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2020 Summer Olympic Games in Tokyo

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On 8/9/2021 at 6:54 AM, yude said:

The report says about 4500 people involved in the Olympics are leaving Japan today. (I think athletes competed in the first half of the event have already left). I hope they will go home safely.


The organization had been announcing the number of Covid-19 patients related to the Olympics since July 1, 430 in total were reported (including media, workers in the organizations and volunteers living in Japan) and 19 athletes withdrew. Honestly I was expecting more, but I guess the athletes must have been very cautious and taking care of themselves. It was sad there wasn't audience, but I think it was a good decision after all.


It's like I've just woken up from the dream, I don't want to go back to the reality but I have to anyway :dozey: Watching the sports is one of my hobbies, I love the excitement and am fascinated by special skills by the athletes, but what I like the most is that I am able to witness their raw emotions -happiness, sadness, tears, smiles, frustration, all kinds. It just hits my heart. I hope Paris will not suffer in holding the next Olympics as we did and have great success in peace. 


(Lastly my rant...opening and closing ceremonies of Tokyo Olympics were the worst among all Olympics I had watched and I don't know if I want to laugh or cry :words:)


IOC media is reporting about 163 cases out of 676 789 tests which is a really extremely low number.



Yes, the days after the Olympics is always like waking up from a dream. I also liked seeing the athletes' reactions, from crying because of sadness/disappointment to relief and happiness or their overjoy when they achieved good results. :) 


Paris is only 3 years away from now, hopefully it'll be an Olympics without any hindrance and the athletes will be able to prepare for it well.

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Now that this is done, time to bring back the torch controversies lmao.

The one outside was set alight by Ayaka Takahashi, the recently retired Badminton Women's Double player, who won Gold in Rio.


Anyway, phew. This is done.

Paralympics, here we come.

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I liked Opening Ceremony very much!! It didn't have much the taste of "Japan" but the theme was clear and had unity and harmony. The play of "one-winged plane" was amazing and also all the visions and projection mapping were so cool. 






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Although I am still feeling super conflicted about this Olympics and Paralympics being held now, I loved the opening ceremony too. I don't know much about the behind-of-the-scene of the ceremony, but this time, it was obvious that it was trying to stay true to the spirit of the event and focusing on celebrating it. Even among the less-mentioned-in-commentary cast of the one-wing-plane story, there were inspiring people like Goma, the Didgeridoo player who came back from a near-fatal car accident and higher brain dysfunction, and Masatane Muto, (the guy in the front seat of the shiny decorated truck) an ALS patient who has been developing services and software that help people with ALS in various ways. If only the event was held in a better situation... Anyway, I hope everyone taking part in the Paralympics stay healthy until the end and the athletes can bring out their best.


Japanese Didgeridoo Artist Goma on Facing Death and Becoming a Sudden Savant



Embracing Life With ALS - Masatane Muto

Interview with Masatane Muto, founder of WITH ALS


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