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Miscellaneous Translations Compilation Thread


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:tumblr_inline_mqt4gqGr4o1qz4rgp: Miscellaneous Translations Compilation Thread :tumblr_inline_mqt4gi8ECy1qz4rgp:


:7562096: Please help us compile translations of anything -- i.e. tweets, articles, or videos -- that don't have their own threads in this subforum!

:7562096: The goal is to create a repository of translations so they don't get lost in other fast-moving parts of the forum, such as the General Yuzuru Chat

:7562096: Feel free to post quotes or direct translations in this thread!

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On 7/11/2018 at 10:45 AM, glilikoi said:
On 7/11/2018 at 5:20 AM, Erin said:

This kept appearing in my tl, google translate didn't make any sense. Anything interesting here? :thanks: 





I am really bored in this double lecture, so here is a quick translation attempt of the whole thing.. I am not a pro translator so there are probably some mistakes, but it was a pretty funny and cute article.


"A tripod in my left hand, a camera bag in my right hand. Aware that I might come across as a suspicious character, I keep a smile on my face on the way to the prime minister's residence. But when a young police officer asks me "where are you going?", I end up acting like a confused intruder. 


"Going to see Hanyu-san."

"Where are you coming from?"

"I came from figure skating." An unclear answer. 


It is July 2, the ceremony for Hanyu Yuzuru's People's Honor Award. For a photographer of a sports mag, this is an extremely high-class place. Clearing up this kind of confusion ends up taking 40 minutes, but eventually, I reach the entrance hall of the prime minister's residence. A place familiar from news programs, where reporters shout "PM!". I wait for Hanyu's arrival here together with the cameramen employed by the Diet. I feel completely out of my depth, although the others are nice enough to inform me that Hanyu will arrive on the premises in a suit but then change to a hakama to attend the ceremony. I take the chance to enquire about an unresolved question on my mind. "Is it okay to make requests during the photo session? Like asking the two of them to make the Seimei pose together during the award ceremony?" "We won't stop you but .. Making that kind of a request while the two of them are in the middle of talking is a bit.." They gave a pointed laugh.  


At 10.40AM, the car carrying Hanyu arrives in the entryway.


Unlike the advance information, he enters the entrance hall wearing a crested hakama, causing a violent frenzy of shutter sounds and flickering strobe lights; the atmosphere changes completely. 


It is a black crested hakama of beautifully folding Sendaihira silk gauze. 


Prostrating myself before this overwhelming display of "young master-ness", I turn into a "jii" (basically like a bumbling uncle).


After his arrival to the ceremony place, this worrying uncle cannot stop obsessing over possible faults.


"Young master, you shouldn't let the nerves get to you" (Nerves? He seemed to have a sense of dominance over the place.)

"Young master, stop looking around so restlessly" (He only glanced at the back wall once.)

"Young master, it is not manly to show those white teeth of yours so easily" (Actually, it's just charming.)

"Young master, what if you drop your folding fan! If this was a competition, you'd get a deduction, a full 1 point deduction for sure" (This was just before the ceremony started, as he was standing up) 


And after the ceremony, as PM Abe firmly clasped Hanyu's right hand, this uncle's feeling of worry was reaching a new height. 


"Prime minister! Such whimsy. Aren't you too powerful!" In my mind, my hand was reaching for my sword. 


After that, as the on-the-spot interviews finished and Hanyu was leaving the venue, I followed him with my eyes. If I had called out to his back, I think he would have turned around and showed me a smile. But this was the prime minister's residence. If I made him do anything that might be seen as unbecoming here, he might end up in trouble. 


"Young master, you were wonderful" I whispered in my heart while watching him go. 


"It really was not the right atmosphere for asking them to do the Seimei pose together.." On my way back, I heard an old friend, a Diet photographer, say this.

"What, but that is merely conjecture." 

It was a hot and intense day. 

Nagakubo Yutaka was born in 1962. In a convenience store on his way home, he was asked "what did you do at work today?" and answered "I worked for the sake of the country beside prime minister Abe and Yuzuru Hanyu", completely surprising the clerk and delighting this 56-year-old. 



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On 7/6/2018 at 4:12 AM, kaeryth said:


nanoka12 at tumblr has slowly been translating both the Official Guidebook and Treasured Edition in English. :8232307:


On 6/28/2018 at 12:30 AM, dodobirdo said:


Ok, I'm going to give translating Brian's interview a shot (but my Japanese is pretty shabby, so I'm just going to paraphrase the key points, and if anyone wants to add/correct anything, please do!):

- Interview took place while Brian was in Kobe

- About Yuzu's right ankle injury: His condition has improved. He can jump things such as 4T, 3L, and 3A. He's looking/working with the necessary patience towards the long-term.

- About increase in GOE range: Men's FS has also decreased from 4:30 to 4:00, which is more difficult. But our team's skaters are strong/focused on building skating skills and gaining speed without much effort, and those will become our strong points.

- About new rules affecting Yuzu: It's a good change. He's a very all-round skater, not just a jumper. He has distinctive spins and steps and great technique, and he can handle all types of choreography. 

- Has Yuzu changed after winning OGM twice?: Nope. He's always 100% motivated, and it's amazing that his motivation/energy hasn't decreased. He loves to skate and to compete. He's matured, and he carries more responsibilities. He always has various goals he aims towards.

- About 4A: If he's healthy, there's no reason for him to not try it. He has great technique. Last year he tried challenging it a little, but then he had to focus on the upcoming Olympic season. Now, the situation has changed. Yuzu is ambitious, I can't stop him if he wants to try something. Provided that he proceeds healthily/properly, that is. 

- About Zhenya moving to TCC: She's an amazingly hard worker. For Yuzu, that's a good thing. I'm very much looking forward to it.


ETA: whoops, too slow! better check out Yude's translation linked above!


On 6/28/2018 at 12:28 AM, Yoa said:

Yude summerised that article with Brian on GS :tumblr_inline_nhkezsTB3v1qid2nw:


On 6/15/2018 at 9:05 PM, SuzyQ said:


I have seen a very good Yuzuru MAD video with this music, but I cannot find it on YouTube now :59227c768286a__s:


I translated the lyrics as I was so moved at that time feeling it was like implying the relationship of Yuzuru and Nanami sensei. 


"Caught in shower lit with soft light

Winter Daphne, bringing back memories of you

Buds with flowing tears

Start delivering a scent one by one

It will come across the sky

It will come over to you someday

Spring, I’m still waiting it to come all the way.  When I close my eyes,

I’ll feel you near, who gave me love, your voice with old memories


My heart has been left at you

Still longing for reply

Even so many years later,

Waiting for ever, and ever

Beyond the tomorrow

It will reach there someday for sure

Spring, I’m longing for it yet to see.  When I stop walking, being lost,

Gentle gaze of you who gave me dreams will embrace my shoulders


Dreams, shallow dreams, here still I am

Thinking about you, I’m just walking alone

Like flowing rain, like flowing flowers


Spring, I’m still waiting it to come all the way.  When I close my eyes,

I’ll feel you near who gave me love, your voice with old memories


Spring, I’m longing for it yet to see.  When I stop walking, being lost,

Gentle gaze of you who gave me dreams will embrace my shoulders"


Again, I'm sure I can never be a poet :68811363:


EDIT:  The original lyrics are written in slightly classic Japanese, so it has a sort of gentle and grace nuance.



