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  1. Anyone want any non-FS videos downloaded? I can download them now while they're still around.
  2. No :(( but feel free to start a thread. The media thread is also a good place to start (fewer pages, only News and media links). Our video section also has videos but they are SLOW to be posted bc olympic videos are hard to download (lots of copyright issues) and my internet is slow these days. I'm still downloading yesterday's practice and then I'll download the FS and the interviews that come after... Also gonna rip NBC too just so anyone who wants to watch it (not that I would) can do so without giving them clicks. I can download things from JPN TV, let me know what channel and program name / time
  3. his 4lz is absolutely exactly 4 revolutions
  4. it's q but they wouldn't allow that would they
  5. can we chat here, avoiding other thread kthnx
  6. An expose on Eteri lol, brought to you by the every-four-years gang https://www.businessinsider.com/the-revered-but-controversial-coach-who-could-make-olympic-history-2022-2
  7. btw in case yall don't know we've been chatting here @Muffinator
  8. i'm so so so so so confused. but uh didn't they do something like this before (testing) and jason got silver or something?
  9. Uh, WHAT? JUST WHAT? I AM NOT READY Who did you email? I will send an email too.
  10. uhh what is this low quality gossip rag level reporting on the olympics site lol
  11. this makes no sense. they are not giving chances of winning the medal to two skaters/teams? at least trusova deserves it, i think.
  12. https://fsrussia.ru/news/5958-ffkkr-obyavila-sostav-olimpijskoj-sbornoj-rossii-po-figurnomu-kataniyu.html Men: Mark Kondratiuk Andrei Mozalev Mikhail Kolyada replaced by Evgeniy Semenenko Substitutes: Petr Gumennik Women: Kamila Valieva Anna Sherbakova Alexandra Trusova Substitutes: Elizaveta Tuktamysheva, Maia Khromykh Pairs: Anastasia Mishina / Alexander Galliamov Evgenia Tarasova / Vladimir Morozov Alexandra Boikova / Dmitri Kozlovskiy Substitutes: Daria Pavluchenko / Denis Khodykin, Yulia Artemieva / Mikhail Nazarychev Ice Dance: Viktoria Sinitsina / Nikita Katsalapov Alexandra Stepanova / Ivan Bukin Diana Davis / Gleb Smolkin Subs: Elizaveta Khudaberdieva / Yegor Bazin, Annabelle Morozova / Andrei Bagin, Elizaveta Shanayeva / David Narizhniy
  13. it still exists, maybe you meant https://www.cdjapan.co.jp/?
  14. yeah, i heard that their federation rule states the skater who gets the spot will go. i think it's similar to Korean fed's rules that world medalists will automatically be sent to the next worlds. probably outdated or copied from some other sport's rules (for korea it's speed skating)
  15. he sounds and looks like everything is according to his plan
  16. Nathan fans have to point out that no one can do what he does (though a lot of youngsters are really starting to catch up with much higher quality quads, especially this season), and Jason fans tend to point out that no one can do what HE does (i mean sure, no one can skate the exact program in the exact way that he does, not that they try) but... they "point" these things out to make it seem like it's okay for Nate and Jason to both be missing a large part of what a complete skater should have, because no one can have it all...but look at these Americans, they have it (separately!). While ignoring that if you just look outside the US, there's a *gasp* skater who has both.
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