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Yuzuru Hanyu ICE STORY 2nd 'RE_PRAY' TOUR - Yokohama


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4 minutes ago, LiaRy said:

These are all the photos from today that I could find so far

Tumblr yuzu-all the way




ALIGATO Liary, they are really  :2thumbsup: :girlsigh: since I don't have or watch this last RE_PRAY, I'm waiting for it in the video section  :peace2:which I felt, through your writing dear fanyus a certain emotion with a Yuzu who went deep inside him same (I read “fatigue”) : so now rest well before NS 


Here's my pooh rain, since I can't do otherwise  :YuzuPoohLove: :puddingpooh:  :pooh:  :Poohgaveup:  :dancingpooh:  :angrypooh:

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It was the best show ever. So magical, powerful. (I want to see it again and again.) :love:

He is the best skater ever. 

And the kindest, sweetest, wisest person. My heart is full of emotions. So emotional, deeply moved, proud. 

I hope I can see him skate live some day.


Thank you so much Yuzu and staff!

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