On 4/25/2018 at 12:15 PM, dotsquare said:


Quick translation of Yuzu's conversation with the Emperor and Empress! 


Emperor: Congratulations. 
YH: Thank you.
Emperor: You practiced quite a bit, didn't you?
YH: Yes, that's right. Since I got injured, I couldn't practice well right before the Olympics. But I think I was prepared because of my training regime up to that point (i.e. before the injury)
Emperor: I see. But I'm sure you took a lot of care when practicing after you got injured. 
YH: Definitely. I learned a lot. Even when I couldn't practice, there was a lot for me to study so in a way, it think it became a good opportunity.
Emperor: When you say you studied when you couldn't practice, what sorts of things did you study?

YH: I studied things like anatomy, the way my body moves, things like that. I figured that in terms of knowledge, there was a lot that I should acquire.

Emperor: Is that so? So I guess, in that sense, you developed in that time.

YH: Yes, that's right. When I practice normally, there are always things I overlook, so I think this was a great opportunity.
Emperor: Yes, for sure. But it was quite a difficult time as well, wasn't it?
YH: Yes it was tough, but I'll keep working hard. 

Emperor: Get some good results. Congratulations again, honestly.
YH: Thank you.
Empress: *asks about his injury*
YH: There is still one month of rehabilitation left. The doctor advised me stop (skating during rehab) but I am now able skate up to a point. As for my foot, the things I am doing now I can do without pain.  
Empress: How splendid. The Sendai parade was lovely. 
YH: Thank you.
Empress: Everyone was so happy.
YH: Definitely. I feel that at a time like this, I'm really glad I became a skater. And through this parade we were able to raise money for the reconstruction efforts so I am really thankful to everyone. 
Empress: Take care of your body. *she says other stuff and compliments him but her voice is too soft for me to pick up!*


On 4/25/2018 at 1:54 PM, dotsquare said:


Part 2: the interview 


YH: I was nervous, but the Imperial family said very kind words to me. They became a great source of power in this time when I will be continuing to fulfill my duty and contrbiute to the reconstruction efforts. 
Q: Do you have any complaints or nitpicks about your suit today?
YH: Well...I like my suits to be as slender as possible so you can see my form properly. 
YH: Mako-sama told me that she and Kako-sama clutched eachother's hands while cheering me on [at PC], and that the moment my program was over, they felt a sense of accomplishment and happiness.


Note: My Japanese is far from perfect so if there are any inaccuracies you guys pick up on, please let me know :) 


On 4/19/2018 at 11:15 PM, Murieleirum said:

I love this recent love towards my Italian uncles :33333 


I think the best source to find all of the Yuzu content with the italian esp is ElenaC's dailymotion account (http://www.dailymotion.com/elechicca).

She doesn't only post Yuzuru's performances with their commentary, but also snippets of them talking about Yuzuru during other people's performances, or other competitions entirely... which happens pretty often :laughing:


Here, for example, they talk about how much it's difficult to do the 'grand slam' (win every competition in a year), and that only Yagudin in 2002 managed to do it, but that Yuzuru "who isn't second to anyone in terms of greatness, and I'm not only talking about this discipline (but in sport, in general)" won GPF, Olys and Worlds in the same year in 2014. Also, Dolfini says it's "incredible" that Yuzuru hasn't won a 4CC Gold medal yet :rofl:Then they talk about how difficult it is to compare figure skating across the years, because the sport changed immensely.

Max is very romantic because he is passionate when he compliments Yuzu.

Max: Who do the children (skating), male and female, take as an example? Yuzuru. The things he does before he jumps. Because the road he took is the road of 'quality', and it led him to win, how many GP Finals in a row? Four? And two Olympics in a row. And the scores he won them with were science fiction. So, we are talking about athletes who set the line. And these are the names that will stay in history. Hanyu Yuzuru, in 100 years, will be a legend of figure skating, maybe the greatest of all time, I don't know. And careful, because if he feels like it, this one will continue for another 4 years! Angelo: *laughs* It would be nice. We wouldn't complain for sure.


Then they go on and specify that Yuzuru's influence on the skating world isn't yet at the highest - we will see the results of his dominance this next four years until Beijing 2022, and we will see them in the 'girls' (he doesn't say 'male' children, he says girls because junior girls are currently twenty steps ahead junior men) who will imitate Hanyu, but not imitate as in 'copy', but as in 'see his method regarding jumps and transitions'. Max says Yuzuru is someone who 'made the jump something else than just three or four rotations in the air'. He goes on to compare figure skating with ski jumping, which is a sport dear to him, and says that what Yuzuru does with his jumps compares to doing a 200 meters jump while holding a tray of sweets in front of you :rofl:


Sorry, I only wanted to drop a link and I ended up translating the whole thing! Well, I wonder if anyone will mind :muahaha:


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On 3/17/2018 at 12:30 PM, kaeryth said:

To anyone that owns a copy of Aoi Hono II (or is planning to buy one), tsukihoshi14 has finished translating the whole book. HERE's her instructions on how to contact her for the translation. Ci


On 3/16/2018 at 5:36 PM, kaerb said:

Also I've done a quick translation of an interview with CCTV's Zhao Jing (I hope that's how you pronounce her name) and her comments on Yuzuru. It's very cute, she seems very fond of him (there were a few lines I couldn't hear quite so well or they jump-cut her sentence but I'm fairly confident I have most of the key points). 




On 10/27/2017 at 9:16 PM, Mastyaeva said:

The parts about Yuzu from the Aliev's interview after CoR. https://rsport.ria.ru/interview/20171027/1127820701.html

Okay, guys, this is my first translation experience. I'm not sure if everything is correct, but I tried to be as close to the text as possible (sometimes even to the detriment of the beauty of the translation). My interventions are marked in italics.

J - journalist, A - Aliev


In the beginning Aliev speaks about his injury (foot swelling, probably because of the new boots and also because of the 4luz training).


J: Coming back to the Moscow’s grand prix - did you think about the withdrawal?

A: No. Although this all went not according the plan: I was going to have the trial competition in Bratislava, but in the end it was the Grand prix.

J: And this trial competition was on the same ice with Yuzuru Hanyu. How did it feel?

A: Already before the competition I understood that I would have enough rating points and I would be in the same training group as he. I’ve heard a lot about how Hanyu is able to “kill” during practices (and here comes the photo of an angelic Yuzu with ribbons; perfect location, guys, the king of trolling would be proud of you). But before the beginning of the competition I tried to not pay attention to him, to concentrate on myself. Then in the short program I became the third and was near Hanyu and Nathan Chen at the press conference. For me this was honorable and valuable.

