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  1. Depends on how the "bulking for 4A" is going
  2. It was 4CC. People commented that the translator wasn't the best.
  3. The Beijing organizers are really desperate to have Yuzu, aren't they? They're not subtle at all but I kind of love it...
  4. Another one: I love the fact that fanyus are not letting anyone forget. It's all I see on Twitter right now. Poor Yuzu, his fans are savage
  5. Yeah, where are the swanyu shenanigans???? WE RIOT!!!!!!
  6. Yuzuru killing any possible attempt of conversation in the live chat I always close the chat because it's distracting but I must say that it is amusing to see afterwards.
  7. So clean Boyang is worth only 10 pt more than Nathan with 2 falls and some tight landings? That's... a choice.
  8. I'm going to miss the last groups. I'll watch the replay later
  9. I've seen this cover pop up a lot today. Is it new? If it's not, I'll still post it to cleanse the thread
  10. the gift that keeps on giving
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