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2020 Summer Olympic Games in Tokyo

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4 minutes ago, KendallKlaire said:

Speeches are probably long so the IOC can try and convince themselves they're doing the right thing...Thomas Bach is hardly the most capable individual, it's all about money now

Meanwhile, people are blocking Harajuku for protesting ...

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Honestly I'm kind of hoping that these Games are the turning point of the Olympics. The Olympics have gotten WAY out of hand for spending and the amount of resources they take for a host nation to have them. They need to reel it back to make it more manageable. The point of the Games was to give nations the "honor" or "prestige" of having them. Now only RICH countries can and often it results in razing people's homes. 


I do love watching the Olympics, but with these Games they've shown how little they care for the people in the host nation. I feel bad for the athletes, knowing they've trained their whole lives for this moment, but there's got to be better ways for the Olympics to go forward.

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