J: Winnie the Pooh’s mania around Hanyu and in general, his magic of a man thousands and thousands of people are crazy about - did it shook (impressed?) you?

A: To tell you the truth, I didn’t notice many things. But of course I was surprised there were so many people in practices. During the first practice, I come to ice and expect to see only technical specialists and judges - but there are so many people there! But I really tried to disconnect from all this. Even when they made ovations for him during jumps, I tried to not pay attention.

J: And before, did Hanyu was your idol?

A: Surely, he was. And now, after I have been near him during practice, for example, I felt that he has crazy (insane?) internal energy, which he knows to turn on when it's necessary. It seems the connection he has with his fans is also an energetic one (this is very accentuated in Russian).

J: They often copy idols in the individual sports. Did you ever want to adopt something from him?

A: I would like to adopt his freedom and ease with which he skates. It's as if he floats on the ice, his hands are thrown down (not sure what he tries to express; something like “free hands; without any inner tension”). But it doesn't look like sluggishness, on the contrary, it's sharpness (I almost died translating this line: Aliev really tried hard to find exact words to express his thoughts so he used quite rare expressions from literary (high-class) Russian). This is what I tried to do during practice: for example, to jump 3axel and to gently (freely? Sorry, the same word in Russian) flick my fingers while landing. It’s like jumping and feel cool (bizz?; the Russian word he uses, in fact, refers to the effect after using drugs).

J: Did it work?

A: Yes, it worked. But not always. You have to feel it properly. But you shouldn't create a copy of Hanyu, of course. Or someone else copy. You can only adopt some things. But when I was a child, I tried to watch over Alexei Yagudin and Evgeni Plushenko the same way (here the second photo comes).

J: And what about to come to ice, for example, with the Soviet Winnie the Pooh, if not the Disney one, as Hanyu does? (Soviet one is different: https://im0-tub-ru.yandex.net/i?id=5aae5837ab72187d98b95d7a6e6670ef-l&n=13)

A: Before I always came with a bag. “To have all my belongings with me”. But now I leave it in the cloakroom. I’m sure, nothing will happen with it.


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2 hours ago, sweetwater said:

Yuzu is probably a nickname given by those who are close to him when he was a child because we can hear his ex-coaches call him Yuzu in old documentaries and news clips. His old friends (e.g. Ryuju and Keiji) also calls him Yuzu.
In this press conference held 3 years ago when he receive an award, he refers to the nickname as a name people call him as a person, not as Hanyu senshu. (See from 3:14)


Rough translation of the relevant part (from 03:14)

  Reveal hidden contents



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On 7/5/2018 at 4:22 PM, kaeryth said:

Hanyuconomy update via google translate (please correct me if I got it wrong): In Fujisaki (a department store in Sendai), sales for small accessories made from Sendaihira for the past 2-4 days (after Yuzu wore the hakama on TV) have already exceeded the amount of sales for the whole month of June.



ETA: Video!



On 5/28/2018 at 3:55 AM, kaeryth said:


Google translate: Oriental Bio Co., Ltd. 【Commemorative photo and signature received from Mr. Yuzuru Hanyu】 We received commemorative photo shoot and signature from "Hanyu Yuzuru" at "Continues ~ with Wings ~"! We are decorating this photo on our entrance, so please have a look at it when you come near you!


Oriental Bio is a company that produces health foods and products based on soybeans. They were one of the sponsors for CiONTU.



On 4/26/2018 at 2:16 PM, kaeryth said:

A bike designer was surprised that Yuzu couldn't ride a bike because they were contemplating presenting him with a Seimei designed bike. :tumblr_inline_mqt4grU8ua1qz4rgp: (google translate)




ETA: Better translation by @kaerb



On 4/12/2018 at 10:54 AM, kaerb said:

they're the same video from different angles lol tbh I've never seen such a wildin Japanese crowd (and gotta love candid baby Yuzu). I'll just translate the things that weren't already translated


Q for Han Yan: Why do you take selfies all the time LOL (yuzu shaking his head in the background lmao)


The first girl who asked the question to all three skaters: Please give me your autograph


Yuzu answering the question - 'please reflect on your performance'

He started off basically saying what Kevin said in JP (about the support of the fans) using the translator's exact words, which is why they laughed. 'For the SP, I missed the lutz so I'm very kuyashii and then in the FS I popped the salchow so it was like there were only pops this time. It was a very frustrating experience but I thought I absolutely don't want it to end like this so I want to work hard for the World Championships so I can stand on the place beside me (ie. first place). Of course, I think 'Japanese men will not end like this', I will also work with my senpais, accept this result and work properly.'


(also omggg it's the NHK 2017 translator! I didn't realise she was working for JSF so far back, I like her a lot! ; u ; )


On 4/5/2018 at 4:13 PM, yude said:

I've just tried, the nuance was a little difficult for me to translate since his grandparents' wording were so polite.


The season of cherry blossoms has come to Sendai. We hope all is well with you. Since the Olympic Games, the days passed so quickly that we were late to say thank you. We appreciate your continued warm support for our grandson, Yuzuru. For us, this award (gold medal) was only a miracle because he had been injured just before the game. He himself has also said, but (we also feel) it was nothing but the power of cheering from everyone helped him not to fall in the end (of the program). At that time, even us who were cheering at the venue felt something great power, so it probably reached him more strongly. Hoping for his resurrection, how many people gave him great encouragement at the venue or through TV...we can not thank you enough no matter how much we appreciate it. Thank you very much. Now, quietly looking back, we are most pleased not only to see the consecutive victories, but also Yuzuru said, "This is the start line of my life, and I want to make an effort to be a human being suitable for the gold medalist." As his grandparents, we could not be happier for his words. We can not help hoping for him to live a life humbly and sincerely without forgetting these words. However, he is still 23 years old, still immature. Please watch over us warmly and strictly. We pray for all your health, and this is a quick note to thank you. On a fine day in March.


On 4/3/2018 at 1:26 AM, dotsquare said:


I'll come back and translate this properly if anyone wants it, but for now I'll give a summary. 


Nobu is talking about how a really important skill figure skaters need to have is 'recovery' ie the ability to make up for any missed jumps by changing the layout on the spot. He says Yuzu is amazing at this and uses the PC free as an example. Yuzu was meant to do a combo jump (4T1Lo3S) but only landed the 4T. To compensate he changed his 3A+2T to a  3A1Lo3S off the cuff. 



On 4/2/2018 at 9:39 AM, dotsquare said:


Here's a rough translation:


Ken Watanabe who is currently 58 years old says that managing one's physical condition is the key.
KW: "It's just like how the figure skater Hanyu Yuzuru said that if he doesn't eat rice, things don't go well (i.e. it's not good to not eat rice for meals)" 
Interviewer: 'Because of the power of rice?'
KW: 'Yes, since I'm originally from the Niigata prefecture' [note: Niigata is famous for its rice]


Basically it's about rice lol. I think the point is that Ken Watanabe is one of the few Japanese celebrities who's had considerable success in Hollywood, but despite that he still depends on the Japanese staple that is rice. 


