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  1. I could ask everybody to pay that watch for me bc i know i'd never be able to afford it (or even got a stock left) 😂😂
  2. YUMAAAAA his expression is so priceless i cant help it aaaaaa
  3. By the way, in case you are a nessie hunter...
  4. It might be too long to read but I never getting tired reading it over and over
  5. I forgot the press conference were streamed as well so missed seeing it live, but then I realized how hard i missed him sitting in the middle of the conference table, under the ISU logo... Today's result is indeed a good sign. I hope this will last.
  6. Maybe this will help. It might be not completed yet but it's also including hyperlinks to media source articles in the far right column.
  7. So it's became an unspoken rule to make the questions so difficult to choose huh? I had a hard time to decide which to pick from each questions! Btw i'm afraid i'm that sinful for choosing UA shirts above the loose one because.........the pecs. Anyway, which one do you prefer Slicked-back hair-Zuru or glasses-Zuru? I know it's not make any sense it's not even comparable, but why dont we give it a shot?
  8. The feds began to reveal their athletes entries. So far although it's pretty much confirmed, there's still a chance they'd cancel it in the very last minute, right? Like what happened last year with Montreal's WC To be very honest I don't know what to expect anymore. I just hope each athletes can keep their distance with anybody who violating the protocol and not doing something silly besides competition-related matters.
  9. The last sentence of his bio's changes; finally it has been recognized by ISU.
  10. Reminds me how bad I missed short-haired Yuzu😥 And Ghislain looked so young there
  11. Same. Accessing this forum unconsciously while I'm working with my laptop became my habit recently. I knew this forum had a tech problem but I still clicked the web anyway
  12. This part is my fav it's so on point!!
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