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  1. Here's a pic of my skates along a couple fanarts I made some time ago. Counting the days for #YuzuruSkatingParty !!!
  2. https://urtizberean.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/06/haruyokoi-P5.jpg Haru Yo Koi 1/3 That moment where you go whoooooaaaa Link
  3. Ouuhh yaaaas Sakurai!!! You also a fan of Dir En Grey, L'Arc-en-Ciel, Gackt and the likes?
  4. https://urtizberean.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/05/Chopin-P1.jpg I'm in love with how soothing the choreo for this program is. I get mesmerized every time I watch it. For this piece, I tried to imagine Yuzu skating to this in a solitary winter lake - what a treat that would be!! Link
  5. I've been revisiting the likes of Run-DMC, De La Soul and such as well, I'm positive that chapter must be a blast. Gorgeous track this one! (wacky film too). Seems like many great people are leaving us lately... Guess we're just getting old haha.
  6. https://urtizberean.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/05/Star.jpg I made this Seimei drawing on a t-shit the glitter is falling off though! Source
  7. I'm back to the 90s, but with a band I wasn't lucky enough to discover at the time, Faith No More. I'm in this loop for a month now and people around me are getting tired already XD
  8. Without Yuzuru, I'd never found the courage to start skating in my mid 30s. Seems rather dramatic, but figure skating ain't popular at all in my country, and there's practically no chance for adults to take lessons around my area. Being able to skate on ice was one of my childhood dreams, but I've always thought it was way out of my reach - just for kids who can still become real good - too expensive - too difficult for me to accomplish... etc. So yeah, I'm absolutely grateful that my obssesion for him pulled me towards an activity that has given me so much joy.
  9. I'm conflicted with the decision of swapping Origin for Seimei. Don't get me wrong, Seimei is The Ultimate Masterpiece and my favorite Yuzuru routine EVER, but I kinda wanted Origin to make its full course, see if it could grow through the season (two year season but anyway). I saw real potential there, and oh boy, don't get me started on the aesthetics of it all - cause ROYAL elegance oh my god. Made this drawing last year, when he still wore the black version of this exquisitely vintage costume. Which one is your favourite one guys, black or purple? Source
  10. I drew this other Seimei piece, this time trying to capture the aesthetics present in Nomura's movie. I've seen Yuzuru in old style kimono, but I's love to see him in Heian robes! Source
  11. I will be in love with this program FOREVER. The way he recreates Nomura sensei's moves, the sheer delicacy and power of this routine... it still gives me goosebumps XD. Would mind him becoming a recycling plant if it meant seeing this piece once and again. Hope he nails it this weekend! Source
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