I did translate it awkwardly so feel free to fix it up :)


On 3/20/2018 at 12:09 AM, kaerb said:


LOLOL wtf is this program omg, it's truly like the Hanyu Uncle Fanboy Congressional Session or something, it's hilarious :xD:


Ueda-san and his uncle bros are just thoroughly impressed, you can tell by the way they all make those 'ehhhhh' and 'iyaaaaa' sounds and shaking their heads, it means the JP ojisans like you a lot : P


Quick summary (usual disclaimer: my Japanese is not the best, probably some mistakes here, they speak really fast at times so I can't hear properly and also there's a bunch of inside jokes that flew over my head so I just left them out lol)

  • Ueda: Honestly, I saw [the NHK injury]. For a bystander's perspective, it was a situation of 'there's no way he can make it in time'. He was off for 2mths. He also only had 3wks of training and he probably couldn't train a lot. It was like there was no way he could make it in time and it seems like Ueda heard that from quite a few people around him
  • "But one week earlier, from Canada's skate rink, I heard he was jumping quads. I was like 'are you serious?' The way he got the information (the 'route' he literally says) was also amazing. It was not Hanyu-senshuu's coach but a coach who taught another skater in the same rink. That coach told someone in Japan and that person in Japan told me. And that person in Japan was the teacher who taught me [Ueda] to skate on 'Bakabon' (a program, I assume)." 
  • Ueda also greeted Daisuke and Shizuka at Pyeongchang during Kodaira Nao's event, and asked about Yuzu's condition, they said, 'He's pretty much returned. honestly he's not at 100% but it seems like he can do it.' And even then Ueda said he thought 'REALLY? TRULY???' but after the shocking short program, Ueda was like 'really...this person's mentality...is.........WTF IS IT. It was truly unbelievable.'
  • There's been a lot of talk about the '[XYZ Athlete] Age' eg. the Hanyu Age, the Otani Age' named after prominent leading athletes and Ueda always thought it was the Otani Age even though there were people saying different things, but after seeing Yuzu, in an instant, he was like 'it's the Hanyu Age.' :knc_yuzu1::knc_yuzu1::knc_yuzu1:
  • Ueda also complimented Yuzu's politeness - 2/3hrs after everything when they were preparing for Ueda's interview, Yuzu was getting his mic put on and Ueda was like 'oh please sit, please sit' and Yuzu said 'Ueda-san, please go ahead and sit down' (very politely/considerately).
  • They also noticed that Yuzu had noticed Javi not having a Spanish flag the first round so Yuzu told Shoma they'd do a round w/o their flags first, also they noticed Yuzu being very attentive to cameras on the podium and turning around to face all the photographers 
  • Ueda: 'Hanyu-kun just has no faults'
  • [they break off on this joking tangent for awhile about how one dude went to multiple Olympics, witnessed multiple gold medallist wins and basically said 'I won the gold with them' lmao...it's hard to explain/translate so just ignore the section from 6:05 ~ 7:15]
  • At Sochi, there were a lot of JP fans but they were mostly Takahashi fans and they were yelling 'Dai-chan, Dai-chan' so at the time, Yuzu's popularity wasn't quite there. This time it was just ENTIRELY YUZURU'S FANS. He commented on Pooh rain - it was all from 'Pooh-san's Honey Hunt???' (idk what that is but one dude made a pun like 'it was Pooh-san's Hanyu Hunt' and was really proud of himself lol)
  • One of them even commented on the fact the camera zoomed out from Pooh-san's face when Yuzu was returning to the K&C
  • Glasses white hoodie oji-san commented on how on the TV you can see the closeups of the face but even from far away, he was impressive; they comment on how his performance ability really struck their hearts...it's all very fanboy-y
  • 9:23 - Glasses white hoodie oji-san was like 'ahh.......Hanyu-kun won't come on this show [Ueda Channel] would he?' and Ueda nearly does a spittake and then starts laughing abt how he should appear with a bunch of funny guests to up the contrast
  • Ueda says he really wants Yuzu to go on variety shows, he told Yuzu in Sochi, 'come on Oshareism' and that he didn't have to come on Shabekuri 007 because there's the thing named Oriken there (one of his co-hosts if I recall correctly, Ueda's roasting Oriken LOL) but Yuzu at the time said 'I want to come and see Shabekuri 007'. The other day, Ueda talked about it again only briefly with him this time but Yuzu gave the smiley scrunchy 'mmmmmm no' face (at 10:55 - Ueda does a HILARIOUS impression bc I know that EXACT FACE lmfao)
  • They ruminate on Yuzu going on variety some more, mention Mao-chan hasn't been on there either, Ueda says the biggest reason is obviously bc Yuzu is in Canada most of the time and then there's another round of 'wow he's amazing isn't he..... [for...training in Canada I guess LMFAO]'


ANYWAY, who says yuzu's fanbase is all middle aged mums, his gigantic collection of gushy uncle fans is nothing to laugh at 


On 3/18/2018 at 7:48 AM, yude said:

Not only Kohei Uchimura, other top Japanese athletes were also inspired by Yuzuru in the Olympics according to these articles and tweets. I didn't have time to post at that time since there were too many news about Yuzuru himself, but here it is :)


Tomokazu Harimoto (table tennis, gold medalist in JWC of 2016, https://ja.wikipedia.org/wiki/張本智和)


(After he lost in the game) "If I had the mental strength Hanyu has, I would be able to get closer to the gold medal. I want to carry this regret to the next."


Kenzo Shirai (gymnastics, gold medalist in the Olympics and WC, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kenzō_Shirai)


"In the warm up, there was the jump he was not able to land, but he succeeded it at one shot in the actual performance." 
"Hanyu said he would challenge 4A, and as a leading "twister" in the gymnastics, I also have to aim for the higher level."


Daiya Seto (swimming, gold medalist in two WC, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Daiya_Seto)


"I think his road to the Olympics was not easy being injured, but it was beyond amazing he achieved the greatest result at the biggest stage."
"I have the connection with Hanyu in terms of belonging to the same company (Seto is in ANA, also a student of Waseda Uni), I only have greeted him. I'm interested in the mentality of "The absolute king", so I would love to talk with him. Of course, I am feeling like "I have to do it next." and being passed a baton from him."


Naohisa Takato (Judo, gold medalist in two WC, bronze madalist in the Olympics, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Naohisa_Takato )


"Hanyu's consentration is really great. I was moved from my heart that he executed perfectly at the big stage without loosing focus after he had injured his right ankle. He must be realizing his current strength and weakness very well. While he wanted to have the best performance at the current state since it was the Olympics, he did stick to giving all his best on that day. It was the toughness that normal people don't have. Hanyu had it and I felt he was a monster." 
"He has the absolute power that nobody can say anything about. I watched him feeling like the excellence of Yuzuru Hanyu as a human being was spreaded not only over Japan but also the whole world. Being impressed by his interview, I was motivated like I had to work harder and keep up, because I want my gold medal in the Olympics after all."

