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  1. a dream come true for me - some yuzu washi tape I made
  2. Hello, im drawing a little on the wisdom of the crowd for a twitter thread I'm making - I remember there were some Chinese skaters with costume tributes to Yuzu this year and in the past (I seem to remember etude, Poto 1.0 and 2.0, maybe a PW?) and even a rollerskater from a few years ago but cannot for the life of me locate their names or clips. Does this ring a bell for anyone? Can you DM me here or Twitter (@axelsandwich) if you have anything? Thanks guys~
  3. Subbed a rare teenage mushroom clip that I found on Youtube ; u ;
  4. Oh oops, belated clarification. It must be Crowdworks if that's the registered name. I'm not technically wrong I think because クラウド is also romanised as 'Cloud' (eg. Cloud Strife's name) but I should have checked. My apologies!
  5. and with that, yuzu's daily blog posts come to an end and he retreats back into hermit cave. aww. given his history with social media, this was honestly the most sustained social media updates we've ever received so good effort for completion's sake and easy reading, I compiled my translations into a twitter moment if anyone wants it
  6. our podcast team got to interview brian before worlds (as well as tracy which we released a few weeks ago) and he talks a bit about yuzu~ just a bit more content to hopefully brighten your day a bit
  7. Hey guys - if any international fan brought a yuzu banner to any competition this year or in previous years and has some photos of it, could they kindly send me a DM here or on twitter (@axelsandwich)? Looking for people who want to contribute to something (will explain further in a DM)
  8. awwwww I hope he healed you with his presence <333 go resttt (yes he did but hfshfkhj we...know not to trust him with that anymore but it's okay, just believe in him lol)
  9. Ahh, so a good 肉 hahahaah. thank you for letting me know, somehow it seems like the sort of manga he'd read
  10. I'm really touched, this program interviewed one of Yuzu's ex classmates from 3rd year of middle school (Google translate is saying his name is Masanori Asano but sometimes it can be read differently so if any JPN speakers want to correct me, please do!). Yuzu's mentioned previously that he really loved his classmates from that class. I'm just going to cover the parts of middle school to give a rough gist of what was said. Footage of Yuzu in middle school around 2:20 Classmate: I hope he will go to the Olympics and win Asano: Who are you making your goal as you keep doing your activities? Yuzuru: Without forgetting this class (Year 3 Class 4) and how everyone cheered for and supported me, I will work hard Asano: Ah yes, a good comment, thank you very much, thank you (9yrs later...) Asano had been in the same primary and middle school as Yuzu for 6 years. Q: How did he become good friends with Yuzuru? Asano: The first person I spoke to when I entered middle school was Yuzuru-kun. I was sitting by myself (somewhat isolated) at the end there and then he spoke to me. Fundamentally, he's a good person. He loved baseball so we played catchball in the schoolyard. He jumped too, in the classroom. He often said stuff like, 'I can't rotate so much on land but I can rotate more on the ice', like 'I'm not just this y'know!' (T/N: sort of in the spirit of 'don't underestimate me!') Yuzu won in the 2010 Junior World Championships in March and returned to Sendai in April. Yuzu at the airport: Now that I've returned to my hometown of Sendai, the feeling of reality is hugely hitting me/overflowing. But in truth he had missed his graduation ceremony to make Junior Worlds. Q: Hanyu-senshuu didn't attend his graduation ceremony right? Asano: No he didn't. On a separate day, he had his own graduation ceremony... perhaps you could say a ceremony just for him. About 10-15 remaining students and classmates (his own age) were there. After the ceremony, we went back to the classroom and spoke about various things and took photos, and he wrote 'niku' (meat) on my forehead. Yuzu also gave him an autograph (his junior autograph with the mushroom fhskjfs) - and on the top he wrote 'I'm going to get a gold medal at the Olympics!' Asano: If I'm not wrong, at the time, it had been decided the Olympics was going to be in Sochi? He said something about getting a gold medal at this Olympics Games with an unfamiliar name I'd never heard of...... and he really frikkin got it huh (t/n: he doesn't strictly say 'frikkin' but I wanted to convey...the amused incredulity LOL) Q: What hopes does he have for Yuzuru? Asano: During his schooldays, I thought he always always just did skating. I hope he will treasure the times when he's not skating and take care with injuries. Rather than saying 'gold medal, gold medal', I'd like him to take care of his body. Yeah I want to see him. Like we did back then, I want to joke around together again. ; u ; I hope they'll get the chance to meet ;;;;
  11. Just did an English translation of this news feature on Sota Yamamoto and his comeback at the Challenge Cup. His journey back from injury will always be inspiring to me and I'm always extra endeared by the little hints of yuzu's influence in him (check those necklaces shjshkf) ;; http://kaerb.tumblr.com/post/183156551059/eng-translation-sota-yamamoto-good-sports
  12. This is the move (and honestly, I have a 17yr old brother right now...... seeing how boys his age act, this does not surprise me at all lol)
  13. Perhaps unpopular opinion about the TCC video but...
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