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  1. Rainbow

    General Yuzuru Chat

    I read Yahoo Japan's article on the backlash of Kozuka's comment and over 1,000 comments submitted by readers. Overwhelming majority disagree with Kozuka, but I do not feel they are bashing Kozuka and hating him. They voiced their disagreements saying that the unsportsmanlike game against Poland is not comparable to Yuzuru's OGM performance at all because Yuzuru fought all out and did the best he could do with the injured ankle. Some are even more offended by Kozuka's another comment "僕は信じてなかったんですよ ちゃんと積み重ねてきた人が優勝するだろうな、と思っていた" which means "I did not believe he would win because I though only the skater who had legitimately achieved the results over and over again would win." Many interpreted his comment as denying Yuzuru's diligent efforts, hard works and self sacrifice to overcome many hardships to attain remarkable achievements in the past leading up to the Olympics.
  2. Rainbow

    General Yuzuru Chat

    To me, native speaker of Japanese, Shinya's last Yuzu chan is quick but still sounded as Yuzu chan with very short "zu" The difference between chan and kun: As Shinya became closer to Yuzu during the practice session, he might have started calling him affectionately "Yuzu chan."
  3. Rainbow

    General Yuzuru Chat

    Thanks for the translation. I am a Japanese and English is my second language. To clarify the last part of the article, the question asked to BO was about new skaters (plural) such as (PC) Olympic silver medalist Zhenya of Russia joining the team to train under him. To this inquiry BO responded that they are hard working athletes with great personalities. He said "It's good for Yuzu too. I am very much looking forward to it." Above is my somewhat word by word translation. Perhaps these new skaters include Boyang and Jason Brown.