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11 minutes ago, Paskud said:

Is Mishin ok? Is it S.O.S. message? Where is the catch?

I was shocked in the morning, so ran here to give the gist. His nonverbal language is even louder. 

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It was really wonderful the interview Mishin gave and his opinion on japanese skaters and Yuzuru Hanyu. It made my day.

Thanks a lot for sharing.


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I kinda understand the confusion over Mishin's gushing on Yuzu 一 he might not be as negative as Zhulin but I don't remember if Mishin has always been this complimentary towards Yuzu? :think::think::think:


unless I missed out on things he said in the past but...

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Awww :knc_brian2:  Isnt Mishin the coach who said "you can beat Hanyu but you can never surpass him"? It seems to me he has had a consistently high regard for Yuzuru (edit: at least in more recent years?) - "mesmerising" is the word Roman used to describe Yuzuru too .......... and it's true, he IS mesmerising, it's like he casts a spell! I love that Mishin says its not only because of his heavenly skating but also because of his personality, he really does captivate people's  hearts :softYuzu:

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Mishin's words about Yuzu are beautiful, I like how he appreciates not only his skating but also him as a person. They way he talks about Yuzu genuinely surprised me, he looked somewhat emotional/touched as he spoke, I don't know, I rarely see Mishin like this...(and also given the fact he wasn't always as complimentary about him before. Maybe it's his age lol)

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The one minor gripe I have with Mishin's words here is the implication that quads are easy for Yuzuru because of his body type. It isn't his intention, but he kind of downplays the hard work Yuzu has put in. It's probably very ungrateful of me to be annoyed about that detail given that I never expected Mishin to be this complimentary in the first place, but it isn't the first time I've seen someone point to Yuzu's body type as if that's the reason for his success, as if he hasn't had to work for it. 

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Hi Japanese speakers/translators 💕

How would you translate the phrase "You are our light" (like as a response to Yuzu's message, "I hope I can be someone's light.")

I am thinking of putting it in a banner if that's appropriate :tumblr_inline_n2pjd0dgUw1qdlkyg: (let me know if you think it's not haha)

Thanks in advance!

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8 hours ago, BWOZWaltz said:


As someone who was born and bred in Japan, I can say that we've never had the word 'pudding' as sweets/deserts in general.

I remember it was called  'custard pudding' or caramel pudding in my childhood days but the famous 'pucchin purin' became widely popular back in 70's or something and the word 'purin/pudding' became associated mainly with caramel pudding around that time...I think? 




Hi!  Not to dispute or challenge you, but I do recall enjoying "purin" for dessert in my childhood days in the mid 1960's in Tokyo.  Ginza Fujiya (with Peko-chan at the entrance) had strawberry shortcake and purin, which were among the favorites of children back in those days (along with Omu-rice, Sadaharu Oh for baseball and Taiho for Sumo wrestling - oh dear, I am dating myself!)  


Purin is the soft version of flan/ creme caramel and never referred to the that stolid English pudding, which I hated - ugh (deep apologies to the British satellites for this cultural savagery).   Anyway, we can't pronounce "pudding" so "purin" it is.   We seem to prefer our sweets (and figure skaters) to be soft and wiggly.  

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This may be old news and might have already been posted here before the Worlds.  ICYMI, here is the TV program S-park (Mar 21 2021) where Yuzu talks about his admiration for Uchimura Kohei, starting around 3:07 mark on the vimeo video (attached to the thread).   He is impressed and inspired by Uchimura pushing himself at age 31 and learning to perform the H-level ("Bretschneider") move - a release with two flips and two twists in the tucked position - on the horizontal bar.   Perhaps not quite the level of quad axel in FS, but it is considered the most difficult release on the horizontal bar.  




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This is one of my recent favorite Japanese songs,  by back number.  So glad to see it getting more attention, thanks to Yuzu who mentioned it as his favorite song on WTT announcement.   Apparently, the song is trending now in Japan.  The video is so moving - I wanted to shout to the girl in the video - don't go into the water - don't die, don't give up!   


Suicide rates have been going up in Japan, as in so many countries...  Please reach out to your loved ones!




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