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  1. Interesting, I will watch if I find it on YT. Congrats to Rinka. And yet, for me, each news tweet, each shot of the happy faces of JPN competitors here is overshadowed by sadness, and instead of being happy for the medalists, I see the faces of those whom JSF denied this opportunity. Let's please remember those who got kicked to the curb just as we celebrate those who got lucky. I hope Wakaba's not upset over this event. Her recovery is more important.
  2. I can relate to your feelings. As you can see, my anger is directed entirely at those who play favorites. I am not accusing Koshiro of lobbying for his own assignments. I rather suspect Kinoshita of using their influence and pushing their skaters at the expense of others, and I see that as very harmful to the sport. I saw Koshiro last year in Warsaw. I was clapping for him, watched him with interest, and didn't -and don't- feel any ill will toward him. But this year's JSF treatment of Koshiro vs the others really takes the cake, and I have a hard time not immediately thinking of the politicking when I read about him in competition threads. Had all top skaters received the same treatment, I would be cool with him being sent. It has always been like that - all, or almost all, of the top 10 from Nationals got usually sent to smaller events to earn SB and ranking points in a less stressful environment. Not this year. In men, Shun, Sota, Kao, Tatsuya and Sena, all have been passed over, and I feel helpless anger at the injustice. It sadly doesn't look like the reason for the assignment is the proximity of Champery, because none of the other assigned JPN skaters train near their Challengers - Kazuki, Wakaba, Rinka and the others. It just looks completely random from JSF.
  3. I know I sound like a broken record by now, but I absolutely and deeply despise JSF for giving a chance at 300 points for Challenger victory to precious Kinoshita darling Koshiro, then Kazuki, and NOONE else among JPN men. Well... he lost to Sota at every competition for the last several years, and has done worse than any other JPN boy at international events so far, so how else to boost him up the world standings than leave his non-favored rivals at home, and send their cherished one to international and easy events. And I actually used to like Koshiro. Now I can't stand him, purely because of the politicking and unfair candy he gets. May JSF rot in hell for that. Speedy recovery to Hiwatashi. I hope Young is alright. She looks sad in the photo, and judging by her quote, last season must have been draining for her. I hope she's getting help from both her close ones and professionals if she feels she hasn't been able to enjoy skating recently. I'm happy for Yelim, and she looks quite content. She's a graceful skater to watch. Mana... until recently another Kinoshita baby, now with Shoma's old coach, so points are guaranteed... not gonna watch. Saw her Gensan programs, was bored. But I bet Mai would have matched and possibly beat the Koreans and pretty much anyone else - if she got the opportunity this season, which she didn't.
  4. Oh, wonderful, wonderful. Yes, it was such a smart idea to leave at home Japanese boys who can jump 90+ points in SP this early already, so that Gorodnitsky and others can accrue medals and hundreds of WS points, yay. JSF doesn't deserve its skaters. This makes me so angry.
  5. So. JSF didn't only do dirty to Yuzuru, but now they're doing dirty to their other skaters, except for a random few who were lucky enough to have been selected. I hope JSF officials end up in hell for this. By the end of this season, each Selevko and Schott will have accumulated more world standing points than most among the Japanese elite who only got sent to GP. JSF are truly shameless.
  6. Kazuki's been assigned to Nebelhorn Trophy, as well as the new pair, Yunoki/Ichihashi. Happy for them! I guess RikuRyu are still recovering from injury, as is Rika. Still waiting: among women, Mai, Rino and Rinka, possibly Yuhana. Among the dancers, Kana and Daisuke, I suppose they'll be going to Finland. And among the men, all of Shun, Kao, Sota, Sena and Tatsuya. So far, JSF is showing the middle finger to all of these. I guess something like testing one's programs after a rule change before the GP starts, and getting points to get into better groups in GP, are not relevant for JSF... I guess no Challenger this year for Uno and Kagiyama as they're going to Japan Open and then the GP starts, although Kaori has been sent and she needs points as little as these two... I hate JSF and their unfair, chaotic decisions.
