Picking Jun for all possible predictions probably helped. ) And fourth overall is not too bad at all. But I'm going for that podium next season! Thank you so much, @Joey for organizing the game! It was tons of fun and actually helped me enjoy the GP season even more.
  10. MagicFS

    [2018] GPF - Men SP & FS

    Oh wow! That's so very interesting. I felt the exact opposite way when I saw Michal and Jun live in Helsinki. I completely fell in love with Jun, even from the practices before the competition. I expected to like him from TV, but I was so completely charmed live. And it was my second time seeing Brezina, after Worlds in Milan, and although I generally like him somewhat, seeing him live didn't change the way I feel about him at all. Also, Jun's skating looked a lot more fluid, smooth, maybe faster (?), definitely more intricate in terms of transitions. I mean, obviously, the fact that we see different things and like different skaters even live shouldn't be surprising. But especially in Helsinki, I was like there are some things that are so obvious live (such as Kaori's better skating than Alina's). Even without national bias and corruption, the job of the judges would not be easy at all...
  11. MagicFS

    [2018] GPF - Ice Dance RD & FD

    I'm sad about Stepanova/Bukin. I guess Bukin's mistake on the twizzles helped. But I am really confused, because when I saw them and Guignard/Fabbri in Helsinki, S/B looked so much faster, more fierce, and had more intricate moves. I was surprised their total points were so close then. And of course, I continue to be surprised now...
  12. MagicFS

    [2018] GPF - Men SP & FS

    I never thought I'd see the day when I'd like Nathan's performance more than Shoma's, and yet... I hate MS's choreography. An endless series of crossovers... What is the story Shoma's telling? What is the emotion the program is conveying? Why did they choose this music for him, why did they choreograph the program the way they did? I don't get it. I miss being moved and excited and enchanted every time Shoma skated! I have mad respect for what Nathan is capable of doing, the studying-skating-quad jumping balance he somehow manages to strike. Extraordinary! I hope his skates will start growing on me, too. I don't know if I liked him more in this competition because of the possibly different performance standards I have for him and Shoma. All I know is I want the Shoma I absolutely loved watching back! Anyway. Congratulations on another win, Nate! The one (and only) performance I plan to rewatch over and over again from this competition, however, is bb Jun's! Congratulations on your first GPF medal!!! That was so well-deserved and wonderful! Can I have more Yuzu-Jun podiums in the future, pleeeease!
  13. MagicFS

    [2018] GPF - Ladies SP & FS

    I agree completely! Kaori was so great in Helsinki. I had no idea I'd like her that much. If anything, videos don't really do her skating justice. Or her jumps... And to think that in spite of watching live, the judges don't reward those exceptional jumps with high GOE...
  14. MagicFS

    [2018] GPF - Men SP & FS

    Well, Shoma tried his very best to be second again. For a moment, I thought maybe he'd be first, and then I saw the underrotation on the slow-mo of the flip... This performance definitely wasn't his best, either. He did miss some music accents, and the usual intensity just wasn't there. I thought Nate's performance was better than what he showed at IdF. He got +4 and +5 GOEs from all judges on his level4 step sequence... ?? I think I actually find both Shoma's and Nathan's SPs okay. The same cannot be said about their LPs, though. We'll see tomorrow... Jun was great! I love his skating so much! I continue to think he deserves better component scores than Michal for these programs. But I am so happy he got over 40 in PCS, and he continues to be consistent and get better. My favorite performance of the competition, without a doubt.
  15. MagicFS

    General Yuzuru Chat

    By deleting videos, they are basically deleting figure skating history. How are new fans or casual viewers supposed to watch the iconic performances from the past? It's not like there is an online archive with paid subscription. I mean, what's the point of deleting the videos even?!