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  1. This has always baffled/stunned me. Even when I was younger, I would be amazed at how the scores could come out so-- almost instantaneously. But now, looking at allllll the judging messes that continue to happen in this sport...Not so magical anymore. I genuinely don't understand how anyone can expect an accurate, holistic review of both technical and PCS within that period of time-- especially at an international competition, where there is just so much to judge in every second of skating and where the score matters so much and will be put under such scrutiny. Either they invest in or find some generous souls who will help them improve their technological processes, or put up with the extra x minutes of judging... or continue to suffer from the decline of a dying sport. (although maybe the bias should be a first priority... )
  2. Yeah, this is a very important point. This is an issue across the sport. Not just isolated to men's. And we don't want people simply dismissing it as a just some "frivolous fanyus". It'd go to show that no, fans from all different events /don't/ like the way the sport is going.
  3. Hah, I love it. "In case you forgot... we printed them out so you can reference them! ^^"
  4. I agree with this as well. I think there are always ways to get to where we want without disrespecting, even if they're a little more difficult and require more (innocuous) collective action and thought. The harder road, as many of the skaters would agree with, including Yuzu, is very much more worth it
  5. Eh, but I also think taking a fatalistic point of view that "it probably won't change much no matter what" is also what people don't like. It focuses too much on this external locus of control-- and for anyone's psychology-- that doesn't go down well. There have been several academic analyses of judge bias according to nationality/in general, so we all know it exists and has existed. We all want to advocate for increased equity and fairness. That's just human nature. And in some people, this may manifest in a very.. unreasonable, harsh manner of speaking or action. Although I do recognize that.. preferential treatment is also human nature. But I'm a solution person. We all strive for constant improvement. I don't like being content with the way things are, nor do I like complaining about injustices all day-- especially if there's actionable, reasonable ways for an organization to improve their processes.
  6. Thank you for your insight on the issue. I guess some fans look at that "focus on athleticism and not really artistry" as a threat-- because who would be the most direct beneficiary of that type of change in focus? In men's, Nathan. I personally think striking a balance is correct. I don't think jumps and athleticism are going to be severely "undervalued" in the sport any time soon. At least in the near future, I can only see the new, shiny jumps getting a lot of attention because they look good on headlines, they're easy to understand. 4 rotations on a toe? Golly. But in my opinion, what makes figure skating great is this blend of artistry and athleticism. I think striking a way to objectively value artistry AND athleticism/jumps-- and doing that accurately, is more important than shifting the focus from artistry to athleticism. It's not a solution. You first have to find a way to have accurate, reliable metrics and evaluations before you start deciding which metric is more important than the other. That's just not how it should work from a logic standpoint. They're both very important parts of the sport, but ISU is going about it the wrong way, if we go upon the aforementioned/quoted assumption that it has nothing to do with the skaters themselves. Either way, something needs to change.
