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  1. Upon a quick Google search, I think I found a clip of some Japanese coverage of that moment? I'm pretty sure the original one is from CCTV, but of course, I'm not 100% sure. And here's a Chinese link of that Japanese coverage lol-- it's a bit clearer in quality: https://www.bilibili.com/video/av20832701 And according to another tweet, it might've been the commentator Chen Ying? It should be the same commentator that did this one: Hope I'm not spreading any misinformation! But yes, such a beautiful quote at such a fitting moment to describe Yuzuru's triumph. c: Edit: I found the original! https://www.bilibili.com/video/av40993266?p=28 Her commentary starts at around 5:20.
  2. Very curious what kind of set up this is?
  3. Here's a spam of some throwback photos of Nam and the TCC bois from way back when c':
  4. I'm so glad that Yuzu released a statement + the TCC crew got together for that video. c: To be honest, I feel like that video almost fills my heart where the Yuzu end-of-season drought is ahaha. The video is just so wholesome and in great taste ;u; It looks like Yuzu's really going to take advantage of this time and train "past his limits", as always. I love seeing him hard at work because it means he's still loving the sport and has that flame lit within him (and we get to witness it for a bit longer!). c: Can't wait until he pops out his 4A and/or a new program next season lolololol
  5. ;n; if this really was what he was thinking when they changed the colors to his costume(s)... what a great theme to keep in his heart moving forward. With the thoughts of starting anew, sprouting forth better and better programs and artistry, improving endlessly with the energy, hope, tenacity, and potential of a young leaf-- but built upon his legacy, that is very much still alive and being written as we speak.
  6. Alas, I'm very, very late to the party, but better late than never hah. I've never been very good at making resolutions-- never really bothered with them. But I do like that they're a good tool to use to reflect and verbalize some hopes and goals. 2019 was a year of progress for me. But I'm not quite at where I want to be yet. I'd like to be a more functional adult, develop more professionally, be able to support my loved ones and their health and happiness, both financially and emotionally. I'd like to be healthy myself and continue doing what I can in that realm. And hopefully embrace some of Yuzu's unwavering determination and spirit in doing so. If I can manage to do all of that, along with gaining a few fruitful, enjoyable, consistent hobbies and habits (skating??), I think I'll be really pleased. Oh-- and also adopt more of Yuzu's social skills and outward positivity. I'm also quite a private person, but I really admire his ability to confidently express his thoughts, kindness, and playfulness in such a tactful yet authentic and unadulterated way. As always, I always get a little too long-winded/ambitious/vague with my attempts at resolutions, but 'ey, I've got a lotta things to work on and a lotta places I want to go.
  7. Ah alas, of course Yuzu (or ISU) had to grace us with such chaos + bring me out of my cave a tad earlier lolol. If this is indeed true... I'm going to miss Origin especially. It had so much potential to be a complete and total showstopper-- but if it was indeed giving bad vibes in terms of strategy or just overall feel, as long as Yuzu's happy with it, it's all good. The last thing I want is for Yuzu to come out of this season less than satisfied with things, and if that means a couple more heart palpitations on my part... I'm all for it.
  8. This has always baffled/stunned me. Even when I was younger, I would be amazed at how the scores could come out so-- almost instantaneously. But now, looking at allllll the judging messes that continue to happen in this sport...Not so magical anymore. I genuinely don't understand how anyone can expect an accurate, holistic review of both technical and PCS within that period of time-- especially at an international competition, where there is just so much to judge in every second of skating and where the score matters so much and will be put under such scrutiny. Either they invest in or find some generous souls who will help them improve their technological processes, or put up with the extra x minutes of judging... or continue to suffer from the decline of a dying sport. (although maybe the bias should be a first priority... )
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