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  1. omggg yuzuru is the only beautiful thing left in skating. [NEWS]
  2. You can try https://planethanyu.com/video/
  3. lol IOC taking credit for the postcards that fans sent to Yuzuru, this is the FUNNIEST THING i've heard this week
  4. meh, i mean the only skaters doing quads or even consistent 3As are eteri's and it's not been proven it works after puberty (and, sadly, maybe without other reasons this doping scandal put into light)
  5. I don't think it has much to do with whether Yuzu refused to become a jump machine. In fact Yuzu has consistently skated programs with 4 or even 5 quads since 2018. That's hardly falling behind technically in any way. Shoma has been a mess this whole quad and he still gets the benefit of the doubt just fine. ISU wanted Nathan because USFSA is powerful (it helped that Nathan was consistent) and JSF wanted Shoma/Yuma because they also just preferred them (local politics?). That's really all there is to it.
  6. Also, just to add -- while it's ok to speculate about alternative universes, let's not question Yuzu's choices too much. I think he's at least earned that right, especially from his fans. We know only the tip of the iceberg -- about the politics he faces, about his condition, about his motivations. Remember when people questioned his choice of not attending the team event? Who knew it might've been because JSF didn't send him?! And remember he DID do 4Lzs and 4Los this entire quad. He's thought of and tried everything! Yuzu has always made decisions very intelligently and with a lot of thought. Who are we to say "if he did X then JSF would support him more" or "if he did Y he would have won a medal"? We don't know. Most likely our assumptions are wrong. Or irrelevant. Yuzu deserves to skate for himself and himself only. Exactly the way he wants.
  7. i just hope the love of all of his fans can make up for the iciness of the jealousy of those around him
  8. wtffff yuzu, i know he was upset but stop being so hard on yourself pls
  9. Anyone want any non-FS videos downloaded? I can download them now while they're still around.
  10. No :(( but feel free to start a thread. The media thread is also a good place to start (fewer pages, only News and media links). Our video section also has videos but they are SLOW to be posted bc olympic videos are hard to download (lots of copyright issues) and my internet is slow these days. I'm still downloading yesterday's practice and then I'll download the FS and the interviews that come after... Also gonna rip NBC too just so anyone who wants to watch it (not that I would) can do so without giving them clicks. I can download things from JPN TV, let me know what channel and program name / time
  11. his 4lz is absolutely exactly 4 revolutions
  12. it's q but they wouldn't allow that would they
  13. can we chat here, avoiding other thread kthnx
  14. An expose on Eteri lol, brought to you by the every-four-years gang https://www.businessinsider.com/the-revered-but-controversial-coach-who-could-make-olympic-history-2022-2
  15. btw in case yall don't know we've been chatting here @Muffinator
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