Nozomi Okuhara (badminton, gold medalist in WC of 2017, bronze medalist in the Olympics, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nozomi_Okuhara)


"The more I see the news of Hanyu, the more I want to see him and ask a lot of questions. I want to hear many stories from him."


Kosei Inoue (Judo, gold medalist in the Olympics, the current supervisor of team Japan, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kōsei_Inoue)


"True king. He had the curious aura in his whole body and the power to draw all in." "I shouted when I was watching him. I don't know about the techniques of the sport, but he had his own expression, brilliance and flexibility. I thought he was fabulous." 
"He has incredible mentality. It is better if we don't get hurt physically, but the important thing is how to control ourselves after getting injured." 
"We have tremendous pressure for 2020, but we have to fight believing in ourselves after all. As an athlete, he gave us the courage and inspiration." 


Nao Kodaira (speed skating, gold medalist in the Olympics, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nao_Kodaira)


"First of all, his attitude for the performance was different (from mine) when he stood on the ice rink. He was standing like he was able to have clean elements without thinking anything, and I felt I wanted to compete in that kind of atomosphere as well." 
"I've heard that Hanyu read many research papers while he was injured, so if I have any chance to talk with him, I want to ask him what kind of documents he had read."


Kosuke Hagino (swimming, gold medalist in the Olympics, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kosuke_Hagino)


"I imagine he had really hard time after getting injured, and his sense (for skating) may not been coming back 100% yet, but he did give it all like that. I was very moved." 
(Did Yuzuru inspire him toward the consective win in Tokyo Olympics?) "Yes. I can not let the Pooh rain over the swimming pool, so I want to make another kind of rain (in Tokyo Olympics)."


Yuto Nagatomo (football, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yuto_Nagatomo)


"Yuzuru Hanyu is unbelievable. How did he show the best performance after returning from long-term withdrawal due to the injury? Has not he recovered fully yet, has he? Besides, the Olympics is the big stage. You can not do this only by the talent. Well done."


Shohei Ono (Judo, gold medalist in the Olympics, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shohei_Ono)


"Hanyu's word "I know how to win the Olympics.". He understands the way of aproaching to the big game, and the way of peaking and conditioning. What I am lack within me is "prominent". I haven't trained enough to be prominent. I only have to spend enormous amount of time to build up."


On 3/15/2018 at 6:55 AM, sweetwater said:

Message from Yuzu on CWW website:


The guest skaters are those who have influenced me while I develop as a skater, and those who have passed various things on to me, not just the influences.


Appreciation towards such bonds with people.
No one can achieve anything alone, everyone lives because of some kind of bonds with others.
Inheriting things and passing them on through skating.


I hope you will enjoy the performances of the greatest skaters and feel the "inheritance".





I love the way they put a photo of him skating Hope and Legacy under this message.


On 3/5/2018 at 5:16 PM, Murieleirum said:


This article is extremely well written and poetic, almost, towards Yuzuru's achievements. Sorry if I don't translate it all, but I will translate the last segment, which is a summary and the meaning of all the article itself:



"When nature gives you all the technical abilities, and you are able not only to develop them, but to visualize them into a not-yet-known dimension (For example, the realization of quadruple loop during ACI, on the 30th september 2016 is evident proof of that), then you are destined not only to dominate, not only to become the greatest of all time (he probably already checked both items), but to be considered one of the best athletes of all time for the sport, as a whole; a classic example of how greatness pushed to the extreme can be born out of simplicity."



On 3/1/2018 at 1:20 PM, fireovertheice said:


Yes, thank you @WinForPooh, and I saw @meoima already found it there.

However, if others satellites want to read the summary of the first part on the Planet, they can find it here: https://planethanyu.com/topic/44-general-skating-chat/?do=findComment&comment=178795


If nobody will translate the other part of this interesting commentary, focused on the steps and coreographic movements before the solo jump in the SP, in the next days I can also do that.

In the meantime and very briefly here: in this second part they say that while Yuzu has a "continuum" of coreographic movements and steps, with also and difficult entry and exit for the 4S, stressing the actual flow between TR and the element, others have steps but easier - Javi - and/or not so close to the jump - Shoma, with a sort of interruption before the element. Paradoxically Shoma has a more difficult entry to the combo.

So the conclusion for them is the same: "Hanyu is not rewarded enough for what he actually does on the ice" in comparison to the others, and very probably the introduction of the new system of scoring with a wider range of GOEs is to reward the quality of skaters like him.

At the end they make some general statements about the result of SP and what to possibly expect for the FS and the attribution of the medals.


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On 6/17/2018 at 4:21 PM, kaerb said:

I just put all my 2018 ice show season twitter translations into a compilation post, aka. live tweets from fans as the show was happening in real time. Despite some of the shows being broadcast so some of these threads are obsolete, may be interesting for fans wanting to know what happened the other days (also includes things like the P&G talk shows that probably won't be broadcasted). 


.......honestly what off-season?? :68468287:




On 5/20/2018 at 11:58 AM, Erin said:

Can someone please add this to the translations spreadsheet? I'm kinda iffy doing it myself, I feel like I'd mess it up or something. 



On 6/17/2018 at 1:59 AM, kaeryth said:


On 4/27/2018 at 1:13 AM, yude said:

Sorry if this has been already posted, some parts are overlapped with other translations but this article has some more words from Yuzuru.

"Now I still have feeling of accomplishment of winning back to back, but after doing ice shows, (I think) I am still lack of something as a competitive skater. I would like to pursuit what I want to master and improve, and I want to be a skater whose skating is liked more."

"I want to do 4A no one has done before, and if I came to be able to do that, I would like to try quintuple jump. No one has done it yet and I think the impact on the foot (feet?) is great. I don't think I can do it easily, but I wish I could land it someday after having many practices."




About the question about Beijing Olympics, I feel Japanese public will keep asking him the same question like a greeting phrase as long as he competes, so I hope he will not take them very seriously (and I will also try not to pay attention to that question :biggrin: )


On 4/16/2018 at 1:59 AM, kaeryth said:

CiONTU Day 3 Tech corner translations! (aka Bullying Mura Day 3: the finale - can't wait to see day 1 and 2)



On 2/17/2018 at 6:09 PM, kaeryth said:

Interview translations by tadakiXD @ tumblr.


Video translation here.


On 2/10/2018 at 7:22 AM, SparkleSalad said:

He was asked which athlete he was most interested in these Olympics:


"I think Hanyu-kun!! Hanyu-kun. As expected," he immediately replied. He raised the tone of his voice and repeatedly called the name of the defending champion. 


How cute is that? :biggrin: (Sorry for my bad translation.)


On 2/12/2018 at 3:12 AM, getsurenka said:



I can't... the imagery is too strong lol. It is funny how the entire article Yamaguchi-san refers to him as "the king." As always, big thank you to @gladi! Can't say how much I appreciate your translations and hard work!



