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Stars on Ice Osaka 2023

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I had missed the opening, but I did NOT miss the slowo (wanted more tbh)


56 minutes ago, TallyT said:



He really can make anything special. "simple" black outfit, a minute long choreo...but when it's him doing that, it's mesmerizing.

I just...oh my, now I want a full progam to that!

also, whoa that infinite travelling entry into spin(without spin), he really be coering whole  rink like that...



on other things, I only caught a bit of Sota <3 (always liked that music) and then the latest group number. Typical number, but I enjoyed Kaori being into it and most having at least fun (sorry but Ilia felt a bit like deer in the headlights, I know why they put him in there but maybe would be easier for him not get extra stuff till he becomes a more confident performer)

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