  7. Right, I am very much not amused to see JNats female medalists plus Rinka (that's okay, pretty much everyone else's assigning their skaters like their lives depend on it), while out of the men, only Kinoshita-backed luckyboy Koshiro, with zero medals and results last year, but shows, GP and now also a Challenger. And there are only 2 more Challengers from the JSF list to assign to. Big thumbs down to JSF. An easy Challenger medal for Koshiro in this field, and tough ones for anyone who gets Shoma and Kagiyama in Germany and Finland.
  8. I really like Shingo as an ice dancer. He is one of the best, with great speed, great sense of rhythm, and possibly the best expression among the current crop of ice dancing men. I hope he finds a compatible partner soon. I'm afraid he doesn't have a future in singles, with the new stress on jumps. But the skating world needs more skaters like Shingo, who can make crowds come alive and clap along.
  9. They can start by arranging comps in accessible and diverse locations, and not demanding a fortune for tickets. So far, no such luck except for Estonia and the UK, but even those are too expensive for certain folk like me. Things are not going to get better in the near future for many people, economy-wise, so food for thought for the ISU if they want audience at their events.
  10. Who else keeps refreshing this page nervously? ^ ^
  11. I said I was under an impression, not that I was sure. No need for the irony. I'm beginning to regret I even asked. I don't follow women all that closely, but in the recent pre-pandemic years, most if not all of Nats top 10 would get Challengers. It would make sense in a season after a rule change to want to see the judges' feedback before GP.
  12. Is there any chance of JSF expanding their current Challenger selection? I've just read that they're listing just Italy, Germany, the US and Finland. Sounds crazy to cram all Nationals top 10 there, and I was under the impression they usually give Challengers to all of them?
  13. Thanks! I wonder if Moa is still in ice dance, and has a partner. The more Japanese ID couples, the better.
  14. I hope to see Rino and Sota in Special next year. I can dream. They're great skaters. Rino has been injured so couldn't produce enough results, but I hope Sota takes a good long stern look at himself. Had he not messed up every competitive FS this season, he could have been in Special instead of -or alongside- Kazuki and Miura.
  15. Which Japanese skaters train abroad at the moment? Shoma and Koshiro in Switzerland, Rika, Satoko and Riku/Ryuichi in Canada, and Kana/Daisuke in the US? Is that all?
  16. Thanks! Glad to hear he's not retiring. He doesn't thank Ayumi either in his post, so perhaps the split wasn't exactly amicable. Just guessing though... maybe Japanese ID couples split more formally than what I'm used to seeing from US couples.
  17. So sorry to hear of this split. I had hopes for AyuShin. I assume Ayumi's post means that Shingo's family had some difficulties, or maybe had issues with their partnership? But it's still strange that Ayumi doesn't wish Shingo luck in his future career. I hope he's not retiring, he's super talented. Most Japanese singles cannot match his musicality and expression range. I'd be very sad if he was retiring.
  18. I see. I'd love to see Keiji keep skating for a while yet, because like you, I have been a fan of his since early 2017. But I think pairs would be too much for him. -_- He's shorter than Ryuichi, and throws and lifts would be too much for him I'm afraid. I am wondering about the younger boys like Koshiro or Sena, but they're slender, so posibly they'd not be interested in pairs. Too bad Taichiro Yamakuma isn't planning a pairs career - he's young, tall and sturdier built than most boys on Team Japan. Anyhow, I hope Shoya Ichihashi is still active in pairs?
  19. Any particular reason why you say so? He's had chronic back issues for years, so it's unlikely, but I'd like to see him keep skating. And I hope the JSF send him somewhere yet. Otherwise he'll be out of the world standings altogether before the next season starts, and that would be just sad.
  20. Maybe I'm wrong as I'm only a learner, but the meaning I know is just 'Oh really? / Oh yes?', as in, a shortened 'sou desu ka'. Maybe someone more knowledgeable will help out.
  21. I'll just hope the < is their way of motivating him to hang on...
  22. I would mind, OTOH. A lot. For me, even Nathan has more musicality, more expression, a bit more charisma/star power, and less robotic skating. Watching Kagiyama feels to me like going back to the Chan era, only with multiple quads now. A new skating star cannot come fast enough, though I'm going to enjoy watching Yuzuru yet while I can. But I agree that JSF thinks they have a new generation Yuzuru, they're delusional.
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