As if on a school field trip, the press corps of close to 200 jolted around in the Incheon-bound train on the newly-activated KTX route.  Just––to catch a sight of Yuzuru Hanyu. 



Perhaps to avoid chaos, the arrival gate was switched to “A” at the very far end, and so the whole pack slid from left to right, just like the sidelines of American football. 



Thank goodness. Really… thank goodness. It might be rude to express this about a world champion, but as fellow man to man, I really wanted to say, “Yuzuru Hanyu! I am so glad to see you. Damn we were worried… We… I… have been waiting all this time, you know?” Even though it was freezing outside with a flurry of snow and I was in a down jacket, but [in that sudden surge of emotions] I really wanted to sit down in the warmth of a sauna or something, stripped down to our briefs like how I am right now drafting this manuscript, and talk together about all that had happened in the past three months.




On 2/11/2018 at 9:59 AM, sweetwater said:

He is saying "どの選手よりも伸び代があるどの選手よりもピークまで持っていける伸び代のある選手の一人" in this video. So he said he thinks that he has the largest potential (or largest room to grow) among the men. Wow! he is one of the skaters who have largest potential (or largest room to grow).


Sorry I didn't catch what he said correctly:bow:


On 2/11/2018 at 9:37 AM, sweetwater said:

"If I don't lie to myself, I want to win consecutive titles. I want to feel this Olympics"
(On jump layout) "I'll make the decision after conditioning myself at the venue. I have some options. I want to choose my strategy knowing the situation I am in"
(How do you evaluate your condition? How many percent?) “I cannot say until I skate (in the venue.) I’ve seen the TE and I feel that I want to win more than anybody. I’m one of the skaters who still has room to improve (or “who is yet to peak”) I hope to do my best aiming at the top”



ETA: Seeing this footage, the last part was not precisely what he said. He actually said "(Seeing TE) I think I'm the one who wants to win more than anybody and I am one of the skaters who have the biggest potential (or largest room to grow)"


On 12/13/2017 at 11:27 PM, kaerb said:



Sorry sharing my own translations but it's faster. Yuzu saw the bus stop poster and said 'wow (sugoi)...' and also got a birthday cake and well wishes from TCC coaches and staff, I'm glad :tumblr_inline_ncmif7esGm1rpglid:




On 10/14/2017 at 1:47 PM, ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ said:

Since @kaerb seems to be busy (haven't seen her and her lovely speed translations for a while now), I'll just step in for a bit here.


According to Noto, the memorial book is not a photo book. It's more a compilation of about 100ish posters (together with photos that are part of the exhibit) Sendai Broadcasting have made of him over the years, which are what's going to be exhibited. So the memorial book is basically the exhibition shrunk into the size of a book that people can purchase and take home with them. It's kind of like those guides they sell at exhibition or stage show venues. Only limited copies available, of course. The whole thing is basically a showcase of a city's labor of love throughout the years made in tribute to their hometown hero. Admission to the exhibition is free.


As for what Arakawa said in that News Every program (they're going to be doing a special like this every month leading up to PC), in summary, she explained who has how many quads and why despite having only 3 that we've seen (as compared to Uno's 4 and Chen's 5), Hanyu is still the only one breaking his own records for now (which, I think, is pretty much general knowledge here by now; ie: maximizing GOEs and putting quad combos in second half and ripponing the smaller half of the combo). She also explained how these positive GOEs are gained (the points that need to be checked which led to her explaining why Hanyu likes adding a rippon to one of his combos).


On 9/22/2017 at 1:53 AM, sweetwater said:

Update on his right knee from Asahi



Rough translation of Yuzu related part:


On September 21st (22th in JST,) figure skater Yuzuru Hanyu (ANA) participated in an open practice in the ice rink in Montreal, Canada where Autumn Classic International will be held. After the practice session, he revealed that he would not attempt 4Lo in this competition due to mild pain in his right knee. In the practice, he beautifully nailed 4T and 4S combination. Men’s SP will happen in 22nd.


On his right knee, Hanyu said, “It hasn’t developed into a serious injury yet, but I am going to cut down on my right foot take-off jumps in order not to let it develop into serious one.” However, he is quite ambitious about other things. In FS he is planning to attempt two 3A and 3 quads in the second half. “As for the second half, I think this layout is the most difficult, and I want to nail all these jumps,” he said.


Coach Brian Orser said that the quad Lutz is “part of our plan, our goal for this season.” About Hanyu’s condition, he said, “He is in the best shape ever. The pain (in his right knee) is a mild one. He doesn’t need to get treatment. However, in my experience, when you feel a pain, your body has something to tell you, so I decided to make him water down technically. He won’t attempt 4Lo. I think the pain was caused by fatigue from training.”


ETA: I found many other translations have already posted. Sorry for not having checked well.:bow:


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On 2/13/2018 at 5:49 PM, getsurenka said:



I posted this in the Olympic thread, but I thought some of you who don't visit that thread may want to read this as well. Big thanks to the translator who worked hard to translate the speech.


On 2/5/2018 at 8:44 PM, Hydroblade said:

Sorry for interrupting this, finally managed to translate the image with the stones on Yuzu's bracelets (Shout out to @¯\_(ツ)_/¯ who was very kind to help me get out of the kanji hell i fell into. )

  Hide contents



[drowns Yuzu in sandstone and moonstone]


On 1/25/2018 at 11:45 PM, sweetwater said:

It's a question from someone who follows her on twitter. The original question doesn't say that he is inferior to anyone.


The question: 
羽生選手はバレエを習っておりませんが、ネイサン選手や町田さんなど、バレエをしている(た)方と比べて、物足りない部分はあると思いますか? 習われた方がいいと思いますか?

(Hanyu senshu has never taken a ballet lesson. (t/n: IIRC he has taken a short-term lesson at TCC in the past) Compared with those who have learned ballet (e.g. Nathan Chen and Tatsuki Machida), do you feel there's anything you miss in him? Do you think he should start taking ballet lessons?)


And Midori said no.


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On 7/8/2018 at 12:47 AM, yude said:

Yuzuru: I am nervous. I am nervous but I am not an actor, so I hope I can have fun. And this is my first time coming to "eiga-mura (movie village)" and I think the best thing is to feel the atmosphere and enjoy it here.


Reporter: How about the lines? 


Yuzuru: I have memorized them for now and they have been soaked into my body for now, but perhaps I'll get nervous and blow them (laugh). It's a part of my calculation (laugh), can't help it. I am embarrassed, embarrassed. 


Reporter: You are used to being filmed, aren't you?


Yuzuru: I might not be used to being filmed (laugh), I get nervous, still. 




On 3/18/2018 at 3:03 AM, yude said:

Kohei Uchimura talked about Yuzuru's win at the Olympics. "I'm speechless. The Olympics was the first competition since he had been injured. If I were him, I could not have done the same. It is impossible for me."

Kohei injured his left ankle at WC in October last year and withdrew, and he will participate in the competition in next week after 5 months of absence. His ankle is recovered 70% and he wants to get back the sense of the competition.



