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Technical problems

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2 minutes ago, beki said:

Is everyone seeing signatures now? I enabled them but they're not appearing.


I enabled them to test out and yeah, I can see all signatures. 

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3 minutes ago, Dara said:

Does anybody else have problems with using mousewheel scroll of the forum?

It works just fine at other tabs but I can't scroll here...


Not me. No. 

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33 minutes ago, Hydroblade said:

Did you clear the cache?


Yes. I just did it a second time because who knows if I messed up something there, but still not helping. I could open the site too before it was briefly down again (and posted in the Team Russia thread), but since it's back up I'm stuck on the old board, so to say.

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30 minutes ago, dasani said:


Thanks for the quick fix :2thumbsup:  I can insert in the ice show links easily.  

Can you please also fix the competition result table for the bio post?  Many thanks!


For future references, is there a quick way for the regular users to update the table (i.e. inserting extra lines...etc)  I might need to do some edits for the archived calendar and it would be great if I can just easily add a line without troubling the staff team to help on this.

fixed that page too. also there may be a slightly more intuitive set of table buttons on the editor...wanna check it out?

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