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  1. Not even Leafs tickets are that expensive. Was thinking about going to 2020 but definitely not anymore.
  2. I didn't watch his free skate at world's (well I tried, and then got bored), but do you know if he had nailed everything, would he have had a chance at bronze? Re Olympic sport What makes a sport an Olympic sport? I have friends who don't even consider these judged "activities" sports because there is no clear winner..
  3. My first post on the planet~ lurking since the start of the season.. My thoughts on Yuzu's performance vs Nathan's.. Nathan won fair and square here. Even if he was a bit overscored on PCS, I think he has improved plenty since last season and I actually enjoyed his programs. He put out two very strong programs and we all need to face it, yuzu made several mistakes (or at least not perfect jumps) and through his FS choreography, I thought it looked laboured. I think he would have won if he skated both programs perfectly getting the GOE we knows he's capable of, but he just didn't do that here. Happy for both of them though, I honestly was scared for yuzu knowing he's not super consistent and just wanted a clean Origin. The point difference is pretty reasonable (should be a bit less for PCS) for me since I can see where the marks were taken out (12 pts on the SP didn't help) without looking at protocols. I'm just excited now for the next season and what they will bring to the table
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