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  1. Japanese study group

    I have a question, how does one translate constructions such as "I have always [verb]"? I tried to write "... but unfortunately, I've always been nervous /I've always suffered from stage fright" in my homework, but it looks like there's no way to say it literally? I wrote "itsumo, kinchou shite shimaimasu", but sensei suggested I use "ima mo, kinchou shite shimaimasu". Is there no way I can use 'always', not even if, say, I use 'aru' instead of 'suru'?
  2. Team Japan

    Sounds like an interesting choice for Shoma, I'm looking forward to what he does with it. Definitely a breat of fresh air after the classics (and after Alina's choice) I don't like the costume though... the ribbon-tie and the sequins look like a weird elementary school project to me. I hope he wears something manlier, though I don't object to an all-black outfit.
  3. Team Japan

    Thanks for the update! Wishing young Koshiro best of luck, and looking forward to seeing him back in competitions! He seems to have grown a lot, I recall all those photos and videos where he's a tiny scrawny kid... good to see he's not lost his trademark grin though!
  4. ^ Aww, the Fellini costume on the toy is precious And Miki in the photo above looks gorgeous
  5. I knew you would be pleased And how could I have forgotten An American In Paris...
  6. Ah, wonderful idea, very cathartic (if that's even an adjective). May I nominate: Liebestraum, Sing Sing Sing, It's a Wonderful World, Imagine, My Fair Lady, Cabaret, Masquerade Waltz, Nocturne, Oblivion and Blue Danube? And that famous Chaplin movie theme, I don't recall the name... Oh and Papa Can You Hear Me, that one too. There's also Meditation of Thais but I actually enjoy it...
  7. Team Japan

    Perfect. That made my day. Thank you.
  8. 2017/18 Retirements

    Forgot about Hochstein, who said he wanted to quit this season too.
  9. Thanks for clarifying. Yup, just been to her twitter and only twitter users can access her art now. That sucks mightily, I loved her art and now it looks like I'll never be able to set that beautiful yellow light Rika image as my desktop anymore Even those watermark protection symbols would be preferrable to that...
  10. I can no longer see amari/charlottekreo's art that's linked here I hope she hasn't deleted her twitter account?
  11. Team Japan

    Satoko makes a cute policewoman. Does anyone know if Keiji has ever done this, him being extremely suitable for the position? If so, I need to see the photos.
  12. 2017/18 Retirements

    I'd say the other certain names are Bobrova/Soloviev, Tobias/Tkachenko, Agafonova/Ucar for ice dance, and also Bychenko and Majorov have reportedly spoken of this being their last season... Reynolds seems to have quit, too? Also, hard to imagine Ten continuing but no official announcement so far.
  13. Hah, good choices. But what, no Rhapsody in Blue, La Strada or La Vie En Rose? Color me shocked Sing Sing Sing and My Fair Lady are pretty annoying too... looks like a full warhorse board would rather resemble a chessboard, lol. OT, but someone skated to Poeta this season? I'd need to see that.
  14. Agh, don't do this to a huge Keiji fan like me, especially right after the Dabin article, please use a 'no panic' headline or something! JK, JK, but really, the moment I saw the words 'Keiji' and 'broken boots' in the same sentence, I went and then . To 'ell with the placement, I don't want him to withdraw unless absolutely necessary. Just don't get injured in them or anything, Keiji, OK?
  15. Bad luck for Dabin, at least it's a boot and not a foot (I misread and my heart skipped a beat). Still, she's done really well so far, and I hope she takes a proper rest now. Good luck next season!