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  1. I agree about the cuter suits. (Men's fashion can be so boring and repetitive!) But I want him to get to wear whatever he chooses, not be put in something. I wish there wasn't so much pressure and expectations surrounding every aspect of his life. As long as he is happy and free, I'm fine with whatever he picks to wear.
  2. My three favorite competitive skaters! Crying over this forever!!! Thank you, bb, Angel Yuzu, for making it happen! And for being my absolutely most favorite forever! You're the beating heart of figure skating. It's just not a living thing without you! That gala was everything. Hope and Legacy!!! That was exquisite and perfect. Crying over it forever, too. And then voguing, posing Yuzu... I mean... I'll be here all day liking close-ups of the most adorable creature this world has ever created.
  3. What struck me while watching Seimei is that it is really designed much more as a competitive program compared to Origin, even in this reworked shortened version. There are obvious places where Yuzu can catch his breath, and they don't interfere with the performance. It's much more optimized for competition. Origin is a one-long-breath program, and it's so fast, dramatic, and intense. It's not the soothing one(two?)-breath effect of Hope & Legacy. I think, from that perspective, the switch should help him skate clean at Worlds. And I am glad he's skating for himself. Nobody deserves a tribute more than him! He wasn't terribly disappointed with what happened today. The combination of 2 weeks of training and a deep hole freaking him out explains a lot. It's probably scary to skate when you imagine a toe jump could break the ice or something. Poor bb! Are we worried about the quad lutz? I thought he had reworked the technique, so that he doesn't land so low. His quad lutzes looked so effortless and perfect in Turin. Did something change? Did he go back to his earlier approach? Or is this the effect of focusing too much on an element vs. not thinking of it as the most difficult thing you should do? Yuzu is the cutest being in this world!!!! I am very happy for Jason and so, so proud of Jun! The whole competition was, otherwise, a little anticlimactic after the short, but the medal ceremony and the green room, and the gala provided so many precious moments. Because, of course, Yuzuru is the heart of figure skating! His shiny self illuminates every competition he appears in. He's amazing!!!
  4. Oh, he did mention Nathan a couple of times while Yuzu was coming off the ice and waiting for his scores. My mom, who doesn't understand English, was like, "Why are they talking about Nathan so much when he isn't even there?" Yeah, mom, exactly! But I also found Paul bearable this time, unlike at Euros when he annoyed me more. He seems to have learnt/brushed up on some technical stuff. And I appreciated the almost crying when he was telling us how beautifully Yuzu was skating.
  5. Awwww! I was so proud of him when he used "I'm looking forward to skating" correctly at GPF this season, I think. I so appreciate hearing his thoughts directly from him and am so grateful he's making the effort to answer in English sometimes. It feels so great being able to understand him!
  6. Best competition ever!!! Why can't men's skating always be like this? Thank you, Yuzu! You are made of magic!!!
  7. Oh, I didn't just mean skating skills. And I am in no way a technical expert. But here is what I am seeing when I watch all these ladies--and I think all of them are amazing: There is something quite special about Kaori, the way she flies from one element to the next. She has that fluidity of movement that I just adore in figure skating, in all disciplines, where everything becomes a seamlessly connected whole. And she does it all at such impressive speed. I think she is absolutely amazing to watch. Wakaba also has the power, and is fast, and has huge jumps, but her movements are more 'staccato' than Kaori's, there is more of a pause in between her steps and changes in direction. On the other hand, Wakaba incredibly made me cry while watching her live, and with programs I never thought could make me cry, so she likely has an edge when it comes to performance. Alena's movements are very fluid and beautiful, but her speed and ice coverage are not as good as Kaori's. While her programs look great on TV as far as I am concerned, she didn't really grab me live the same way--and I fully expected to absolutely love her on the ice. I do love her, but I didn't have the emotional response to her skating live that I have while watching her on TV. Maybe it's the choreography--I don't really know. Both Wakaba and Kaori make me more emotional live. Rika is good at everything. Her Beautiful Storm absolutely gave me goosebumps. But she didn't impress me live (this season--I didn't see Beautiful Storm live) more than she does on the screen, not like Waka and Kaori did. To me all of these ladies have different strengths. Maybe the systems is designed to reward some of them more than others. But isn't the system supposed to, in its pure form, be a quantitative reflection of what we see on the ice? This is just what I am seeing when I watch all these amazing girls. I wish the experts were willing to give all of them the scores they deserve. All I was trying to say is that if something is as striking and impressive as Kaori's skating, maybe it should be rewarded. I am sure it takes a lot of effort and dedication to be as fast and fluid as she is, so it's not just some aesthetic thing she was born with. So why shouldn't a sport properly appreciate it?
  8. Just stopping by very quickly to say how much I love Kaori's speed and flow on the ice! I just can't get over it. How is she not getting Alena's PCs and GOEs? (I mean, obviously a rhetorical question... it's the wrong nationality, I know... ) I just love Kaori so, so much! I am so happy for Wakaba and Rika, too. And Young, and Eunsoo, and Yelim, too! (What do you mean, there is another skater in Top 7? The sexy time/Cronos thing? Yeah, right. I am still trying to wrap my mind around how time and machines are supposed to be sexy, but I am not a fan of the skating, either, I guess.) I loved Karen, too--so musical and beautifully expressive.
