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Stars on Ice Osaka 2023

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Stars on Ice


30.03-01.04 2023





Thursday, March 30, 2023 / Start 18:00 / Broadcast Live on CS TBS channel 1 
Friday, March 31, 2023 / Start 13:00 / Broadcast Live on CS TBS channel 1 
Saturday, April 1, 2023 /Start 13:00


Venue: Towa Yakuhin RACTAB Dome


Official site: https://figureskate-soi.com/2023/information.html#osakaKoen

Skaters: https://figureskate-soi.com/2023/skaters.html




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6 minutes ago, Anni said:


It seems to be not sold out yet,:scratch2: tickets can still be bought. 

May be it's a weekday show and Yuzu is only skating to max. 2 programmes? I rather have him performing for FAOI😏

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3 hours ago, Anni said:


I wonder if photographers will be at the practices.🤔

I really really hope so!!! But I also feel like they’re trying to push the “look at all these world champions!” thing so I’m kinda worried they’re not going to choose photographers that Yuzu is friendly with…😣 fingers crossed I’m just overthinking

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