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  1. I'm (still) looking for potential roommates for an airbnb, if anyone's interested. I'm thinking it would be more comfortable (and for a reasonable enough price, if there's a few of us) than a hostel, which I have booked, but it's cancelable.
  2. I left the task of getting me the ticket to my sister cause I'll be away with very limited internet connection and I'm starting to feel a bit bad for having her take part in the bloodbath for me
  3. OMG, I didn't notice that, that's gonna bring a weird mix of emotions every time I watch it
  4. Oh man, so far I'm really liking Nathan's SP. If he kills it like he did to Nemesis, I'm afraid my heart won't take it well But I'll give him the benefit of the doubt
  5. MajaHled

    [TV Broadcast] Denis Ten and Friends

    Fuck, now I'm crying
  6. MajaHled

    Team China

    I'd be nice to know at least that, that's for sure. But maaaaybe, they still don't know themselves? Like, it's probably just my own wishful thinking, but some people have suggested that there could be visa trouble? If that's the case (even though, granted, it doesn't sound very likely), then that could be dealt with, though it would take some time?
  7. All good then, I don't really need great tickets, just some would be nice, and I won't be home at the time they go on sale, so I'll have to potentially delegate the task to a family member. Hence I was a little worried
  8. I've never particpated in any ticket bloodbaths before, and since there is a small tiny chance that I might get to go, I should get informed lol. So how soon are the tickets usually gone?
  9. MajaHled

    Team China

    Honestly, the whole deal around this is so weird Foolish me, thinking that it's the off season so nothing major would happen during my self-imposed FS absence for the sake of my own productivity. I check out news and like everything ever has happened
  10. Oh one other thing: the wording on the last page of that file strikes me as odd. Does mean strictly not giving those PCS on programs with serious errors (whatever that means, as was pointed out above), or is it just another "guideline" which is not expected to be stirctly followed, but just there to encourage jugdes to consider serious errors when awarding PCS? (Not that I think judges would always follow it even if it was a strict rule, just curious what the intention is )
  11. One thing that's unclear to me (and maybe I'm just stupid and it's obvious, I don't know ) is what exactly new GOE bullet 5) very good body position from take-off to landing means. Does that include varied air position and/or delay like the old bullet used to? Or is it just generally good basic air position (like no leg wrap)? Or a combitnation of both?
  12. MajaHled

    Team China

    Yes, it sounds to me more like the cry of a disappointed fan (which is understandable) rather than some actual info. No matter how this all turns out, I just hope Boyang himself gets out of it unscathed and ideally with the arrangements as suitable for him as possible
  13. MajaHled

    Team China

    According to my (admittedly limited) Japanese skills, it says that Boyang's transfer to Canada was cancelled because of ISU political reasons. It goes on to say that it is sad, but since it's a done deal, the poster is hoping that he will move ahead even in China. And that his coaches are wonderful people, so it will be fine. But there is no source to all of those claims, so I'm not sure how much credibility it has or what ISU politics it's supposed to be.
  14. It's this one, but the back looked weird, so I folded those triangles in and it ended up like that
  15. MajaHled

    [TV Broadcast] Stars on Ice Japan Tour 2018

    Oh nooo, I'll be at school