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  1. just some days makes you curse toepicks ... but remember the SEIMEI crossrolls as motivation
  2. Don't be afraid of jumping! (it's more likely you'll kill yourself on a crossover <-- personal experience wise)
  3. Tried my hand at identifying them from the vid, correct me if i'm wrong Yuzuru: choctaw, counter, 3, step, outside SE Nathan: mohawk, chasse, xover, mohawk, step, 3 Shoma: rocker, mohawk, xover, rocker, mohawk Nathan enters 4F with a mohawk, Shoma with a 3 turn so i didn't count those. Nathan's lacking steps, Shoma seems to have tried to put some in.
  4. It must be said, everyone's applying their strategy and we just have to see how it pans out. It is the olympic games after all. Anyways what has always stood out to me about Yuzuru is how he performs everything with his particular style, even made me come to like PW. It'll be interesting to see how that will evolve and new nuances chopin will acquire.
  5. Thanks for the stats! I wonder if it'll make any difference that SA is in an olympic sized rink this time ... I'm not sure about SC, couldn't find any information
  6. Jmo if you're trying to make a superskater and pie in the sky ship then I'd go with with Yuna But I don't ship so lol ... This is purely from a genetic engineering point of view
  7. It's interesting to see the depression of yuzu's GOEs laid out like this
  8. Speaking of SOI, I couldn't stop watching Jeremy Abbott's program, fancam shows speed and flow so much better I know he's not officially r****ed but current status is ambiguous. I've read somewhere that he wants to return to competition just because that offers him more opportunities to perform in front of audiences?? That's so sad...that would never happen in Japan. I really liked his skating and his programs.
  9. This is totally a layman's observation but Plushenko and Kolyada's biellmanns looks like they don't have enough shoulder flexibility. MCM and Yuzu's look different. I remember Johnny Weir commenting once that the biellmann requires shoulder flexibility as well?
  10. Lol, no matter what was said or not said in that documentary, the only thing that was important was that side by side clip of skating practice. Speaks for itself. Maybe the spanish media that produced it don't know enough about skating to be able to tell the difference, but the difference in their skating skills!
  11. Praying for Skate Canada and France...(however impossible it may seem) Also, I don't think the location for Nationals has been decided yet?
  12. Mao going to Canada for programs for the Ice
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