  9. A century later, I finished editing my GPF pictures... Here are more or less the best of them: I am especially happy with the spread eagle and the Notte Stellata ones. Feel free to use however you choose.
  10. Rika was the only one with a similar (minus one ginormous time-difference adjustment) schedule, and she also bombed a competition. Why is Yuzu expected to be super human?! What a wonderful gift to anyone who wanted an excuse to underscore him further... I don't really care if Yuzu wouldn't want the title with this kind of skate. They could have given him the title if they wanted to, if they wanted to demonstrate their support. He did enough. JSF didn't care. Now all international media people will spend a large chunk of time explaining how he lost Nationals every time he skates in a competition... How wonderful for their ridiculous rivalry narratives. I do think international judges can be even more vicious in their underscoring. Good job, JSF, for giving them a carte blanche.
  11. I love so many of the Japanese ladies, but I am just not a fan of any of their free programs this season. Maybe with the exception of Yuhana's Phantom... Rika's axels are amazing, and her consistency on them is incredibly impressive. She deserves this title so much! But as much as I adored Beautiful Storm, I can't get into any of her programs this season. I wish they had given her something more like Beautiful Storm to skate to... I think they are pushing something akin to "sexiness" with this year's programs, which I know in figure skating terms equates "maturity." I just don't like it, however. I really wanted to love Kaori's Matrix. The dress, the subject matter, the strength and attack it requires--everything seems to fit her so well. BUT! And it's not even the mistakes. This programs makes me feel absolutely nothing. Is it the music cut, is it the choreography--I have no idea. It just doesn't seem to work. What is more, it doesn't seem to inspire Kaori. I miss her happiness and joy from skating. I'll miss her so much at Worlds! I love Wakaba! I love her short program! I am so happy we are going to see more of her this season. But the free program is just too empty. Especially, the beginning. Especially leading into jumps... And that's the first impression. I hope they'll add more to it in the lead-up to worlds. Satoko is a gorgeous skater. But those jumps! And that whole romanticization of the Holocaust... Beautiful suffering is so inappropriate when we speak of real-world events. I wonder how all the non-Jewish Schindler's List skaters would feel about their programs if they ever visited a concentration camp. I wish they could send Yuhana to Worlds. She's had a few clean skates this season. And her program is musical, beautiful, and unproblematic. Her jumps are a lot better than Satoko's, too. But the scores make it plenty clear whom JSF prefer. I haven't seen much of Tomoe up to now. I definitely need to rewatch her skates. But I am really happy for her well-deserved medal! In conclusion, please, PLEASE, Japanese ladies, get better music and choreography for next season!
  12. Why don't they give them the GOEs they deserve?! How can Kaori's 3lo and Wakaba's 2a be any better??? How are those not +5 jumps?
  13. Umm, I think we have very different criteria of when Yuzu's programs are skated clean as opposed to when his rivals' programs are clean. I know it's rooted in Yuzu's perfectionism and great expectations of himself, but he has, in fact, been stunningly consistent. What is more, he does not reduce the difficulty of his programs just because the competition is unlikely to catch up to him. His scores this season have been consistently much higher than Nate's (whom we seem to be trying to hail as a king of consistency). And that, even though Nathan's mistakes have been very leniently penalized all season. Remember the positive-GOE step-out? Yes, Nathan is annoyingly consistent in crucial competitions (which allows judges to overscore him to high heavens), but he has NOT been more consistent than Yuzu over this current season--in spite of the so-much simpler programs. Besides, Yuzu is in no way old. He'll be only a few months older than Javi's age in PC by the time of the Beijing Olympics.
  14. He also apparently tries to analyze all the small "mistakes" that cost him points. And he continues to sound a little unsure about his goals and transitions, and how to achieve his perfect skating/performance and still win. I really don't think he is as motivated and clear-sighted as he says he is. This whole judging situation is such a mess, and I'm not sure he knows how to fix it better than we do. But if his federation won't stand up for him, and if his hands are basically tied, doesn't this mean it's our (his fans') turn to fight this battle for him? Let's try to help him (and figure skating), please!
  15. Regarding Nathan's scores: There were two instances at the arena I don't see mentioned too often (at all?) when we could clearly see how inferior his skating and free program was compared to... I was going to say Yuzu's, but also Shun's and many others'... First was the practice on the day between the short and the free. Nathan's music was played early on. Yuzu wasn't doing anything important in the mean time, so I could watch Nate. He did no of his jumps during that runthrough. It was eye-opening, to say the least... The program is so glaringly empty. Maybe someone recorded it? Watch that and then try to argue again that Nathan's scores make any sort of sense. Second instance: They played his whole free program during the gala intermission, but there was no sound. So how about an experiment, turn off the Elton John music and watch that performance again. Do you get why people are complaining about the scores now? Basically, what makes Nathan's program work on some level at competitions are the jumps and the great music. Take either one out and you get a guy running along a huge oval shape over and over again. It's empty, it's boring, it's repetitive... It doesn't warrant high component scores at all, nor high GOEs for the elements that happen along the trajectory of the oval preceded and followed by stroking and crossovers.
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