On 3/10/2018 at 3:56 AM, yude said:

Hello, TV program called "Kataritei" was aired last night and a current ISU judge Yukiko Okabe talked about the rule change of the next season and it was interesting.


・Marking GOE in 11 grades from -5 to +5, the reason for this was there were the voices they wanted to mark more than +3. And in Ms. Okabe's opinion, 4S in SEIMEI of the Olympics would be graded as GOE +5 in new rule as well.

・The length of Men's FS was decided to be 4 minutes from now of 4 minutes and 30 seconds. Japan was opposed to this idea (the opinions of the coaches and teachers were the last 30 seconds of the program was very important to show the judges what the skaters were capable of doing to win), but other countries wanted the elements of the program be condensed in 4 minutes and to make the time length equal to the ladies' FS, and the major reason was said to be they wanted to make the time length of the whole competition shorter.


Also it was funny that Honda said 15 points for 4A was not enough, it should have 20 :laughing:


On 12/21/2017 at 7:08 AM, yude said:

This is an article of Japanese men for Japanese nationals published yesterday, and Keiji Tanaka talked a little about Yuzuru.  



"Since we both were injured in this season, we kept in touch with each other. We talked about a month ago, "Hope we can skate together in Japanese nationals.", but I feel lonely it did not come true. I want him to recover soon and show us healthy figure on the ice. There are many parts in him that I can respect as a friend and also as a skater, I wanted to see his performance and learn more, so I wanted to stand on the same ice with him sooner. But this time, I am going to concentrate on my performance."


Keiji says he is in the best condition now, I wish him good luck!


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2 hours ago, xeyra said:

@yude at GS translated an article from Taisuke Goto published on July 19. Here the author talks about Yuzu and the People's Honor Award as well as his example set through efficient practice, which he has to have to compensate for his shorter practice time compared to other men. 



Translation at GS




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On 8/31/2018 at 5:39 PM, Yatagarasu said:
On 8/31/2018 at 5:21 PM, sallycinnamon said:


Where did Yuzu say that he chose two pieces? 


I bugged @gladi to death so she was a sweetie who found it and translated it for me in the end:



"Um, where should I start... The free program this season is choreographed by Shaelynn Bourne. Um. Um. Where should I start? The music is "Art on Ice" — "Art on Ice" by Edwin Marton (sp). Using a little bit of one other piece, and rearranged. Like when I did Onmyoji and named it "SEIMEI", I gave the program this time the title of "Origin".

先ほど披露したフリーの曲名と振り付け、テーマは?  「えーと、どこから言えばいいんだろう。今季のフリーはシェイリーン・ボーンさんに振り付けしてもらったものです。えっと、えっと。どこからいえばいいんだ。曲はアート・オン・アイス。エドウィン・マートンさんのアート・オン・アイスです。少しもう1つ曲を使っていて、アレンジもしている。陰陽師をやって、SEIMEIってつけたように、今回のプログラム名としては、Originっていうタイトルをつけさせてもらいました」


So actually it is primarily "Art on Ice" and then a little bit of "Magic Stradivarius".

I listened to AoI again and well, it will be different, now won't it. There are some bits I quite like from the original that will go poof now, and some bits I dislike, that will also go poof so I am really curious, even more than before, what the final product is like.


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On 9/1/2018 at 5:45 AM, kaeryth said:

Translation of yahoo article by @yude from GS


Yuzuru doesn't watch other skaters' videos very often but he has watched Plushenko and Weir many times, and also Yagudin and Honda. He still watches videos in 6.0 system era (around Salt Lake City Olympics) because he loves skaters' performances in those days. Currently he has been watching Ice dance and Pairs, too. When he studies his performances on YT (he didn't say "YT" but I think it is), he watches a lot of videos on the recommendation list, mostly starts with Plushenko's. Sorry for the short summary.


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Not about Yuzu, but interesting translations from @Rainbow nonetheless~


16 hours ago, Rainbow said:

I will break it down by page and here goes the first page,

K:  This is the first time I see you in your own clothes, perhaps.  You look really cool (laugh).

S:  You really think so?  Ah, just the color only (is cool).  (laugh)

K:  Today’s guest is Sota Yamamoto.  Last year you had a really hard time with trouble after trouble.

S:  Yes, indeed.

K:  You broke your bone twice and had three surgeries?  That’s terrible.

S:  Yes, terrible (laugh)

K:  And, you came back last season.  Was the Chubu District Competition your first one?  How was it?

S:  Well, I could barely practice and my mind was not ready.  I could only do single jumps and I was embarrassed to compete.  I did not want to compete at that time.

K:  I see.

S:  I had asked many people around me if I should compete (laugh).  I managed somehow.  That is how it was.

K:  But, you fans really cheered for you so much.  Applaud, screams and such.

S:  Yes, I was so grateful.

K:  When you heard the audience scream, did you feel that “Oh! I came back.”?  Or did you have mixed feelings?

S:  Well, I was thinking “I can only do single jumps and is it OK for me to say that I came back?”


How the name “Sota” came out.

K:  Your name “草太Sota” is uncommon.  The kanji「草」is rarely used.

S:  Certainly so, if you think about it.

K:  How did your parent come up with this name?

S:  They gave me an answer when I asked them that question.  They had two names in mind; “Sota” or Ryota”.  Then, when they saw my face when I was born, they thought “Oh yeah! He’s got “Sota” face.” (laugh)   Not “Ryota”

K: But it’s the name people can easily remember, isn’t it?  Do you like it?

S:  Yes, it’s rare indeed and I like my name.

K:  Can I call you “So-chan?”  I always call you “So-chan” anyway.

S:  Yes, please. (laugh)


@surimi.....If you want me to continue, give me some time.


14 hours ago, Rainbow said:

Here's second page,


The Reason Why He Started to Skate

K:  OK, So-chan, what inspired you to skate?

S:  My mother loves skating and had been enjoying watching figure skating on TV at home before I was born.

K:  Oh, she loves watching, not actually skating.

S:  Yes, After I was born she kept watching FS on TV and I watched together.  When I was 5 or 6 year-old I saw Evgeni Plushenko winning a gold medal and thought “Wow! How cool he is!” and I told her “I want to learn to skate”

K:  So you said yourself.  Then, she took you to a skating rink.  Didn’t make it your mother very happy?

S:  Yes, But she had never thought about me skating. She just really loved watching FS and she told me that she was surprised.

K:  You went to the rink and started skating, and did you get into it right away?

S:  The first time I went, I saw everybody skating so smoothly and easily, and I thought “Ah, it’s easy.”  And I got on the ice without holding onto the rail.  I slipped and fell.

K:  On your first step?  (laugh)

S:  Yes, I remember I fell down on my first step.  That really hurt (laugh).

K:  I see.  You remember that.

S:  Yes, That’s my first memory of skating.


What Draws him into Skating

K:  You slipped and fell and it made you really feel good?  What is the attraction of skating for you?

S:  At the beginning I had a hard time standing even while touching the wall (laugh).

