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  1. General Yuzuru chat

    My guess is that initially, only the ankle was diagnosed but maybe they realised subsequently that his knee was also injured. I remember some of us were speculating when it happened that it looked like the knee took the brunt of the fall. If so, that might explain why recovery took longer than initially predicted. I think @Sombreuil is absolutely right though - I think what's healthiest now is to - like Yuzu and his team I'm sure - try to get to the stage of accepting this has happened, that it's awful awful luck but that the only thing we can do is keep moving forward as best we can. We've sent him our well wishes, I'm sure he knows this. We just need to breathe and adjust our expectations to accept whatever happens, while hoping for the best. And try to avoid news websites that - like when he was initially injured - will exploit useless commentary and recycle info for clicks. If he goes to JNats, if he goes to 4CC, if he goes to Olys with no preparation... at the end of the day, it's what happens on the day in PC that counts. We'll deal with it when we get there.
  2. General Yuzuru chat

    omg what a coincidence she/he/they(?) had a disney princess yuzu drawing though? (and not posted on her insta/tumblr as far as I can see -- where did you find it??) I adore that account, how do they manage to capture the likenesses so well ; u ;
  3. General Yuzuru chat

    omg omg are you the talent behind wtf skating doodles?? o:
  4. General Yuzuru chat

    suddenly I like the team event at PC. If he absolutely has to come back at PC......at least it won’t be the men’s short...?
  5. General Yuzuru chat

    LOL he literally referred to himself as the absolute champion in the sense that 'this is who I want to become/need to become'. He has also said 'as an absolute champion, I...' but always in the context of 'this is what I need to do better' [in order to live up to the name]'. Japan just took it and rolled with it like 'WELL THIS IS WHO YOU ARE NOW, WHETHER YOU BELIEVE IT OR NOT' In Japan, he's often referred to as 'Japan's Ace' (which is standard for any person 'leading' their field/discipline) but I don't think there's as established a title for him in Western media as eg. 'Queen' for Yuna. I've heard rockstar/legend a lot but that's from listening mostly to CBC, B Esp and NBC. Side note: I've always thought of GOAT as more of an implicit unspoken understanding (that 'invisible aura', perhaps) amongst the community such that if you actually said 'who's the GOAT?', people would reply - more or less - with the same name(s), regardless of their personal preference, which is why someone achieving true 'GOAT' status is so rare. Coming from tennis, it's often fiercely debated (Rafa vs Roger fans) but I think the only time we'll see the title actually being raised is after a mind-boggling result or once retirement starts becoming an actual reality
  6. [2017] GPF - Ladies SP & FS

    sigh. more predictable bitterness from the judging, all I'm thinking now is that I'm glad GP is over and that the 2nd half of the season owes us for the mess that has been the first half Two things that were most egregious to me: Watching the judges not only rob Wakaba on PCS (then again she got 67PCS for a totally clean skate in CoC what were we expecting) but on GOEs live, thanks to the new TES. What does she need to do to get +2s and +3s on her 2A (and even her 3Lz-3T which got almost the same GOE as CoC where she did it perfectly). Can she literally do any more than what she's already doing, apart from adding a tano arm and/or be a willowy delicate ballerina type skater. I'm so sad for her, it's so hard not to be disheartened when you're giving your all and being robbed on both fronts... I hope this just fires her up for JNats someone explain to me kaetlyn getting 72PCS
  7. [2017] GPF - Ladies SP & FS

    The new TES box lets me see all the GOE BS going on with the ladies - Alina and Maria's spins were noticeably poorer today but getting +2s and +3s. I cannot with Alina's PCS of course, but that's already just a given. And of course Wakaba was robbed of PCS and even some jump GOEs in her own country ughhhhh Ladies judging always leaves me feeling so bitter about FS
  8. lmaooooo..... Mitsuki is coming straight after Sota for the No 1 Hanyu Fanboy crown with a bonus side of salty!Machida, this is hilarious (was this episode back when Macchi was still competing I wonder) There was a news feature on him (I haven't found the video) but he had all the Yuzu clearfiles (and what looks like a $$$$ pair of earphones LOL). I don't want to know how much Ghana and Xylitol White he has at home
  9. [2017] GPF - Pairs SP & FS

    the rallying cry of this season alkjfaljf
  10. Yeah it's a pity and to be fair, I think she was not necessarily expecting to be a favourite for the Olys spot. Either way, she can get on the podium w/o it...if they don't underscore her PCS =___= I'm glad to see someone planning and building their stability for the next quad though, esp with the male youngsters trying to max out their BVs as soon as they debut. Sometimes I forget how young Wakaba and some of the ladies are
  11. Ah right, fair enough I suppose. Interesting to see the long term strategy there.
  12. lmao I can't believe Alena's WR lasted about 5min
  13. completely clean event, this is insane. The free will be incredibly interesting o:
  14. Media Link Requests

    lord and saviour! (THOSE DORKS) thank you so much!!
  15. Media Link Requests

    Hii again, does anyone have a full clip of JP Nats 2014 mens podium w Yuzu, Shoma and Kozuka? (the one where they forget their certificates on the podium lolol). I found a gifset but the link to the video was broken ;;