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  1. They made up a Russian lady name, no real ones
  2. So yesterday I took the CAE English exam, and in the listening, the first task was "Listen to figure skating commentators talking about the recent World Championships", and I was just giggling quietly throughout that task and even though it was made up, it sounded almost authentic, they used all those phrases like "complete package" and stuff
  3. I hope it's not serious, poor Boing Boing seems to have enough on his plate as it is.
  4. Oh God, this all sounds pretty awful, if he has to deal with problems with his fed on top of everything, I might just go ballistic. I'm not very familiar with the workings of the federation, but wouldn't excluding him from the main team be the stupidest thing ever? He's their only chance at a singles medal in Beijing after all.
  5. I feel so anxious for him now, this is all a bit... unsettling... It sounds like he's in a tough spot currently, with all the pressure and all the criticism, plus he's had the worst luck (I mean, nearly missing the competition due to administrative problems, twice in a row? That's just so unlucky), I really hope he does get his new start.
  6. If you mean from the Olympic channel interview, that's the sprain from last season. I had no idea it was still bothering him though...
  7. Honestly, I get the feeling that Boyang probably doesn't really know what the lyrics say. So I find it easier to just detach the program from the lyrics and enjoy it for what it is regardless of what the song is about.
  8. I'm pretty sure that's just Finnish inclination rules for nouns, but it still looks funny XD
  9. Sigh. Would have won the Olympics my behind, actually handling the pressure is a big part of the whole thing and Nate didn't. Also love how they completely fail to mention the guy who nearly for sure qualified for the final already.
  10. I'm very sorry for your loss And thank you so much for sharing. Reading stories like this always makes me think that Yuzu really does some amazing things even indirectly.
  11. I agree that Boyang's SP is really great. I think I like it so much cause it goes for the playful and connected to the audience kind of preformance he's good at, but does it in a mature way, not a way that screams "I can't do anything better than this so have some wacky choreo to keep you satisfied", which is exactly what I felt the choreo sequence in star wars was designed to do. I'm afraid that his scores might not really reflect it thought, since he's always been subject to underscoring and erasure. Also, I think this is the first season I actually like both of his programs! (Last season I
  12. The tweet says "tends", and if you're willing to trust my limited Japanese, that is also what the original Japanese text means.
  13. Oh yeah that cracks me up every time, my personal favorites are Ťin Po-jang and Čcha-Čun Hwan
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