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[2022] Challenger Series and other senior B-events

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This is the thread for the Challenger series + other senior B-events in 2022/2023.


Challenger Series:


Date Event Location  Note
September 12 - 16 CS US Classic Lake Placid / USA + Pairs
September 15 - 18 CS Lombardia Trophy Bergamo / ITA  
September 21 - 24 CS Nebelhorn Trophy Oberstdorf / GER + Pairs
September 29 - October 1 CS Ondrej Nepela Memorial Bratislava / SVK  
October 5 - 9 CS Finlandia Trophy Espoo / FIN + Pairs
October 13 - 17 CS Budapest Trophy Budapest / HUN  
October 26 - 29 CS Denis Ten Memorial Challenge Nur-Sultan / KAZ  
November 9 - 13 CS Ice Challenge Graz / AUT  
November 17 - 20 CS Warsaw Cup Warsaw / POL + Pairs
December 7 - 10 CS Golden Spin of Zagreb Zagreb / CRO + Pairs


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So. JSF didn't only do dirty to Yuzuru, but now they're doing dirty to their other skaters, except for a random few who were lucky enough to have been selected. I hope JSF officials end up in hell for this. By the end of this season, each Selevko and Schott will have accumulated more world standing points than most among the Japanese elite who only got sent to GP. JSF are truly shameless.

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Oh, wonderful, wonderful. Yes, it was such a smart idea to leave at home Japanese boys who can jump 90+ points in SP this early already, so that Gorodnitsky and others can accrue medals and hundreds of WS points, yay. JSF doesn't deserve its skaters. This makes me so angry.

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