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  1. I'm going to cheer my heart out for Satoko to do well (and incidentally help Wakaba to the final), and Boyang! Also, pairs with S/M.
  2. Skating on the Planet

    just some days makes you curse toepicks ... but remember the SEIMEI crossrolls as motivation
  3. Skating on the Planet

    Don't be afraid of jumping! (it's more likely you'll kill yourself on a crossover <-- personal experience wise)
  4. General Skating Chat

    Made a slomo 4Lz comparison of these two from similar angles.
  5. General Skating Chat

    Tried my hand at identifying them from the vid, correct me if i'm wrong Yuzuru: choctaw, counter, 3, step, outside SE Nathan: mohawk, chasse, xover, mohawk, step, 3 Shoma: rocker, mohawk, xover, rocker, mohawk Nathan enters 4F with a mohawk, Shoma with a 3 turn so i didn't count those. Nathan's lacking steps, Shoma seems to have tried to put some in.
  6. [2017] Dreams on Ice (DOI) 2017

    Thanks everybody for posting video links! Hmm, it's early days but Mai's libertango has much potential. On Marin...I felt a bit of a disconnect there, hopefully she'll have watched/will watch Turandot at some point
  7. General Yuzuru chat

    omg you're right...Brian's Angels
  8. Thank you for all the information @Elaine @kiches! In all the times I've been to Canada so far I've actually been able to avoid Tim Hortons, I guess probably not this time
  9. so yuzu got to eat akashi yaki? buffering ...
  10. Agh, this is such a better broadcast I don't know if I can go back to sleep later
  11. Question for people who are familiar with the area. Is it recommended to drive or is it convenient to take public transportation to the arena?
  12. I LOL'd at this since I went to Ueno during the same trip!
  13. gahh, I'm so glad they showed the speech!
  14. Lol, @Dara got there before me. Notes were like chicken scratch