  7. Hello, first of all-- welcome! Don't worry-- your entire response was really great. I love when we can talk about these topics civilly. c: Overall, I think we're all wanting the same thing. I think 99.99999% of reasonable figure skating fans can agree: Nathan deserved to win this competition-- no question. The question is not "was Yuzu robbed of gold"-- he wasn't. Nathan did a great job with the tools in his toolbox and showed the result of his training. However, as you said, I wish "the scoring was closer". The scoring is the exact problem. This is not an isolated incident of Yuzuru being underscored in comparison to other skaters. (Or an isolated incident of skaters in general being over/underscored. Just look at the ladies' event). But it has been especially prevalent this season. However, there stakes were lower at ACI/SC. Fans might have written it off as "oh, just one of those judging idiosyncracies. ACI is always a crapshoot. It won't happen later in the season". Because, as you mentioned-- Yuzu still won at those Grand Prix events-- the results wouldn't have changed. But this GPF-- the stakes were high. Thousands of eyes were on these two men, due to the scale of the competition and the media attention. The fact that the judging was unfair despite the high stakes, despite the fans holding up signs, despite there being notable tension earlier in the season because of judging/ISU rules... That goes to show so much about the intrinsic problems with the judging system. I'm sure you can also agree that there are definitely at least some aspects of which Yuzu is underappreciated for when it comes to his score. A further problem is if this type of judging continues. If an organization or judge thinks that they can continue swiping off points from Yuzu's score, what is going to stop them from increasing the scale later on? Trust me-- these types of issues don't de-escalate on their own. People just keep increasing and increasing their biases and furthering agenda because they can. (Enron, anybody?) I do not condone or support hateful speech, arguing, or putting Nathan down as a person or as a skater. These two boys are just doing their best in this sport, and we're lucky enough to witness it. The problem is, what happens when a skater becomes so disincentivized to perform elements to the highest degree because the scores don't reflect that? Although I'm sure Yuzu is not at that stage yet-- his fighting spirit wouldn't allow it, the trajectory of ISU's judging processes is clear. And the fear of what is coming is what makes people scared and want to discuss and take action against it. I think in all events of figure skating, we'd all like to see the playing field become a little more fair and improve in terms of judging. Figure skating has always been notorious for judging scandals and biases, and as lovers of the sport, one of the rare ones that combine athleticism and artistry, we'd like to keep skaters in the sport because they know that they will be fairly evaluated. Because in the end, this is a sport, and in a sport, your score matters. No one wants to be a part of a sport where the very metric of winning/losing/evaluation is flawed. The methods might differ in how we get there, but in general, at the core, I think we're all arguing for the same thing: improvement in the system.
  8. But then what can we, as outsiders/fans, or even people within the skating world do to make them start wanting to change it? I'm definitely not the kind of person to be like "let's protest!", but I do think knowing what makes an organisation tick, whether that be money, views, clout, etc., and then potentially knowing how to use it... would be a start in the right direction. I'm just trying to think of ways to incentivize them, or ways to make it easier for them to judge fairly (whether it be through technology, a change in rules or procedure.. funding for judges?), etc. I'd really like to keep this sport that we all love alive and kicking with as little bias as possible.
  9. Also, in general, I don't think repeating programs is as big of a deal, to me personally, when you were out of commission for half the season and weren't able to actually perform it to its fullest degree or lifespan. It's a dicey subject for some people, but in this case, I don't think it should be a big deal at all.
  10. 1000000x agreed-- his shirt actually interferes with the overall viewing experience of his program loooool. But I actually think his answer during the SP press conference, his whole "my old SP costume was too heavy/thick", and him liking the silver VW rag better, is kind of a testament to just how athletically-focused he naturally is? It feels like he has 0 interest in actually having an attractive costume and just wants to be comfortable enough to execute his jumps and elements. I would normally be 100% on board with comfort > style, but... not when it's distracting from your performance like that. I really admire Yuzu's appreciation of aesthetics in that regard. He knows that a costume can add to a performance and the whole package. Probably because he's such a perfectionist, with this constant "ideal" in his mind... that includes all the details, from the athleticism to the artistry to the costume. Everything. c: It's more exhausting that way, trying to cover everything, but I think Yuzu wouldn't want to have it any other way.
  11. Spent the last several hours getting caught up and mulling everything over. And I have to say, I'm so thankful and happy for Yuzu and all the support he's getting, from Javi, Plueshenko, Ghislain, the fans, etc. c: At the same time, I'm also hopeful for the future of Yuzu's competitive career, no matter what other people may think. Today, he really showed that he can pull so much more out of his sleeve, and he is and will continue fighting. And grace us with more of us beautiful skating for a bit longer. Sometimes, it almost feels like Yuzu is playing a different game than everyone else. He has already accomplished so much, yet he's focusing "on the now", like a true champion. Quad axel, dreams of wanting to put every single quad in a program with top artistry, etc. He has so many goals and aspirations and I hope both he and we are here to witness it all, no matter what. c: Excited for the rest of this season! We never know what we're going to get with the chaos king
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