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  1. I live for more Yuzu-Boyang hugs But imagine how awesome it would be if Yuzu just appeared at the gala, did the spiral with Misha and Boyang, and then disappeared again We must have some kind of a connection. I dreamed Yuzu landed Nessie and 5T.....
  2. General Yuzuru chat

    You're probably not looking for it anymore, but if you are:
  3. [2018] Olympic Games Men Free Skating

    Yes, I so join the club. So so much respect and admiration, really, he is quite incredible and I think he has a bright future ahead of him .
  4. [2018] Olympic Games Men Free Skating

    It just dawned on me that I've been reaaally gushing over Boyang for a while now . But how can I not?
  5. [2018] Olympic Games Men Free Skating

    Now that I've successfully calmed down again (kinda), I started rewatching some of the skates in peace and at the same time checking out the CZ TV Sport commentary. And after all the talk of bad, bad commentary, I just feel the need to point out: these two fellows (Verner and Langer) are good at what they do. They don't talk through programs (like some certain commentators tend to...), only name the elements, point out mistakes/interesting bits to note (like back counter into 3A ). They talk afterwards, they seem quite knowledgeable, they don't say outright lies (it's sad that that's not something I can say about everyone), they're objective in their observations and they always have good words for everyone. They talk about all sides of FS, for example after Boyang skated, your average commentator would probably be all quad quad quad, omg did you see that quad, and nothing else (); they talked about choreo, transitions, music choice, performance etc. (and how Lori tried [and failed] to make Boyang not land jumps almost in the boards ). After Nathan's meltdown in the SP, they pointed out (the obvoius truth, tbh) that putting so much pressure on a young skater with little experience is a bad idea. They don't put down skaters with simpler tech content (they really loved Keegan's performance abilities in the FS, which I can only agree with). It's really a shame they don't broadcast FS more often Sorry for this chunk of text no one asked for, I just felt like typing that out.
  6. [2018] Olympic Games Men Free Skating

    Yuzu is such an amazing human being
  7. [2018] Olympic Games Men Free Skating

    Does a picture/video of that exist anywhere?
  8. [2018] Olympic Games Men Free Skating

    they look so ready to fall asleep
  9. [2018] Olympic Games Men Free Skating

    The coat of many colors, it's orange, then suddenly pink, then red
  10. [2018] Olympic Games Men Free Skating

    I am broken, I totally just read the first word as under-rotation
  11. [2018] Olympic Games Men Free Skating

    Kinda OT again, but seeing Sáblíková brings back memories, I always watced her when I was a lil' kid
  12. [2018] Olympic Games Men Free Skating

    I'm becoming more and more convinced Shoma has literally two states of mind: skating and utterly lost/half asleep, and it doesn't change even when he just won an Olympic medal