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  1. Media Link Requests

    Does anyone know where to find a video for the spring teambuilding event for Team Japan for the Oly season? The only link I've seen is made private and I can't view it.
  2. Japanese study group

  3. Japanese study group

    If your teachers don't see anything wrong with your handwriting, I doubt anyone here can help. It's been a while since I last saw one of our Japanese users in this thread. It appears it's just us learners now. But if you wrote the text in your sig, then wow, you're really very good. Myself, I am at the stage where I'm re-learning the kana to match the recommended order of strokes, and it's looks so ugly and started to affect the few kanji I write, meh. No advice here, lol, not for years to come. Congrats on being able to read books! I read my first tale last week, one from the textbook and that's about my level. Yesterday, I took a translated article about Sota by IronKlaus to class with me that I found somewhere in the Team Japan thread here, and boy, was that very very hard... but fascinating at the same time. It's a great feeling to see the grammar that you only know from textbooks applied in real inteviews and actual media articles. At times like this I'm happy I have individual classes and don't have to see anyone eyeroll at me bringing up FS all the time...
  4. Team Japan

    Thanks for reposting this, yuzuangel. I hope young Sota had a great day, and I'm keeping all fingers and toes crossed for his health. Btw, can anyone clarify what the text says? With the help of jisho, I pieced together somehing like that the first performance (after the long break?) at all-Japan championships was so beautiful to watch it made the user cry? Then I'm lost on the first part, but after that they thank him for not giving up on skating and returning, and then wish him a happy birthday?
  5. Team Japan

    Thanks for sharing! With 3 of my top favorite skaters in attendance, I'd love to see a video of that festival too. Maybe someone uploads something on youtube... I'm especially happy to see Sota in the photo. I first saw him skate maybe not even 14 days ago in Nats videos, and instantly became a fan. Such talent! Please stay healthy.
  6. Trying my luck here: Is there anyone out there who would be willing to take a request? B/c I can't even make a simple banner...
  7. Team Japan

    Aww! *melts into a puddle* Adorable! No surer way to off me lift my mood than Team Japan kiddie photos.
  8. Japanese study group

    No, you read correctly, it was my sensei who claimed kara was either too formal or too informal, and unsuitable either way. But back when he said that, I was only learning the present tense, so I am not sure if his instructions to avoid kara are true for past tenses as well. But he approves of informal verb form + kara desu... So confusing. I wish my teacher and yours could sort this out together.
  9. Japanese study group

    Lovely that there are so many learners among skaters. And so proficient, wow. Myself, I sometimes wonder if I'm the only one who started learning only because of figure skating... haha, mine actually drew a handy chart for me, saying that combined with polite verbs, both node and kara are formal, and combined with informal verb forms, node is neutral and the best option, whereas kara isn't polite and feels too chummy. But then, I've only just begun kara + informal past tense today and haven't read the relevant passage in Genki yet (blindly tried a workbook exercise in a section I haven't advanced to yet, cause I was on a long bus ride and bored), so I have no idea if that chart is true for other tenses than the present one.
  10. Japanese study group

    Yes, that's exactly what my teacher said, all of it! I also think the NHK annoncer used 'jouzu' to refer to Jason learning Japanese in the gala (when introducing him)? I could be wrong, I only heard it once, and when it comes to listenings, well... shall we say, heta desu. Hmm, I have only ever heard of Aoki Yuna. Anyway, it tells me the video is unavailable. -_- Could you sum up some of the points he makes on the English issue, or would that take too long?
  11. Japanese study group

    Thanks for the feedback! Perhaps the 'wa' advice comes in the later lessons of Genki, but I'm only about to begin lesson 9, and so far they've promoted 'ga' with negations of verbs such as 'suki desu', 'arimasu/imasu' and negative expressions such as 'kirai desu', from lesson 5 on (the only 'wa' in relation to 'suki desu' is in a footnote saying one uses it when contrasting two items). Oh, so it's not grammar-based? There's still a long long road ahead of me, especially regarding the listening. Question, do you guys use 'jouzu desu' and 'heta desu' in class like Genki suggests, or do your teachers push 'tokui desu' and 'nigate desu' as more universal, like mine does? How is it going with your study, Sofie? Murieleirum and Hydro gave you really good tips, I hope they helped. I'd also add the right approach for you has a lot to do with your personality and hobbies - myself, I am not chatty and rarely watch movies/TV, so online chat sites and Japanese series are lost on me. Find stuff that relates to your hobbies, it will make learning easier for you. Memorizing the kana before you buy a textbook is a great idea, as someone here said. Use memory aids a lot if you struggle, and if you don't find the 'official' ones helpful, make your own. I did that for a good part of the katakana. And find yourself some lessons to practice what you learned; if there are none in your area, consider Skype lessons. I had both a non-native and a native teacher, and I was lucky as both were/are outstanding. And private lessons are so much fun! Not the cheapest but where else would a teacher nudge a student to say 'he jumped a 3A'? (really! not the other way round!) Certainly not in public lessons, haha.
  12. Japanese study group

    Question for fellow learners as I'm at a loss what to learn and what not ('learn everything' looks like the most realistic solution at this point -_- ). Here's the thing, I'm taking classes with a native speaker, and sometimes he disagrees with what the textbooks say and with what my previous teacher (non-native) taught us. I can think of 3 examples at this point: a) he insists I use 'wa' in negations, even when textbooks use 'ga' or 'o' (before 'suki janai desu' etc), b) he tells me not to use 'no' between numeratives and nouns (would that make 'shichinin no samurai' an outdated movie name, then?), and c) he rejects 'kara' (actually struck out all the 'kara's in my Genki workbook saying 'This definitely won't do!')) as too formal and insists I use 'node' + common verb form. Now, I believe what he says, and take his word for it that normal people don't talk like that in the street. But at the same time, I'd like to take an exam in basic Japanese in the future. What suggestions should I follow, those of the textbooks or those of my teacher? Would I pass an exam without learning those particular grammar rules that he rejects? Advice of more experienced students would be greatly appreciated...
  13. General Yuzuru chat

    lol, better make that 'several days after ACI'... I suspect that's when the PH satellites lucky enough to be in the audience, begin to regain consciousness. Good to know though. We are a mighty force.
  14. Random Thought Theater

    15 yrs since the beginning of the largest flood Prague has known in about 100 years, and we've been having thunderstorms and heavy rain since morning. Weather sure has a twisted sense of humour.