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  1. Can anyone still watch the kokutai junior ladies archived stream? Having almost finished watching the other disciplines, I wanted to watch this one, but the archived stream for junior ladies SP keeps dying on me :[
  2. Is there a way to download the archived Kokutai streams? I am worried that they'll be taken down before I have had time to watch them. I'm finished with Men, halfway through Ladies, and have yet to watch all juniors. I don't know if they normally put up Kokutai, but in this weird season it's good to find an unblocked, archived stream. I am happy and grateful.
  3. Does anyone know if the Aichi competition is actually taking place? I don't see any results there yet, which is weird because there are many categories, and it should be ending on Dec 6... ETA, oh good, I see juniors' scores are up now.
  4. You really think the Japanese boys other than Keiji and Kagiyama would get the same scores the Russian men did at Rostelecom for identical performances? In 80s and 90s?? lol. I guess we'll see in a bit.
  5. Oh dear. That's very bad for Sota then. He got lousy scores from this gang for basically everything. Kagiyama and Keiji are going to benefit from it big time OTOH. Why can't the Japanese judges be as generous to all of their competitors as the Russians are?
  6. Thanks for the info! I feel very sorry for Tatsuya! He won regionals and sectionals, only to mess up JNats and not qualify for senior Nats All that while injury made him WD in tears from last year's senior Nats, and while he chose to stay in juniors to get some results and reputation before going senior. Then a chance to redeem himself slips through his fingers due to one off day, and by just one spot... and both JGP and JWorlds are cancelled now... Aww The boy really has the worst luck.
  7. Question, so Tatsuya Tsuboi, who was 7th, won't be able to qualify for Nats eventhough he won jr regionals and sectionals? -_-
  8. Aww Rika H, 3-2... Good luck to her in the free. Sad also for Yuhana. Ayaka had 2ft 3A if I remember my kanji right? I want to see Yuna S's Eden. And Mai, such a strong competitor! ;u; Thanks for the reports!
  9. ^ But Shoma hasn't lost his jumps under Lambiel. And Vasiljevs has landed a quad in competition recetly. I think Rika will keep her jumps.
  10. I actually teared up reading this. I have to share this further.
  11. Stupid question but what does the V in spin levels mean? Not hitting a position?
  12. Guys, where's the talk of Rika possibly switching to Plushenko coming from? I thought people were just joking when I stumbled upon it...
  13. Can foreigners watch Japanese regionals somehow?
  14. Since Japanese skaters never participate in the later Challengers in my experience, the result is the same as if the ban had been extended for the whole series. I doubt they'd be willing to send some skaters to late challengers just when Sectionals and Nats preparations are underway. But didn't JSF outright cancel JGP Yokohama? And JSF didn't wait for ISU's decision regarding JGP, just said they won't send their skaters there. They're earlier competitions than senior GP so that's probably why, but apparently JSF don't need ISU statements to act. Like I said, I don't have a problem wi
  15. Not quite, and that's what irks me the most. 'Protecting' the GP-ineligible (or GP potential) skaters by having them stay at home while happily sending off the higher ranked ones to GP, doesn't seem like the best way to protect all their skaters. Either they're deliberately risking the health of their GP skaters - or they only keep GP because a) they don't have to spend so much money on them (the organizing countries are the ones who pay for accommodations, right?) , and b) because the biggest Fed favorites are guaranteed them anyway, and will have a chance to get points there. As a fan o
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