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  1. Japanese study group

    Yes, that's exactly what my teacher said, all of it! I also think the NHK annoncer used 'jouzu' to refer to Jason learning Japanese in the gala (when introducing him)? I could be wrong, I only heard it once, and when it comes to listenings, well... shall we say, heta desu. Hmm, I have only ever heard of Aoki Yuna. Anyway, it tells me the video is unavailable. -_- Could you sum up some of the points he makes on the English issue, or would that take too long?
  2. Japanese study group

    Thanks for the feedback! Perhaps the 'wa' advice comes in the later lessons of Genki, but I'm only about to begin lesson 9, and so far they've promoted 'ga' with negations of verbs such as 'suki desu', 'arimasu/imasu' and negative expressions such as 'kirai desu', from lesson 5 on (the only 'wa' in relation to 'suki desu' is in a footnote saying one uses it when contrasting two items). Oh, so it's not grammar-based? There's still a long long road ahead of me, especially regarding the listening. Question, do you guys use 'jouzu desu' and 'heta desu' in class like Genki suggests, or do your teachers push 'tokui desu' and 'nigate desu' as more universal, like mine does? How is it going with your study, Sofie? Murieleirum and Hydro gave you really good tips, I hope they helped. I'd also add the right approach for you has a lot to do with your personality and hobbies - myself, I am not chatty and rarely watch movies/TV, so online chat sites and Japanese series are lost on me. Find stuff that relates to your hobbies, it will make learning easier for you. Memorizing the kana before you buy a textbook is a great idea, as someone here said. Use memory aids a lot if you struggle, and if you don't find the 'official' ones helpful, make your own. I did that for a good part of the katakana. And find yourself some lessons to practice what you learned; if there are none in your area, consider Skype lessons. I had both a non-native and a native teacher, and I was lucky as both were/are outstanding. And private lessons are so much fun! Not the cheapest but where else would a teacher nudge a student to say 'he jumped a 3A'? (really! not the other way round!) Certainly not in public lessons, haha.
  3. Japanese study group

    Question for fellow learners as I'm at a loss what to learn and what not ('learn everything' looks like the most realistic solution at this point -_- ). Here's the thing, I'm taking classes with a native speaker, and sometimes he disagrees with what the textbooks say and with what my previous teacher (non-native) taught us. I can think of 3 examples at this point: a) he insists I use 'wa' in negations, even when textbooks use 'ga' or 'o' (before 'suki janai desu' etc), b) he tells me not to use 'no' between numeratives and nouns (would that make 'shichinin no samurai' an outdated movie name, then?), and c) he rejects 'kara' (actually struck out all the 'kara's in my Genki workbook saying 'This definitely won't do!')) as too formal and insists I use 'node' + common verb form. Now, I believe what he says, and take his word for it that normal people don't talk like that in the street. But at the same time, I'd like to take an exam in basic Japanese in the future. What suggestions should I follow, those of the textbooks or those of my teacher? Would I pass an exam without learning those particular grammar rules that he rejects? Advice of more experienced students would be greatly appreciated...
  4. General Yuzuru chat

    lol, better make that 'several days after ACI'... I suspect that's when the PH satellites lucky enough to be in the audience, begin to regain consciousness. Good to know though. We are a mighty force.
  5. Random Thought Theater

    15 yrs since the beginning of the largest flood Prague has known in about 100 years, and we've been having thunderstorms and heavy rain since morning. Weather sure has a twisted sense of humour.
  6. Japanese study group

    Good luck with the websites, Altie! If you're sociable, they look like a great place to practice language, and who knows, if you live in a city as large as Paris, you could even make a real-life friend who lives or is staying in Paris? Good luck, and let us know how you fared! Myself, I checked out a conversation website or two, but didn't join - I'm extremely introverted and immensely unimaginative/boring when it comes to talking to strangers. So I went ahead and despite my low level, signed up for 'official' individual classes with a native speaker, because I really really need someone to check and correct my pronunciation. Turns out I got lucky - this guy knows not only of Hanyu, but of Kihira as well, yay!
  7. General Yuzuru chat

    I liked the original Seimei so I'm not disappointed. To be honest, I'm not superthrilled at this point either - it's more that I'm nourisihing the hope that he doesn't want to, uh, leave competitive ice, with 2 repeats/reworks, and I can still look forward to his choices in the upcoming seasons. I just hope that the ends justify the means in this case: that he manages to find his inner peace and consistency. Or at least peak at the right times.
  8. Japanese study group

    Can anyone help me out with this one? What is the difference between the use of は in definitions, and of とは? I come across both in the Japanese Wiki entry openings, but don't understand what exactly the latter is for.
  9. Wow, this is amazing! I wasn't aware this sport even existed, and if it did, that they use other apparatuses than the ladies. I was expecting to see ribbons and hoops when I first glanced at the video links here, lol. Thanks for sharing these observations and links, I've just checked out Ogawa's rope routine and it's impressive. If this was on TV, I'd totally watch. @winnie - I think there's a mixed discipline for synchronized swimming, but I'm not sure there's a separate one for men.
  10. Random Thought Theater

    Good for you, and here's a virtual toast to your health! It's awesome that once again, watching our favorite skater made someone better, in one sense of the word or another. ^ ^
  11. General Yuzuru chat

    Sorry, where did you analyse it? Just curious, and these threads are moving so fast.
  12. General Yuzuru chat

    So happy for you! and jelly as hell at the same time, lol The hakama images look wonderful, it's a gorgeous piece of clothing and fits Hanyu to a T. You guys are right, the suits aren't working most of the time. And don't kill me, but the gown from the movie reminds me of pajamas so much, I snicker every time I see it... Also, why exactly do you guys call him Zuzu? I've been wondering for months.
  13. Japanese study group

    Yes, there's something heartwarming about the 'wants to learn Japanese and watches FS -> must be a fan of YH' deduction.