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  1. I didn't make it in time to figure out the emtg app, anyone willing to sell their extra? main rink 18 & 19 plus any other if you can spare it
  2. It was a pleasure meeting you all! After two days I'm still an emo mess, how are we going to go back to real life?! I've still got to see some of Korea, hope you have a great rest of trip / get home safe
  3. I think I'm sitting behind one of the Korean fancam people, also periscoper
  4. I'd be interested to meet after the sp
  5. Ah thanks, seems like it'll be ok then
  6. Getting so excited to hear people getting into Gangneung! I can't wait to get my work over with and leave @yuzuangel glad you got your passport in time @kaaaaaaat relieved to hear your surgery went well! How's the weather over there? The temperature doesn't seem too bad but I've been hearing about the terrible wind chill in Pyeongchang and worried about Gangneung
  7. that is *expletive**expletive* close, sending out my wishes to the universe that it arrives on time, and everybody safe travels! I am leaving a week after you guys
  8. hmm, maybe not for the SP but would be interested if there's any more Cat A for the FS
  9. @Spiccine Cat C men's FS available on CoSport right now, hope you're able to get it
  10. True! with the anticipated traffic as well FYI for everyone trying to print tickets from the Pyeongchang site and only has Mac, a Windows virtual machine will not work. I spent so long today trying to print without access to a Windows machine and in the stupid software they make you install it grays out the ticket entirely if you're in a virtual machine (with a message in Korean of course) ...though probably Boot Camp will work
  11. yes...especially since I had a 6am bus (and I also watched a video of Seoul Express Bus Terminal and that place looked like a gigantic maze)
  12. I was when I checked the event ticket situation after booking KTX and saw there were Men's short available. Seriously?! after you sell out all of the trains then you have tickets available...
  13. Looks like medal ceremony schedule is here: https://www.pyeongchang2018.com/en/culture/medal-plaza
  14. That was a harrowing experience but I managed to get the tickets I needed (15th and 17th). I tried Cheongnyangni and that worked
  15. I suppose it's also possible to walk to the Gangneung bus terminal and get a shuttle from there, unless they remove that as a possibility too -_- Depending on where you're staying in Gangneung might as well just taxi