K:  You couldn’t stand with hands on the wall?

S:  Yes, I was touching the wall the whole time to keep me from falling.  At first I thought “It’s so hard and I don’t like it.”  But after a while I could do various moves and I started thinking “Ah, I’m having fun.” I don’t remember clearly though.

K:  But you remember clearly you fell down the first time.  You fell on your butt?

S:  I do remember that clearly.  It’s so painful (laugh).


In Novice Days He Often Hung out with Friends

K:  Then, do you recall anything while you were a novice skater?

S:  I was an elementary/middle school kid, and I remember I played with my friends a lot.

K:  So your memory of being a novice skater is “having fun with your friends.”  (laugh) Then, is there any particular competition that left a strong impression on you?

S:  Just as I thought it would be, Japan National Novice Championship which is the most important competition among novice skaters.  I usually went all out in any competition but I was particularly nervous in a good way at that completion and wanted to skate the best I could do.


@surimi, If you don't stop me I will keep translating the rest.

I guess the reason why google translation throws you off is that Kenji and Sota were somewhat relaxed and they both talked in Kansai (western) dialect.


12 hours ago, Rainbow said:

I'm actually having fun translating this amusing chat. 

The page 3 follows,


K:  You were nervous.  But didn’t you say that you don’t get nervous usually?

S:  Did I?  I get nervous a lot.  Japan Novice National Championship was the one when I got most nervous.

K: What happens when you get nervous?

When I was posing at the beginning of the program, my legs were too shaky to hold me still (laugh).

K:  So much?  Your knees were laughing so hard that they shook violently?

S:  Yes (laugh).


Memories of Junior Days – 2012 Japan Junior National Championship 4th Place

K:  What about moving up to junior competitions?  Any memories?

S:  I started competing at Japan Novice National Championship and ended up with the good results, which helped me enter into Japan Junior National Championship.  The second time around I was able to place 4th, and it is the best results in my earlier career.

K:  How did it go?  Your impression?

S:  Well, I lack stamina and was thinking “The length of the program is longer now and it’s tiring.”

K:  That’s what impressed you the most. OK... “Hey, 30 seconds longer--What’s going on?”  (laugh)

S:  “Hey, More jumps--What the heck!” something like that (laugh).

K:  But it’s just one more jump, isn’t it? (laugh)

S:  Yes, but that one more jump was tough.


Placed 14th at Japan National Championship and Received Newcomer Award

K:  And you placed 14th at Japan National Championship and was given the newcomer award.  You only have one chance to get it.  Were you happy?

S:  But..I did not get the feeling that I was given something as prize.  Did I get anything?

Nooo!  You’d better say “Yes, I’m happy.” first, instead of “I didn’t get any prize goods.” (laugh)

How was it?  I have no idea because I never got that award myself.

S:  It’s not an award certificate or trophy, and after the competition at the arena I heard the announcement about the award. After all, the venue was a large Saitama Super Arena and I was happy to hear the announcement delivered to a large audience.

K:  Next season, you placed 6th at Japan National and won bronze at the World Junior.  Wasn’t it awesome?

S:  I worked very hard (laugh).

K:  So you say (laugh).  You landed 3A twice?  How did you feel?

S:  I focused on practicing 3A, so I was happy I nailed it.

K:  At practice you were doing well, too?

S:  No.  The success rate of my landing 3A was not good.  I was doing fine with other jumps, but axel jump was the only one not stable and I was worried.

K:  But you jumped clean?

S:  I sort of landed clean and I was glad.

K:  You raised your clenched fists?

S:  I did (laugh).


...I'll be back tomorrow with some more pages.

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12 hours ago, Salior said:

I translated the whole excerpt from the Chinese source, please let me know if there's any better translations I can put in! 



Brian Orser’s father passed away on 3rd March 2017, he didn’t tell anyone about it, and continued to work at TCC as if nothing happened. 


“Yuzuru seemed to notice something different about me, which is quite remarkable. Usually during practice, Yuzuru is very focused on himself, paying attention to the training content, his own body, or the techniques, so during practice he wouldn’t normally talk with other skaters or rest. But at that time, Yuzuru would observe my expression and empathise with me. Yuzuru had been through the earthquake disaster in Japan, perhaps that’s why he is so sensitive to others’ loss. So at that time as I felt heavy-hearted, Yuzuru felt the same, and he’d watch me from far away as I secretly grieve/let out a sigh. 


At the beginning, I thought Yuzuru’s sensitivity was my own imagination, after all I was so upset that my worldview changed. More importantly, for Yuzuru and Javier, the World Championships before the Olympic Games is approaching, and our conversations would revolve around the competition. For Yuzuru, winning the title of the the Defending World Champion before the Olympics is very important, and Yuzuru really did it. I’m so proud of him. There’s nothing better than this leading to the Olympic Games. 


Both of them participated in the gala. Usually I’d leave early without watching the gala, but this time I watched both their performances at the rink site. 


Yuzuru’s exhibition is the swan-themed “Notte Stellata”. It’s choreographed by David Wilson, one of our choreographers in Team Brian, for the jumps there’s only a single axel and a triple axel. It’s done such that everyone will be able to enjoy Yuzuru’s gorgeous skating, it’s a stunning program. The program depicts a dying swan spreading its wings once again, till that day Yuzuru skated it with the image of the recovery of the disaster area in mind. That day, Yuzuru portrayed a white swan that is more beautiful and gentle than any other. 


Later, something surprising happened. After the performance, Yuzuru returned to the rink site, and told me “I was thinking about Brian’s father while skating”. 


Yuzuru performed a tribute to my late father. I was surprised that Yuzuru who usually doesn’t talk much, expressed condolence to my father with such clarity. From this program, he conveyed the message to me so that I can cheer up/pull myself together again. For me, who still haven’t gotten over my father’s death, that moment brought a very big change from the bottom of my heart. 


It’s been 6 years since I worked with Yuzuru as a coach and student. I thought that we understood each other and formed the strongest team, but this was the first time that made me feel that Yuzuru is supporting me by my side. 


The 2nd Olympic Games that Yuzuru will face together with me is approaching in 10 months. For the upcoming Olympic Games, I’ve resolved from the bottom of my heart, that no matter how difficult things may come in our way, I will stride forward with Yuzuru. 


Of course I never would’ve thought that I would experience such an epic Olympic season. Not just as a coach, as a friend, a human being, I will promise to support Yuzuru the best I can.”




Some Weibo comments that I thought was heartfelt: 


"People often talk about empathy, it seemed like it's a psychological term. A person who is sensitive, would gently, silently think about you, they won't rush up to you to comfort you, but they would show their concern through their actions. Someone who doesn't make you feel smothered at all, he might really be an angel, else how would every fibre of him show such kindness and gentleness." 


"Those who are sensitive are often fragile, as a protect mechanism they often isolate themselves when they are sad, but never once did he ignore the distress of those around him. A twenty-plus year old person, from where did he get so much love and kindness..." 





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